After 15 minutes of sex, the material was given to me


After 15 minutes of sex, the material was given to me

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My name is Payal Mondal, age 19, BA 2nd year, height 5’4”, figure 34-30-34, fair complexion.

But I knew that I was base sexy by listening to the boys standing on the side of the road while walking on the road. I have described a lot, now let’s come to the real story.

The day was 28 September 2021. I was studying in class 10 then. The chest is a little bit of milk. Then the breast size was 28.

Anyway, let’s talk about the real story. One of my uncles was getting married that day so I went to his uncle’s house. Everyone was having a little problem for many people coming to the wedding. bangla choti uk

So I and some other sisters went to the upper room of the house to sleep. There were many more people sleeping in a room above. After 15 minutes of sex, the material was given to me

Didira slept and I went to the next room as I could not sleep in such a crowd. And I had a friend there. Name Sujit Burman, in the same class with me.

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And with them, we and uncle had good knowledge of the house, so we invited them. Anyway, seeing him, I went to sleep next to him. bangla choti uk

When I went to bed, it was almost 12 o’clock at night. I fell asleep. What is inside a dress. I started shaking my hand to see it then I realized it was his hand.

After understanding her hand, I didn’t want to take her hand out because I liked it too. After some time I fell asleep. I don’t know how long it was done.

However, I woke up in the morning and saw that the hand was not on my dress. After taking a bath, I went to that room again in the afternoon to sleep. He came after I was lying down.

After talking for a while I pretended to sleep to see what he wanted to do today. After watching for 30 minutes, when he realized that I had fallen asleep, he started touching my breasts again today from inside the dress. Then after some time I fell asleep. When he woke up it was 4.30 pm.

After waking up, I saw that the hand still did not come out. So I took her hand out and she was sleeping so she didn’t understand. Then at night again Shulam there. After 15 minutes of sex, the material was given to me

He was sleeping then. And when I saw him lying down, I could not control myself anymore. But it had to be managed somehow. 30 minutes after going to bed that day also started like that. bangla choti uk

I couldn’t stay any longer when I saw him acting like that, I said to him, what are you doing? Hearing that, he was ashamed and unable to speak, he turned to that side and lay down.

And then I started burning, so I couldn’t stay any longer and I pressed on her and said that’s all I’ll do every day, I won’t do anything else?

What did you say pretending not to hear it? I told him once more. Hearing that, he said, “My dear, you are so hot in your growing youth that you need a son from now on.”

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Hearing that I said please don’t do anything else I can’t stay anymore. He got a little angry and said no. Now I got angry and said don’t do what is being said.

After you get a chance, you won’t get another chance. And now he said oh ok. Oh, this little girl is so young. He started kissing me by holding my neck. After 15 minutes of sex, the material was given to me

First on the forehead then on the cheeks, lips, throat, chest, stomach. Then with one hand began to touch my stomach. This is the first time anyone has reached out to my rising youth. bangla choti uk

This is the first time someone touched my body so I was shaking. Then my dress started to open.

I was wearing top pants that day. The top was short size, only my breasts were covered and the throat, stomach were all visible and the pant was also short size.

He opened my top and my fair milk came out and he started sucking it in his mouth and I started shaking and making uhhmmmm uhhmmmmm sounds.

While sucking the milk, she also took off my pant and took off all her dresses and her 6″ dick came out. I was now fully naked and he started inserting a finger into my pussy and I started screaming.

For the first time, my excitement increased so much, I couldn’t stay any longer and told him I can’t anymore, please do what you have to do. bangla choti uk

Now he took his 6″ dick and put it on my mouth first, then he gave me a hard slap and I cried out. He stopped now and said that the girl has a love for doing things and will also scream.

So that I could no longer scream, a pillow pressed lightly on my face and started to press again.

Meanwhile, one hand is holding the pillow and the other hand is pressing my milk. I began to shake with the force of his beating. The whole is beating like a demon and the milk is pressing. I drained the water once after 5 minutes. After 15 minutes of sex, the material was given to me

Meanwhile, he is beating like a demon and the pillow is on my face, I couldn’t scream and started to cry.

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After fucking me for about 15 minutes, he poured his juice into my pussy and lay on me. That night I was fucked one more time.

Then I had sex with him 5-6 more times but now he is not here anymore so I don’t have to fuck him anymore. I last fucked him a year ago. bangla choti uk

Now I can’t fuck him anymore so I don’t like it anymore. But I have two other fucking partners. I have roughly 10 more times with them. After 15 minutes of sex, the material was given to me

But if I still remember that day, I still want to fuck her even after so many times.

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