22 Sexy & Fun Drinking Games for Couples


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Below, you’ll find a few sexy drinking games for couples, including strip drinking games, to help you get to know each other better, explore your sexual sides, or just fill time when you’re bored. Plus, we’ve included some variations on the sexy questions and dirty drinking games below to ensure they’re fun every time you play.

sexual drinking games

You can skip straight to the first drinking game, but I would advise you to keep reading this section on boundaries/limits and safety.

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Don’t worry; these rules aren’t all super rigid, but they can be helpful.

Boundaries & limits – First up, it’s important to respect everyone’s boundaries. These drinking games for couples will hopefully get you to open up and get closer in whatever way you want, which may mean getting out of your comfort zone. But it’s important to respect boundaries, even if you don’t necessarily understand them.

You could even share safe words during a kinky drinking game and use them if any of the games get close to your limits.

Learn: What BDSM limits are & discover hard vs soft limits

Of course, boundaries are limits to what you’ll do or let someone do with you. You can’t control someone else and call it a boundary.

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Safety – Next up is safety. Most of these naughty drinking games pose some risk, but any small risk can be magnified if you have had too much to drink.

When to stop – Ending a spicy drinking game might happen when you become bored or it leads to something else, perhaps something sexier. It’s also a good idea to call it quits if you’re past the point of feeling good to getting sloppy. No one wants that.

Finally, while these are sexy drinking games, most can be modified if one or both of you don’t want to drink. Use them as a starting point, but feel free to get creative!

Now, on to the couple’s drinking games!

1. Never Have I Ever

sexy drinking games

This classic drinking game goes by several similar names, and while it’s fun at a party and forces your friends to spill their secrets and get drunk, it’s an even better drinking game for couples!

Never Have I Ever is simple. One person lists something they’ve never done. Other player(s) take a shot or drink if they’ve done it. Bonus points for talking about it! Take turns with your partner to keep it going.

You can name anything, but it might be fun to focus on sexual things to find out if your partner has ever tried cuckolding or been pegged, for example. You can also suggest things you want to try–your fantasies–to see if your partner has any experience or interest in them!

If you’re only playing with one other person, consider this alternative: Each player puts up three fingers. On your turn, you name something you haven’t done. If the other person has done it, they put down a finger. The person who puts their fingers down first takes a drink or shot.

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Go deeper: 51 dirty and sexy never have I ever questions.

2. Truth or Dare (or Drink)

Instead of just talking about what you have done, like in the previous drinking game for couples, consider Truth or Dare with this twist! You know the rules:

  1. One person picks “Truth” or “Dare.”
  2. The other asks a sexy question (truth) or dares you to do something.

Read: 112 dirty truth-or-dare questions to keep things interesting.

You can also add “Drink,” which allows you to skip telling the embarrassing truth or doing a dare you’ll never be able to live down. If you drink enough, you might just become more daring as the drinking game goes on! Maybe you’ll find yourself accepting a dare to give a striptease or daring your opponent to eat you out.

3. Beer Pong

Who hasn’t played this drinking game in college or at a house party? It’s fun, and playing with a team helps you to beat your opponents. But all you really need is two people, a ping pong ball, and plastic cups to set up a tournament with your partner!

Traditional rules state you toss a ball from one end of a table, trying to get it in a cup filled with alcohol, which the other player has to drink. The person whose cup is empty first is the loser.

You can change up these classic rules by allowing a bounce on the table. And if you’re worried about germs – because your ball can become quite grubby during play! – simply fill your cups with water and take a drink or shot from a more hygienic container when it’s your turn. Or dip the ball in strong alcohol.

Alternatively, you can write down dares under each cup. Instead of drinking, you’ll have to perform a dare when your man makes a good toss.

Pong can also be turned into a strip game. Or you can bet sexy favors, such as a sensual massage, that the loser has to give the winner.

4. Strip Poker

sex drinking games

Do you wanna get your man out of his clothes? Then, any drinking game with “strip” in the title is your friend! It helps to know how to play, and you can brush up on your poker skills online before the big date!

But even losing can be fun because at least one person is getting naked. Wear lingerie underneath your clothes if you want to make your partner drool. He’ll get a peek as you strip. Feeling really generous? Then you can play badly to lose on purpose.

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This classic game doesn’t typically involve alcohol, but it can quickly become a drinking game. Trade taking off clothing when you lose to taking a shot. This is great if you’re a little shy about taking off your clothes, although you might not be for long!

5. Dice

There’s something about dice that makes bedroom activities so much more fun, and it’s no exception when you use them to develop a sexual drinking game! You can use a set of sex dice if you have some, but a pair of regular dice will do just fine! Assign a sexy activity for each number from 1 to 12–assuming you’re using two dice.

You can also switch it up so that one die represents actions, and another corresponds to body parts, so you might wind up licking, sucking, biting, kissing, or caressing your man’s mouth, fingers, genitals, chest, or stomach.

6. Drunk Uno

We’ve all played this card game when we were kids, maybe even ruining some friendships in the process! There are so many ways you can incorporate drinking game rules into this. For example, you can take a shot when you don’t have the right color or take two shots whenever someone plays a “Draw Two” card.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the actual deck. A regular deck of cards can easily be used for Crazy Eights, which is essentially Uno without all the extra cards.

7. TV/Movie Drinking Games

Is there a show or movie that both of you love or even one that you hate equally? You can probably turn it into a drinking game for two! All you need is your drinks or some shot glasses, plenty of alcohol and a little free time.

Pick something to watch and make sure your man drinks every time you do. When to drink will depend upon what you’re watching. There is plenty of inspiration to be found online as other people have already come up with great drinking game concepts.

For example, when watching…

  • Star Wars: Drink whenever you see a shot of space, someone exclaims “Noo” or when C3PO scolds R2D2.
  • Game of Thrones: Drink whenever someone says “Winter is coming”, whenever a naked woman appears on screen, Tyrion (or your favorite character) drinks or you see a shot of The Wall.
  • Jeopardy: Drink whenever someone answers a question wrong.
  • Supernatural: Drink whenever Sam says “Dean!” or whenever you hear a classic rock song.
  • Sports: Drink when someone fumbles a football or misses a hit in baseball.

You can get creative and come up with your own rules if nothing strikes your fancy.

And, hey, if you get distracted by a little sofa spooning, no one will blame you.

8. Video Game Drinking Game

Another drinking game to try involves your favorite video game. What better way to bond and have fun with your man? It’s best to choose something that you both like and both have a similar ability at.

Whether you opt for Mortal Kombat or Mario Kart, you have to drink every time you’re hit. You know how often you take fall damage in Minecraft? Drink each and every time. It’s easy to find or invent drinking rules for pretty much any video game!

It won’t take long for you to get drunk when you play some of these games.

9. Fuck, Marry Kill

Sometimes known as “Kiss, Marry, Kill,” “Bang, Smash, Dash” or “Wed, Bed, Dead,” this isn’t the typical couples drinking game. But it can be fun between you and your boo or as a dirty drinking game to play with friends.

The rules are simple. You name three people, and the other player has to decide who they would fuck (or kiss), who they would marry, and who they would kill. It can be a serious insight into what and who they like or an all-out laugh fest, depending on how silly you are when picking names.

Switch it up by choosing people who are:

  • All super attractive
  • Not at all attractive
  • Not the gender your partner is usually attracted to
  • Very similar
  • Exes
  • Friends

Just be prepared to answer yourself and share reasons for your answers if your partner asks.

10. You Laugh, You Lose

This is a fun game to play because even if you lose, it’s because you were entertained enough to laugh! You take turns doing or showing your partner something to try to make them laugh. You could tell a joke, make a face, or even show them a funny video.

To make this a sexy drinking game for couples, set the price for losing to taking a drink. When you’re done with drinking, up the ante to sexual favors or foreplay.

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11. Yes No

In the Yes No game, you drink whenever someone says “Yes” or “No.” You could watch your partner and remind them to drink when the words come from their mouth, or both of you could drink.

You can even play the Yes No game while also playing a different couples drinking game at the same time… if you think you can multitask!

12. Two Truths and a Lie

The game works like this. You take turns making three statements about yourself. Two are true, but one is a lie. The other player tries to guess which one is false.

A wrong guess can require someone to take a drink or strip. Two wrong guesses could require both!

To master this game, follow this advice:

  • Keep the lie short
  • Don’t tell the lie last.
  • Use mundane lies (“I have two brothers”) or unusual truths to keep all statements at a similar level of realisticness
  • Be careful with your facial expressions

If playing with someone sexy, you can only use sexual statements or occasionally say something sexy.

Your statements can include who, where, what, and when you’ve had sex or masturbated, for example. Use what you like in bed. Or you might talk about fantasies or kinks.

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13. Hot and Cold Kisses

Here’s a fun and sexy game to give a try the next time you’re with your partner. One of you will be the kisser, and the other the kissee. The kissee chooses a secret spot on their body. Then, the kisser tries to guess the spot by placing kisses on the kissee’s body.

The kissee directs the guesser with the word “Hot” when the kiss is closer to the secret spot or “Cold” when the kisses move away from it. The kisser adjusts the location of the kisses in hopes of getting hotter until they find the secret spot.

Then, you can swap roles.. unless the kissing has you in such a frenzy that you want to do something else!

14. Twister

You’re not alone if you haven’t played Twister since you were young, but it can be a sexy drinking game for couples–or just a fun drinking game with friends.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can DIY a Twister mat with a shower curtain and some paint or look in a thrift store.

Officially, there are starting positions. For a two-player game, you face each other from opposite ends of the mat, each with one foot on a yellow circle and the other on a blue circle. A third player would stand on the center two red circles. However, lots of people start by only touching the mat after the first instruction is called.

Basic gameplay remains the same with a referee calling out “hand” or “foot” and a color based on the spinner’s results. If you are only playing with your partner, one of you can call out the body part and the other the color, instead of using the spinner. Alternate each turn.

Players must (try to) follow instructions without falling over or touching an elbow or knee to the mat. You can remove yourself from the game if it is impossible to follow the instructions.

You have several options to up the ante and turn this into a sexy drinking game, usually when playing over several rounds.

Below are some variations to get you started…

Place shots on each of the circles – Players must drink them before placing their hand or foot on the circle. Use clear liquor and fill one or more of the shot glasses with water to give players a break. Optional: You cannot reuse a circle that’s already been used until all shots of the same color are drunk.

Start each round with a shot – Everyone has a chance of getting a little tipsy.

Losers must take a shot – Winners will stay sober.

Losers must remove a piece of clothing – Optional: The winner chooses the clothing.

Take off a piece of clothing anytime the spinner lands on red – This keeps things more fair. You can remove a hand or foot to take off clothing but must replace it immediately.

If you find it hard to combine drinking and stripping, that’s okay! Pick the rules that sounds the most fun to you and your partner!

15. Flip, Sip or Strip

All you need for this drinking sex game is a coin to toss. Call the coin (heads or tails) after tossing it in the air. If you’re right, pass it to your partner. If you’re wrong, you choose to strip (lose a piece of clothing) or take a shot. Then, it’s your partner’s turn.

You might opt to strip if taking a sip would make it too hard to flip or read the coin.

16. Would You Rather?

In this game, you ask your partner whether they would rather do one thing or another. Usually, the questions both potentially have negative consequences or limitations, such as drinking public toilet water or licking a bathroom floor.

However, that’s not always the case. For example, you might ask, “Would you rather be able to become invisible or read minds?”

With these questions, you can really get to know someone and how they think. Of course, you can always focus on the sexy stuff!

Check out these 107 dirty would you rather questions for some ideas.

Turn it into a drinking sex game by adding the option to drink instead of answering.

17. Jenga

Jenga is the type of game that makes you hold your breath in anticipation, much like it happens when there’s a lot of sexual tension. Choose your favorite variation to play.


Another option is to write a kinky activity or dare on the Jenga block (pencil can be erased rather well). These can be flirty or dirty, from telling a sexy secret to touching yourself or someone else (but only if you have permission). You could even add something like “Keep this block as a freebie” or “The other player goes twice.” Alternatively, add an option to give someone else a shot–or two. Add a “waterfall” option where everyone drinks, and you can’t stop until the person on your right does.

If you don’t want to write on the blocks, write 54 ideas on slips of paper and put them into a bowl or hat. Every time you successfully remove a block, pull one out, read it out loud, and do it.


Take off a piece of clothing after every turn. After the round, everyone but the loser gets to put one item of clothing back on.

Refusing a prompt means you have to strip.

Write each player’s name on one (or more) block(s). When the block is pulled, that person has to remove a piece of clothing. You can choose to name a player to lose two items of clothing if you the block you pull has no name on it.

Optional: Someone who winds up naked gets spanked by all the other players. Losers must perform sexual favors for the winner(s).


Take a shot before every game or before (or after) each turn.

Label the blocks with names or roles/traits, such as

  • Host
  • Men
  • Women
  • Guests
  • Skip
  • Shot for all
  • Green/blue/brown eyes
  • Youngest/oldest, lefties
  • Oldest/shortest
  • Singles
  • Couples,
  • You (pick who)
  • 10-second chug
  • Nose goes (don’t read out loud; the last person to touch their nose drinks)
  • Go again, reverse
  • Waterfall
  • Ripple (drink once, people to your left and right drink twice, then the people to their side drink thrice, etc)
  • Water break
  • Eyes closed
  • Chicken dance
  • Person to the left/right
  • Color warrior (pick a color, everyone takes as many drinks as items of clothing they’re wearing of that color)
  • Me and you (pick the other person who drinks)
  • Glasses wearers
  • Rock, paper, scissors (loser drinks)
  • Jinx (players to left and right must drink)
  • Battle of the sexes (if you’re not the same sex as the puller, drink)
  • Skip a turn
  • Exemption (skip drinking the next round even if a prompt would require it)
  • Sobriety test (do a task such as saying the alphabet backward, drink if you mess up)
  • Southpaw (only use your non-dominant hand)
  • Strike (drink three)
  • Finish your drink
  • Try again (replace the block and pull another)
  • Two truths a lie (drink if someone guesses your lie)

Pick whichever options sound fun and work for your group, even if it’s just a group of two.

19. Names Games

The following are games you can play all night while other games are going. They all involve names.

No Names – You can’t use any names during the game. If you’re caught, strip a piece of clothing or drink.

Nicknames – Everyone is assigned a nickname. If you don’t answer to it (or answer to your real name), remove clothing or drink.

20. How Well Do You Know Me?

This drinking sex game for couples is best if you know each other pretty well. Of course, you could have some fun with it even if you don’t!

Psst, here are some questions to help you get to know your partner.

Write a short quiz with questions about yourself. True-and-false questions are easiest.

Your partner drinks for every answer they get wrong.

Optional: You drink for every answer the other player gets right.

Once your quiz is done, switch.

21. Charades

Turn this family-friendly game into a sexy drinking game for couples. You can play with the answers from the actual game or have everyone submit their own.

Take turns acting out the suggestion. For every 30 seconds that passes before a correct guess, the actor has to take a shot–or sip if you want to pace yourself. Turns are usually two or three minutes. Choose which works best.

To make it sexier, only choose movies with steamy themes or scenes!

You can also turn this game into Pictionary with similar rules.

22. Spin the Bottle

The final drinking sex games for couples on this list is one that you might think of a group activity. But you can make it a game for two pretty easily!

Instead of a group of people in a circle, place items in the places of people. These could be a vibrator, blindfold, massage oil, chocolate, handcuffs, lube (why you should use lube), lingerie, or anything else you could use in a sensual or sexual way. It might be even more fun to use PG items that you have to figure out how to pervert!

Then, spin the bottle. Whenever it lands on something, tell your partner what to do with it–or figure out what you want to do to them.

A Note on Alcohol

You might have fun combining alcohol with some of these drinking sex games for couples. It is a social lubricant overall! But…

Exercise caution and common sense. Stay where you’re safe. Don’t drink and drive. Take time to hydrate and eat in between drinks.

If it’s just the two of you drinking, consider smaller drinks or sips or mix a weak cocktail because it’ll be your turn before you know it. You can also take a sip instead of a whole shot. For games with shots, use clear liquor and pour water into some of the shot glasses.

Unless you’re aiming to get drunk, pace yourself.

Think twice about combining alcohol with certain games or settings, including the pool or hot tub. Similarly, alcohol is a bad idea when either of you is restrained (bondage tips for beginners), including blindfolds and gags, because it slows your reaction times, which you need to remember your safe word or quickly release someone.

Of course, drinking may lead to sex, which might be your goal! If so, then take a look at our guide to drunk sex. But it might also make you less likely to use condoms or take other precautions, so discuss safety beforehand when you’re still sober and make sure everything you need is within reach. Make it impossible to do something you may later regret.

Looking for hot games that will lead to sex but doesn’t have to include drinking?

With these sexy and kinky drinking games, your night’s about to get a lot more fun. Whether you’re playing with a longtime partner, friends, or someone new, you’ll find something for everyone! Let us know if you have a favorite couples drinking sex game in the comments!

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