While pressing the lips to kiss, I realized that Magi’s anger has gone away


While pressing the lips to kiss, I realized that Magi’s anger has gone away

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My name is Nayan, 26 years old. Anindya and I are childhood friends. Our house is only 5 minutes away. So we used to go to each other’s house often.

I used to play, go to school. Aunty (48) loved me a lot. My mother (50) adored Anindy and always told me to stay together. Unfortunately when Anindya’s father dies,

We were only 18 then. Aunty and Anindya suffer a lot after he dies. That year we had to enter the university. We both go to two places to study. But after two years, Anindya dropped out and started business with his cousin.

My university was in a nearby town, for which I could often come home. Anindya could hardly come home then, as he lived in Chennai.

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Aunty lived alone at home. A maid also lived with the aunt, a girl from their village. Age 20 now. Mother often went to their house, took news.

So one day, I suddenly saw Dolly Roy send a friend request on my Facebook. I recognized Aunty from the picture. I am surprised that Aunty also runs Facebook now. So after accepting, Aunty gave a message, “Kire, you forgot

Go to me, don’t even inquire about your friend’s absence and aunt’s.
I also said that I will come but aunty did not come. I will come tomorrow for sure.

So the next day I went, aunty came to ring the bell and opened the door. Later I went inside and saw aunty spread clothes all over the room.

Aunty says that Rupa (maid) has gone to her house, so aunty is working alone. So I also said no problem aunty, I am helping you. “

Oma, don’t you have work all day?”.
I said, “I am free, aunty, there is no problem, and even if there is blame, I would have worked”.
Aunty said with a little smile, ok, you have learned a lot, help me to clean the clothes.

Then aunty and I sat together and started cooking and talking. Suddenly my eyes fell on Aunty and what I saw was,

I have never seen so much in my life. Aunty’s knee was pressed and the right mitt was coming up and the cleavage was very well visible. It was very soft to see.

Dolly looks very fair, a little fat for her age, but a full 38-32-40 figure. I have always seen her in a saree. But seeing the cleavage that day, my whole body shook. How can someone have such beautiful, plump breasts!!

I sat up later after work. My Dhone was not even taking Nama’s name. Later Dolly went to the kitchen to make tea.

I went back and forth a little later. When I went and saw Dolly’s back, I stood up again. Dolly called as I turned around. “Are you leaving without saying anything?”

Did aunty see me like this – I thought to myself.
Later, he laughed and said, “There is nothing to be ashamed of. Nontu stands up when he sees good things, that happens at this age.”
I stared without saying anything.

Later aunty gave me tea and went to the washroom. While I was finishing the tea, aunty came from bath. He went to the room and rolled the towel. I couldn’t wait and went back.

Go and see the aunt wearing a bra, a towel on the waist, and the beautiful folds on the back! I know why I could not stand. I went and hugged him from behind. Aunty was startled but I held on tight. Aunty started saying, “

Don’t do it like this Nayan, it’s not right to do it, I’m your friend’s mother, like your mother”.
“I don’t know how I got here aunty, but I can’t leave. At times you drive me crazy”. – I said hugging.

Aunty is not forcing anything. “If Anindya finds out, she will be very angry, she will not come home angry for a long time”.

I asked, why is Anindya angry?
“Anindya came once before and said that he would give me a surprise. But came and saw that I was lying in bed with another man. Now you say, could you bear to see it like this?”

Auntie cried as she spoke.
I was totally shocked, then I got hold of aunty. But I couldn’t take my eyes off the bra and cleavage. I said to Aunty, “One day Anindya will understand that you had nothing to do,

How long will you stay alone like this, you also have some needs”.
Auntie calmed down a bit and looked at me and asked, “Do you want to do something with me?” or

You will also judge me without understanding?”
“Why should I judge, it was normal for you. You will also have some desire. Aunty, if you don’t mind, I’ll ask you something?” I said

I don’t know what to ask, was I in a relationship with someone else or this?”
I said, “No, not that, but don’t you want to live with someone again?”

Aunty laughed, “Widows don’t live in a family, we are prostitutes, witches, cheap women if we want something.”

I felt very bad and hugged aunty, saying, “Don’t worry, I am with you aunty, always will be, I promise”.

– “Well done, leave these things, stay with me, now leave me, let me change clothes”.

– “Why leave? Being with you means I am your husband from now on. Will you stay dressed with me or not?”
“Hey, my husband, what will I do as a husband?”

– “Sleep with you, eat together, talk, and fuck.”

– “Alright, get rid of that attitude, you will get a much better girl”

– “You are very good, I don’t need anyone else” I started kissing and kissed only the bra Dolly was wearing.

Dolly started kissing without hesitation. I began to press Dobka’s ass with both hands while kissing. Dolly held my back with both hands and kept kissing me loudly.

I took this opportunity to pick it up, but wow wow, Khanki weighs a lot. Not being able to keep it for a long time, I took it to bed.

Then I started pressing my breasts on top of the bra. Dolly opened her eyes once and said, “You’re going to hate me too later.”
“Never, I love you Dolly, want to be with you”. While pressing the lips to kiss, I realized that Magi’s anger has gone away

Dolly closed her eyes without saying anything. I took off my bra. I have never seen such beautiful breasts in my life before, fair, pink nipples, and not sagging at all.

I saw and bitten. Dolly sighed. I continued to suck and pressed with another right hand. He started twisting his body.

I understand that Magi is angry now. As soon as he took off his pants and slowly set the dish, he said, “Dekhis Nayan, I’m saying it again, please don’t make a mistake”.

I whispered that I was not wrong. As soon as it was set, the dish went in. Dolly jumped up, why all together?

I put my fingers on my mother’s stomach to watch the movie in the cinema hall

I realized, Maggi eats choda regularly, Bhoda is not so tight. I started thrusting slowly, realizing that I had gone too far inside and was hitting the wall.

Dolly is slowly twisting me with both legs and relaxing. I started to speed up, holding both my hands. Dolly started making noises, ah ah, and suddenly said don’t throw stuff in.

I asked why? Said that if you insert it now there will be a chance of having a baby, the period is not over yet even at this age. I also said that I will not throw. Let’s start tapping harder now.

He started shouting, Oh go mom, go dad, why are you so hard, you cracked me up today, kept saying these things. I’m in full swing in the missionary position.

The noise started coming and I bit her lips and started kissing her. After about 12-15 minutes like this, Dolly suddenly jumped and grabbed me and screamed.

Another body jerks to orgasm. It felt like my dish had been washed away in hot water. Neither of them sweated at all, but kissing her neck seemed to give me more energy, and I started to thump too.

The thud was louder than the fan. Even the bed started making noise. After another 5-7 minutes of pounding like this, I couldn’t take it anymore.

I took out the stuff inside and put it on her. I see tears in Dolly’s eyes. Just kissed me and said, thanks. The two of them lay down for a while with their sweaty bodies hugging each other.

After a while, Dolly got up and went to the washroom. I went to the other side and opened the drawer of the side desk and saw many condoms and contraceptive pills.

My thoughts started, who is this magi cheating with? Her phone was on the desk, I turned it on and saw many messages, Oma, suddenly I saw that father sent a message to Dolly, “I will come tomorrow at 5 am”.

By this time Dolly had come. I asked why father is talking about coming in the morning tomorrow?
– “I told you Nayan, I am not good, you will get a much better girl”.

However, my father also came to fuck Dolly? I know who does this!!
-“With how many other people besides father??” I asked directly.

– “Look honey, don’t be angry, I have only your father in my life and no one else, I was telling you,

But you didn’t listen to me.

By the way, how long has this been going on?”

– “For the last 3 years” Dolly bowed her head in shame.

I am completely speechless. My father is so horny that he did this with my friend’s mother. Suddenly it came to mind, “Well, with whom did Anindya see you in bed?”, “With your father.”

I felt like the sky was falling on my head. My friend knew about this. But he didn’t tell me anything.
On the one hand, Dolly began to caress me and explained, “Please don’t tell anyone about today.” Your father is not at fault.

I myself told your father to do these things”.
I thought a little later and said, “Tomorrow, father, tell me not to come and do these things again.”

won’t go.


– “No, but if you want, call me, I will come and fuck, but not with father anymore”.
Dolly smiled, “Your father won’t need any more.

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You’re an even worse whore than your father.”
Hearing this made my head bleed. I caught Magi again, this time completely doggy, I started shaking

Again loudly, and slapped her ass.
Dolly once said, “If I were in your mother’s place, I would be with you during the day and with your father at night.”

I used to have sex, like father, like son. Two absolute beasts. Arrange something for your mother too, Mother Chod. While pressing the lips to kiss, I realized that Magi’s anger has gone away

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