When the wife goes to her father’s house, she gives money to her husband


When the wife goes to her father’s house, she gives money to her husband

My name is Saddam, 34 years old, I don’t do any work, I work on the net at home, I am married, my wife is Vision Sundari.

I also have a lot of fun with my wife, I think I want to fuck my wife all day long, but she is not possible anymore. Anyway, let’s get to the point, because my wife’s father’s house is near, I often go to my wife’s father’s house.

I have a son too, he needs to go, little people don’t want to be alone all day, Nana is a little happy when he goes home.

I love my wife so much that I don’t let her do any work except cooking. I didn’t even let her cook but my wife cooks well and I can’t eat anyone’s cooking except her cooking.

So I left Bua at home and Bua does all the work except cooking. Bua must be around 40 but Bua looks tall as well as fat, especially Bua’s ass.

Whenever cleaning the house wipe the ass up. It feels like the ass is calling me and saying come put your dick in my ass.

One day, my mother-in-law called my wife at home for urgent work, what time it was maybe 2 in the afternoon, my wife hurriedly left with my son.

Only Bua and I were at home. When I was lying down eating rice, Bua came to clean the house, the ass was cleaning the house in front of me, the ass was looking at me from the maxi.

The dish is already hot, then this ass’s head is getting worse. I started thinking what to do

Suddenly a devilish idea came to my head, I brought the knife from the kitchen and held it on Bua’s throat, Bua was in a state of unconsciousness and said, “I want to fuck you, I want to fuck you, or I will put a knife on your throat.”

Buato does not agree to anything. Show your ass every day, I will kill you if you don’t let me fuck you, I took the boy to my bed.

Then I gripped well, Buato was trying hard to release but I’m a man, it’s not so easy to get strong with me.

Then first of all I lifted Magi’s dress and started to lick her sweaty smelly skin with my tongue. It seems that Magi is getting a little soft, she has stopped drooling.

Now I started to kiss all the body of magi and with both hands I started to squeeze the milk of magi, after a while I started sucking the milk in my mouth.

Magi started making uh ah noises with a wide mouth, now I took off my lungi and took out the dhon and said Chosh Magi.

Bua did not agree, I said, “Chushbi, or I will call you a thief and get you out of work?” Magi says don’t do this I am sucking your money. When the wife goes to her father’s house, she gives money to her husband

Then I put my cock in bua’s mouth and bua started sucking cock but not like my wife, my wife sucks cock very fun.

However Kana Mama is better than Nai Mama. After sucking for a while, I said, this magi is going to lie down and fuck you

I put my cock in Magi’s vagina by passing both her legs and started fucking, Magi seems to be having fun raising her ass again and again and making humming noises with her mouth.

After fucking like this for a while, I said that now it’s time to be a doggy, and again, doggy doesn’t understand. I showed it again, I’m patting the ass with both hands and it feels good to fuck baba meye choti golpo.

Then I asked her to suck my stuff out, Magi agreed, I gave her a mouthful and sucked her stuff out, Bua ghinna vomited.

I told them to clean them and gave 500 taka in hand and said that if you can make me happy like this sometimes, I will not need to work in another house.

Bua nodded her head in agreement and left. Since then, when the wife goes to her father’s house, I often give Bua a kiss and some money, and she spends her days well. When the wife goes to her father’s house, she gives money to her husband

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