vai bon fuck elder sister’s bhoda owner brother


vai bon fuck elder sister’s bhoda owner brother

My two younger sisters Sumi and Tani are 17 years old and Tani is 15 years old. We live in the village. We are very rich.

We have a lot of influence in the village. According to our word, everyone in the village gets up and sits down. Everyone must accept what we say. However, we do not oppress anyone.

I am Suman. The incident that I am going to tell is completely true. We are five sisters, one brother, elder sister Rozina age 25 years, Mez sister Runa age 23 years, Seijo sister Parveen age 21 years, I am 19 years old.

However, I have to say so much for this story. Now let’s talk real. Big sister Rosina. Elder sister got married. There was also a girl.

Four years old. But I don’t think my sister is happy. The brother-in-law may not be able to give pleasure to the cud. Any man’s cock will stand up when he sees my sister. Brother and sister fucking

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My sister’s complexion is milky. The breasts are not too big, but the ass is too big. In fact, my five sisters are beautiful, have full butts. Let’s get to the point. vai bon fuck elder sister’s bhoda owner brother

I went to my sister’s house one day and she was very happy to see me. Went to cook for me.

Seeing my sister’s ass, my cock is standing. I also followed my sister. Sister is cooking and I am watching the ass.

Unable to stay, I stood behind my sister and stuck my cock in my sister’s ass. I am talking to my sister by putting the cock in the groove of my sister’s ass.

I see the sister moved the butt a little. I stopped growing again. Didn’t say anything this time. I asked about my sister’s brother. said in the store. Brother sister story

Sister’s cooking is over. I also went to the bathroom and hit my hands. I fell asleep after eating. I woke up and saw that my brother-in-law had arrived.

It was good to meet Dulabhai. My brother-in-law asked me to go with him while going to the store.

I am very free with my brother. Brother in law loves me very much. I told my brother-in-law to give me medicine. Say what?

I say I can’t keep the goods for long.

Did you have sex with someone? vai bon fuck elder sister’s bhoda owner brother

Say no.

So how do you understand?

If I hit my hand, the goods will come out immediately.

Dulabhai says you have sex with someone. Sister’s pussy fucked

I say with whom.

Because brother-in-law doesn’t like your sister.

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Brother, what are you talking about?

I am not saying that, if having an elder sister does not benefit the younger brother, then what is the benefit of having an elder sister.

So I will have sex with my sister.

What’s wrong with that? Having sex with your sister is the safest. You don’t want to do it because of your illness. If you have sex with an outsider, I won’t know if you have a problem.

Well, I will do it, but will you agree?

Why not?

Where I agree. And all elder sisters will agree for younger brother.

I came to your house from the shop after talking to Dulabhai. Come and see that you are dressed. The chiffon saree falls below the navel. vai bon fuck elder sister’s bhoda owner brother

Seeing you makes me feel bad. I went to the bathroom and came to Khich. Dulabhai may have called you on the mobile phone and told you everything. Brother and sister’s bad luck

You asked me what happened to you?

I then passed out. I stayed at your house at night. Brother-in-law came. After the brother-in-law came, he called you to eat after talking.

I went and saw that you were wearing a matching white blouse with a white saree. Your breasts are being guessed under the saree.

So I went to sleep after eating. A little later I saw that my brother-in-law had come and I told him to fuck you. I said how will I fuck you?

Go and see.

I can’t.

Then I am sending you to you.

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After a while I see you came. Come and say what your brother-in-law said is true? Who did you fuck if your goods fall quickly?

I was surprised. You are talking about fucking yourself. I say I haven’t fucked anyone yet.

So I know how to get your goods quickly. bengali vai bon choti

Hand hit.

What can be understood by hand. No cudle can not understand. vai bon fuck elder sister’s bhoda owner brother

So who to fuck?

Why didn’t your brother-in-law tell you anything?


What did you say?

fuck you

So why are you fucking?

You are my own sister how to fuck you.

My sister, what happened if you fuck your sister, you will know if you have a problem, and you don’t have to fear that people will know that you have fucked someone.

You said it right.

Please don’t do it bro. I can’t anymore. Your brother-in-law doesn’t have time to fuck me properly.

Why Dulabhai do not fuck you properly? Why don’t you like him? Being able to fuck you is a matter of luck, you know I don’t have a son-in-law, your brother-in-law’s two sisters are married, both of their husbands live abroad. Brothers and Sisters New Group Chatty

So your brother-in-law fucked their two sisters so that they could have sex with other people. If you have sex with outsiders, respect, fear of going to people. So your brother-in-law doesn’t get time to fuck me properly while going to fuck them.

So your brother-in-law spoke about you. It is better to have sex with younger brother than to have sex outside. People are not afraid of being known. vai bon fuck elder sister’s bhoda owner brother

To tell you the truth, I love to fuck you for a long time.

Yes, I know that too. I didn’t want to say anything when you rubbed my ass in the afternoon.

Apa kissed me on the lips. I also started to kiss the upper lips. While kissing, you put my hand on her milk over the cloth. Brother and sister marriage

Wasn’t having fun pressing the milk. So I threw the knot of your saree from your chest. You didn’t wear your bra. Just fell the blouse.

After 10 minutes of kissing like this, I told you that I can’t do it anymore. My current clothes will wear off.

You say so suddenly.

I say yes.

If you say so, please put your cock in my mouth and fuck me.

As soon as you said, I undid the chain of my pant, took out the cock, folded your saree around my waist and lay on top of you. I tried to hold my cock and insert it into your vagina. But can not enter.

Why don’t you enter what happened? I say I can’t insert. Apa surprised by holding my cock with his hand –

How to make such a big increase? Your brother-in-law’s height is not so big. Tell me how many people have you fucked?

Honestly, this is the first time I will fuck you. Brother sister sex

Apa set my cock in her pussy and asked me to press it. I gave light pressure and did not enter. Once again set in her pussy and asked to push hard. I gave a loud thump.

Half of the growth went in. Apa got up a little. I pulled it out again and gave it a hard slap.

The entire penis entered the upper vagina. You got up again this time. I put in more and stayed like that. A little later, you said, why did you insert the penis?

I said for fuck. vai bon fuck elder sister’s bhoda owner brother

Why are you not fucking?

I slowly pulled up to the penis and again slowly inserted my entire penis into the upper vagina.

What are you saying?

I say why fuck.

This is how someone fucks.

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Why did you have no strength in your body, you can’t fuck hard. Crazy son in love with elderly mother chatty story

I pulled out the penis again and inserted my 10” penis into the upper vagina with a strong thrust. You sighed and got up. I slowly started to increase the speed of fucking. bd bhai bon choti

Upper pussy is so tight to get my cock in and out. I held your milk with both hands and started pressing it and pulled it out till the penis and started hitting it hard. Brother and sister are fucking chatty

With each beat you started screaming ah ah ah oh oh oh is what happiness what comfort ah oh louder fuck brother. vai bon fuck elder sister’s bhoda owner brother

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