You’re not gonna make me your Bitch now, are you?


It suddenly occurred to me that I told her too much. With her new
knowledge she had power over me. How did she mean to use it? I wondered.

“You’re not gonna make me your Bitch now, are you?” I blurted. I still
wanted to eat her front and back but I was scared I might agree to be her
sex flunky to do it. You know, be in bondage and stuff. I didn’t want
that but, then again, I didn’t want to feel the things I did about her
sexually either, but I did. I might do anything to a crack at eating her
ass. I was scared.

Her face lost all expression. She stood there impassive. Inscrutable.
Then she slapped me hard across the face.

“All right, asshole you had your laugh. Very funny. Now get out of
here. Get out of my face before I really let you have it.”

I tried to stammer out an apology. I tried to explain. I tried to sort
out all the things I was feeling but it was impossible. I rubbed the side
of my face where she’d hit me and stood agape. Speechless.

She put her face close to mine and whispered in harsh tones, “All these
people around here are ignorant stiffs. They’re petty, small minded and
vindictive. And that’s cool. I can deal with that. It’s the kind of
mindset they’re born with and they never got beyond it.

“But you… you’re in a class by yourself. You really had me going. I
almost thought you meant it. But that ‘Bitch’ shit? You must really think
I’m one dumb cookie if you think I’d fall for that. ‘Please don’t make me
your Bitch’— what a buncha shit. That’s pure evil. Get the fuck out of

I walked back to my office. Outside the door I heard Blu call out at
the top of her lungs, “The whole lot of you can go fuck yourselves!”

She must’ve thought I was setting her up for a practical joke and that
the whole office was in on it. The office was dumbfounded.

Over the course of the day I told the people what had happened. I
didn’t spare myself. I felt like such an ass. I FELT evil. Just like Blu

All of us had dogged her for so long that it was now inconceivable to
her that I could have been sincere. I felt bad, really, really bad.

The whole incident seemed to wake everyone up to the reality of just how
vicious we’d been to Blu. They started being nice to her.

Guys started pulling me off to the side and saying how they too secretly
found Blu hotter than hell but were too cowed by the crowd to break ranks
and say anything. Most of their fantasies were more conventional than
mine— Hell, ALL of their fantasies were more conventional than mine—
still, they had’m.

Janey, the same chick that called Blu’s ass ghastly, came into my office
on the sly and purged herself of the true feelings she had for Blu.

“God, she is SO hot.” Janey said. “She isn’t that far from being runway
model material when you think about it. A little too tall and a little too
thin— and she doesn’t have the looks for it— but, really, she’s closer
to that type than anyone else here that’s for sure.

“She just dresses so atrociously. Purple pumps and skirt and the skirt
never covers the tops of her stockings. Then she goes without panties but
wears that garter belt that bulges under the stretch fabric of her skirt.
Creating terrible lines. Tacky. Just tacky.

“But, you know what? I wish I had half her cheek. She’s totally immune
to the opinion of others. I admire the hell out of that.”

“Then why did you talk shit about her?” I asked.

“She had it coming, dressing like she did.” Janey said. “If she’d
answered back or even come up and asked why I was being so mean I would
have softened up on her. I’d like to take her around shopping and help her
with her wardrobe.”

“So why didn’t you?”

“She never gave me the chance. She never cared one way or the other
about whether I was her friend or not. I admire that attitude but I was
jealous of it too. And angry that didn’t want to be my friend. I mean
half the friends I have started off as someone I teased or made snarky
comments about. That’s my primary way of breaking the ice.”

“You went beyond teasing.” I said.

“You don’t know the half of it.” Janey said. “One morning I called her
‘Miss Dachau 1944’. Can you imagine? That has to be the most horrible
thing I’ve ever said to anybody. It came out of nowhere. I was instantly
ashamed for saying it. But she just looked at me like I was a piece of
dust, a speck of nothing floating in the air, and went about her business.

“I wanted to go down on her right there. The shift of feeling inside me
was so great. I went from intense shame to a tremendous feeling of
admiration just like that (snaps her fingers). If I had her power, that
ability to not care in the least what anyone else thinks, I could rule the

“I knew right then that the only relationship a girl like her has with
someone is… she owns them. No two ways about it. If you want to get
close to her it has to be totally on her terms. I wanted to. I wanted to
be with her intimately on whatever terms she asked. But she didn’t ask.
She went about her business. I felt rejected.

“I have this fantasy about her. Mind you I’m not a lesbian. I think
D/s is beyond that. I’ve never been with a woman other than at college.
Or when I was rilly, rilly drunk. In other words I’m 100% hetero.
Completely normal.

“Anyway, I have this fantasy..

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