bandhobi choda live girlfriend’s future groom’s penis


bandhobi choda live girlfriend’s future groom’s penis

Hi I am Milli and Mita my friend today we will tell you our stories. Before or after adulthood, every girl experiences sex, whether it’s with someone or someone outside of her.

And now it doesn’t seem like you can find such a girl who has not done anything before marriage. Don’t just blame the girl, because boys or men get excited easily, and girls have to get excited.

Street girls are usually not excited. But a little touch or seeing a good girl or looking at the ass, many boys get excited quickly.

Mita said, let’s talk a little about that, you are married, it is settled.

Tell me your experience. How is the groom’s sting, it doesn’t take time to insert it. Don’t say that it’s a rat, it goes into the hole and doesn’t seem to matter.

I keep the gaps small but the rub feels a little better. Otherwise I am not comfortable, your marriage is fixed, your future groom does not communicate with you.

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Yes, by calling, we talk about these things. Look, if you call at night, you have to show everything. He shows her what else I take to Gud. How big or small, not too big and not too small, medium size.

In fact, Millie has been married for a year. He came to his father’s house but the groom did not come. Mita went home after talking in the afternoon. Milly’s mother is having dinner. bandhobi choda live girlfriend’s future groom’s penis

Milly is sitting in her room. Mother gave the evening. After a while mother said not to eat anything. eat something Mother and daughter are talking while having dinner together.

Suddenly, Millie asked her mother, well, father is not big and fat. Mother can understand, but what about father? I am asking how is Dur Bapi’s ram.

Mother said you are asking all of a sudden. Milli says what to say you got married after seeing such a boy. The long mouse is bigger than him. That means son-in-law can’t fuck.

Milly can say what kind of girl likes it if it’s small. Why is it so small? But what am I saying, when you enter it seems like a small rat chick is moving in the hole.

I don’t like it at all. The vagina is not filled, it does not feel like anything is entering the vagina. You don’t say how big or small Bapi’s bull is. mule girl

How did I become a mule? Bapi do not fuck you, yes, do not fuck you, what do you do on Holi? That’s why I’m saying how not to say. Why do you share! Look, men will fill it when they get a new pussy.

You don’t do that. Do not say how far. OK, I’ll take a look. Tell me what to do with my father’s cock.

What if I got married? Groom killed with that small ram, now I will take any ram, what will happen. Be it father’s or his own.

Mother and daughter are preparing dinner. Milli said to mother that today I will sleep with Bapi instead of you. Mother said not to be crazy, not to take father’s cock. bandhobi choda live girlfriend’s future groom’s penis

Milli said where is it written not to take the father’s cock. Listen to me, today I will sleep in your nightie and bandaged. I will do what you say.

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Mother said I don’t do anything, which father likes to do. I eat my father’s food and lay down and lie down. You can’t take that goat.

ok i see if i can. Now in the winter I will sleep covered with blankets or blankets, Bapi will not understand who is you or me.

Mother said that the fool will understand when the ram is being kicked. How can you understand? There is a difference between the vagina of the mother of a son and the vagina of a magi who does not have a son.

It will be understood by sucking your breasts on him. It’s okay when you want. Mother and daughter ate dinner and Millie put on her mother’s nightie and slept on her father’s bed with a blanket wrapped around her.

Mother went to Milly’s room and slept. Milli’s father returns every night, that day also happened and her father did not know that Milli came.

After locking the gate, having dinner, brushing his teeth, Bapan went to his room. He broke the door of the room and lay down under Milly’s blanket.

Knight started hugging and caressing Millie and rubbing her pussy. Mai is pressing. He grabbed Milli and pushed the cock into Milli’s vagina with two hands.

With one push, half of the cock entered Millie’s pussy. Bapan said why is your vagina so tight today? Milly is holding her mouth and not saying anything.

Bapan is slowly inserting all the cocks. Milli said, “Oh, I feel like it, take it easy.” Bapan said why is the vagina so tight today? Milli said Bapi, I am Milli, you gave the ram to my pussy.

That means this time Milly’s father turned on the light with the bed switch. Shame on you. He said why you where your mother?

Milli said why if you increase? Chude dao bharata bhadea dao Milli saw that father’s cock was really big and fat. Milli took it and put it in the opening of the vagina and said to insert it.

Bapan didn’t say anything else and started fucking Milli’s pussy slowly. Milly said give it slowly.

Bapan said you didn’t feel shame, Milli said what is shame, my husband is fucking everyday, today you are fucking, but there is a lot of difference between the two bulls. bandhobi choda live girlfriend’s future groom’s penis

You fuck well. Bapan poured the material inside the girl’s pussy for half an hour. Milly’s water broke and Milly leaned in to kiss her father.

Bapan said you have become a father. Why did you do this, I married you. At that time, her mother came in and said that her groom’s cock penetrated her small pussy but she didn’t like it.

That is why he is doing this. That’s enough of Milli’s story, now listen to Mita’s story. Mita calls Milli one day and says, Milli, listen, let me tell you something, one day I and my husband will go to your house, why Milli?

Mita said why do you know men want one time before marriage. Milli said don’t do that mistake. Say whatever happens after marriage nothing will happen before.

Mita said, I was not agreeing. Then you tell her parents and tell them what they say.

Listen to me, if you give Mita once before marriage, she will feel bad about you and may not marry you. Mita said you are right that girls are to blame for everything.

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According to Milli, Mita told her future groom that nothing will happen before marriage. I will write if I know what happened after that.

It is known that I am writing because of that, (that is, I imagined what can be written..) One day Milli said to Mita, Look, we can do a test, you will marry the one who can do well.

Mita said this should not happen before marriage. You don’t give me away. I am married and I will not have anything else.

Milli said in her heart that I will give birth to a son in the milk of my father. Because the groom can’t. And in the meantime, if two dozen bulls can be taken by restraint, what is the harm?

How long will this youth last? Mita says what are you thinking. And nothing, we will do it in the attic of our house. Your mother won’t say anything.

No because I’ll manage just fine. Milli said first call your future groom if he can fuck well then you will get married. bandhobi choda live girlfriend’s future groom’s penis

Milly now comes to her father’s house almost every time the groom leaves for work, but not every day. That day, Mita said to her future groom, come in the evening, you will be given what you wanted before marriage.

At least once, the groom-to-be will be happy and my bride will agree to make a flower bed before marriage. Listen, wife, will you understand if someone else comes, come on.

The groom-to-be took leave early, came home and had tiffin. At the place told by the bride. Mita took her straight to Milli through the back door and straight into the chilly room.

The groom-to-be said, “I can’t stand it, arrange a flowerbed quickly.” Now Milli comes, Mita says this will be your bed with my girlfriend.

Let’s see how often your device can pull the trigger. The groom said why not you? Look, I am a man, not because I will sleep with any girl other than my wife.

Mita is my friend from far away and got married, no one will understand if you do this. Milli said that the bridegroom should take off his pants and raise his cock. Millie was wearing a nightie.

He picked up the nightie and put it on. Mita said to the bridegroom, take it off and see the vagina, girls’ vaginas are the same. The bridegroom took off his pants and put them on.

The man became erect when he saw the pussy. Mita looked fairly tall and not too fat. Mita caught the cock and put it on Milli’s pussy. The groom-to-be said, “Did you like the bull?”

Mita says I will tell you later, now show power. Put him in and see how many times you can fuck him. The groom-to-be pushed the ram’s head into Milli’s vagina.

Slowly almost all the cocks are pounding. He is fucking his girlfriend in front of his future wife. After about fifteen minutes of sex, Milli’s pussy was poured and she was lying on her chest.

Mita was sitting, the groom-to-be started pressing her breasts. Mita: What is happening, I will enter your house now. Mita said no Mai tipach that nothing can be done below.

This is Chudle, Milli gave it to you. You said you will see pussy before marriage, my friend showed you. Not anymore. Now let’s fuck me after marriage.

Milli say no more, now go home, and marry Mita quickly. The groom-to-be kissed Mita and said, “Show me at least once. I promise not to kiss you.”

If you see my cock, give me a look at your pussy. Mita says all girls’ pussy is same hers is mine so what’s there to see. The bride-to-be said, show me.

Milly said so saying show me once. Mita said ok she will leave. Mita was excited to see them fucking.

He lay down. The bridegroom was long, Mita was lying with her pussy open, the bridegroom pressed her breast with his hand to kiss her pussy. Mita is very excited now.

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The groom-to-be started rubbing her pussy. Milly said don’t give it to her cunt can’t be inserted right away. She has a curtain. I don’t see the future groom.

Mita has not caught the bridegroom’s ram, don’t give it to me. don’t give now My groom-to-be has become erect.

He showed it to Milli and told her to fill her pussy again and take the goods. If I give it now, I will bleed. However, the bridegroom said, “Let go” and Milly was lying next to him.

The groom-to-be filled Milli’s pussy a second time and started pounding it. This time about twenty five thirty minutes. Poured the goods and said come now, kissed both of them and went home. bandhobi choda live girlfriend’s future groom’s penis

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