vai bon pod mara A brother’s right to a prostitute’s sister’s loins


vai bon pod mara A brother’s right to a prostitute sister’s loins

i am ritu Age 21. I left my father and came to Dhaka with my brother. I didn’t study much.

Although there was no shortage of looks, talent and youth, the father’s economic condition was very miserable. So I am coming to Dhaka with my brother to earn money.

I wanted to teach my brother despite doing bad things myself. Whose current age is sixteen. Because of doing bad work, economic scarcity could never touch the famine.

I am trying my best to raise my brother. He is my only brother. Everything was going well in the village till the 9th standard.

When he was in the 10th standard, I admitted my brother to a good school in Dhaka hoping for good results, along with coaching.

He used to leave the house at three in the afternoon after finishing coaching and chatting with his friends and returned home between six and seven in the evening. After four or five months passed, one day I saw my brother masturbating in my bathroom.

Mother’s strange allowance forcefully cracked my butt

Seeing such a scene of my brother, the sky fell in my head. I can’t decide what to do. I started eyeing him.

Although my brother is younger, his physical growth is a little better, so I noticed a little more libido. When I was taking a bath in the bathroom, he often saw me taking a bath through the crack in the door.

I realized this a few days ago. I went into the bathroom to take a bath, when I entered the bathroom, I suddenly thought that the balls have grown a little, I can’t trim them when I have time.

After that she watched me take a full bath from hair trimming when I removed my clothes and got naked. vai bon pod mara A brother’s right to a prostitute sister’s loins

At the end of my shower, I saw her feet under the bathroom door. I could not show my face in front of him for almost two days.

Anyway, one of the employees of the shop told me that the brother hangs out with some bad boys in the district headquarters.

I began to keep a closer eye on the boy after learning that he had deteriorated so much after mixing with some bad boys from the district headquarters in coaching. Sometimes I even used to follow him and even go to his coaching.

Whenever I had time, I wanted to keep my brother under observation. One day I ran towards the district headquarters to follow him. Suddenly I saw my brother going to a nearby flat instead of going to my coaching.

I was startled. I started thinking why he is going to that flat? At first I thought it might be his friend’s house. I hid outside the house and waited for my brother.

After about two and a half hours, my brother came out and went straight towards the old building of the district headquarters. I started following him again.

From the roof of the old building, I saw my brother smoking one cigarette after another.

I did not stay there anymore and went straight to know the secret of that flat. I went to the flat and saw twelve girls sitting and smoking cigarettes.

The ahh uhh sound of fucking is coming from the next room. I have nothing left to understand. My whole body feels tired. I could not believe my eyes.

I was heartbroken to see my brother’s deterioration. Returning home, I started thinking how to bring my brother back home from that bad path.

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I cannot accept that my only brother will perish like this. There will be no use in ruling the brother in his current condition. vai bon pod mara A brother’s right to a prostitute sister’s loins

So I made a plan in my heart to bring the boy back home. I thought I should stop going to my brother’s flat. So I started acting with my brother.

That night, I had many friendly conversations with my brother while eating. At one point in the story, I told him that the coaching is over, there is no need for coaching from next month.

Now prepare well for the exam by paying attention at home. He was listening to me with his head down.

Didn’t say anything. I started giving her a little more care and time to keep her in front of my eyes all the time.

Now I often feed myself. That day I bathe him myself. After 10 days, I stopped going to his coaching at the beginning of the new month.

Now going out means school and home. Not being able to go to the flat now, I also noticed that he used to go to the bathroom two or three times a day at home.

I was worried about my brother. I was a little scared to see my brother’s lust.

One Friday I went to work and did not go out of the house. Had lunch and slept in a very loose dress.

Seeing me asleep, he leaves the house, buys cigarettes from the shop and sits in a secluded place till evening. I wake up without seeing him and howl and shrug.

With the help of an acquaintance of mine, I brought him from that secluded place. At the place where he was sitting, I saw traces of at least twenty-five cigarette ends.

I came back home and had dinner and told her to sleep with me today my body is not feeling very well. He didn’t say anything. After I went to bed, she went to sleep next to me.

I started patting her head. My eyes closed a little to inquire about education. The light in the room was off. After a while, he is not next to me.

I got off the bed and saw her peeing in the bathroom. I came back to the bed after seeing her cry and pretended to sleep.

At the end of the brother’s attack, he came to my side again and lay down. I was wearing a night dress. Large size tip buttons from chest to feet. I fell asleep thinking about my brother.

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In the middle of the night, when he wakes up again, brother hugs me for a long time. After the feeling that someone was holding my body, I could not understand that my brother was holding me.

I still pretended to be asleep and lay down with my arms and legs apart. He is just hugging me. I didn’t dare to do anything else.

However, his iron-like huge leora is hitting my pussy repeatedly over the night dress. I understand that he is holding me like this to control his libido.

But after about half an hour, the brother could no longer control his libido. Brother became very helpless and opened the buttons of my night dress with one pull.

I became completely naked. Within moments, brother climbed on my chest and started sucking my nipples. My brother might be ashamed if I woke up, so I pretended to be asleep and lay down like a dead man.

Brother started kissing my lips after sucking my nipple for about seven or eight minutes. I could not stand still. It was as if the lust in my body was awakened.

After kissing my brother, my two hands went up to my brother’s back without knowing it. I couldn’t be his sister anymore when he finished kissing my lips and put his mouth on my pussy.

I also pressed her face to my pussy. After licking my pussy for a long time, the brother tried to push his huge cock inside my pussy but could not.

Suddenly he pushed so hard that his huge cock entered my pussy. I was in so much pain but I couldn’t say anything.

My brother is pounding my pussy with all the strength of his body, I forgot when I was eating and my brother didn’t even know. I’m also happy to be impressed.

After about fifteen minutes of pounding my cum comes out but bhai is still pounding I can’t take it anymore I throw bhai out of my body.

Bhai also took hold of me again and spanked me in doggy style, I kept screaming but like Nirdhya he spanked after spanking me, leaving my cunt.

When he started pounding me with his huge ass, I felt like my ass was about to burst.

I started shouting – Brother, let go of your sister ……. Brother, your sister’s butt will burst under the pressure of your huge leora

My brother started beating me and telling me to shut up, who else will slap you so much for fun.. Are you not having fun? Have you ever had sex in a hotel?

While saying these things, the brother took out his big cock from inside my belly and poured his sticky cum all over my body and hugged me for a long time and lay down.

Since that day we have left the relationship of brother and sister and now we have started married life. The brother no longer has to pinch. You don’t even have to go to the flat.

Even now he doesn’t want to go out. He wants to play with me all the time. I also surrendered my body to him.

If my brother doesn’t fuck me two or three times a day, I don’t like it anymore. Really big brother’s leora gives me a lot of happiness. bangla choti

Brother, I have become a human being by cracking my sister’s pussy day and night, but I myself have become inhuman. Now I don’t like anything if I don’t eat my brother’s thap every day. vai bon pod mara A brother’s right to a prostitute sister’s loins

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