boro pacha magi vabi big size pacha walli bhabhi


boro pacha magi vabi I am an electric helper age 23-24 years, helping for about four years. Bhabhi’s huge ass

The one I am working under is a substandard contractor.

People take small building contracts, and work on buildings under them.

I used to go to his house often because of working with him.

My house is not very far from my contractor’s house, if more it will be half a kilo.

I call the contractor Mr. Tapnada and for that reason I address his wife as Bhabhi.

When he comes to his house, he often talks to my wife and does a lot of mischief. Bhabhi’s huge ass

My Tathan Da is often not at home when I go because I always go from his office to fulfill some order and Tapnada stays at his office. Bhabhi’s huge ass and mountain of milk in her chest

I always look at Bhabhi’s milk when I come and go and by chance I don’t see her milk, her milk is so big that I feel like I am walking with the burden of two mountains on my chest.

She always wears a bra, so the milk is stiff, so she wants to grab the milk immediately.

I can’t catch the teacher’s wife for fear of losing her job, so I always look at her with a hard eye and imagine fucking her at night. vabi ke chodar golpo

When Bhabhi sat down to cut the house curry with her two rans, half of her milk came out by removing her bra and blouse, I found it very funny.

Bhabhi’s big ass, while cutting the curry, her feet are covered with gold, I want to make her cry and fuck her, I look at her ass and milk and salivate.

I never get a chance to fuck. One day I was working in Shibpur village next to Sitakunda Sadar, work was almost done at ten or eleven in the morning. Bhabhi’s huge ass

Ashte said that the connection should be made in the pillar. Golabaria is not far from Shivpur, I came.

When I came and saw the door of the house closed, I thought that my wife might have gone to the pond, or I could not find her in the pond.

Without shouting, I gently knocked on the door of their Pak’s room and saw that the door opened, the door leading from Pak’s room to the main room was closed from the inside. Bhabhi’s huge ass and mountain of milk in her chest

I heard whispers inside, I shivered as I closed the door with my soft feet and peered through the hole in the fence. boro pacha magi vabi

What I saw made my eyes widen, Bhabhi was sitting on her couch and her elder brother Rafiqada was sitting in front of Bhabhi on a blanket, putting his hand on Bhabhi’s thigh and talking slowly, I could hear him clearly.

If your brother finds out one day, I will be destroyed. Why am I fucking you again or is that what you are afraid of? Bhabhi’s huge ass

Then I didn’t fuck you when I was in Malaysia for three years. Tapan is happily fucked now, why are you afraid?

At that time I told you that your brother was not there, but now your brother is at home.

I don’t obey so much I will fuck you your big milk makes me crazy I will suck your milk if you want to stop but my brother may know all the past and if you keep me satisfied you will be safe. bangla choti vabi

Rafiqda Parul removed her breast cloth and put her hand on her milk, Rafiqda did not stop, Rafiqada pressed the milk on the blouse and Parul stood up and gave a long kiss on Bhabhi’s face.

She took her two lips inside her mouth, when she bit her sister’s lips, Parul Bhabhi cried out softly saying “Oh”. Bhabhi’s huge ass and mountain of milk in her chest

Rafiqda is biting her bhabhi lightly while kissing her from side to side and her left hand is squeezing the milk. Seeing the scene of Vasur fucking your younger brother’s wife, my body is also 100 degrees hot.

My body stiffened like an iron rod, my whole body was tight, I was in long agony. My heart wants to go and catch Bhabhi’s big breasts before Rafiqda.

I start to suck, I push my penis into Bhabhi’s gold, but I have no choice but to see where Rafiqda is inserting Parul Bhabhi. boro pacha magi vabi

Rafiqada now opened Bhabhi’s blouse and bra, Bhabhi’s huge fair breasts came out, oh what a fine look! Rafiqda Parul started sucking one milk of Bhabhi and started sucking another milk full in her mouth.

Bhabhi became horny and hugged Rafiqda’s back with her hands, till now they were kissing while sitting on the square of the checkpoint, now Rafiqda gently laid down Bhabhi and Bhabhi’s legs remained outside the checkpoint. bangla choti vabi

Rafiqda started licking all over Bhabhi’s body with her tongue, Bhabhi got hotter, I heard Bhabhi’s grunting sound. Rafiqda slowly came down to run her tongue on Bhabhi’s stomach.

Bhabhi’s saree was taken off and thrown on the ground, I could clearly see Bhabhi’s gold.

Parul removed the dura hanging from bhabhi and started running her tongue on her gold, this time Parul bhabhi’s condition was bad, she forgot the fear of shame and started saying loudly, Grandpa, I can’t do it anymore, bhabhi.

Ah eh oh sounds like a homely fucking sound, Rafiqa is naked, his huge cock like an iron rod is ready to enter Bhabhi’s cunt but can’t insert it, sucking Bhabhi’s gold.

Bhabhi became restless and couldn’t lie down anymore, got up from the bed, grabbed the handle of his broom and started sucking, and said, “I don’t understand that you won’t let me in if you don’t excite me.”

Rafiqada moaned, she too became extremely excited, Rafiqada fit her cock in Parul Bhabhi’s golden mouth and rammed her. Bhabhi’s huge ass

After rotting, the entire cock went into Bhabhi’s gold, Bhabhi’s waist was on the edge of the square, Rafiqada took Bhabhi’s dupaka on her shoulders, standing on the ground, pounding on Bhabhi’s gold, boro pacha magi vabi.

After getting fed up, he took one of the bhabhi’s milk in his mouth and sucked the other one by pressing and shaking his waist for about ten minutes.

In this direction, Rafikda reached the climax by hitting two more rums and saying ah eh.

I saw the whole scene, Rafiqda stood up, Bhabhi also got up to sleep, I hurriedly hid behind Raka Gola in Pak’s room.

Rafiqda went out, Bhabhi wiped her gold and left slowly, I also came out from the side of Gola.

what are you doing here

I’ve seen your entire fucking game.

don’t tell anyone

Why not tell?

That means, you will tell? vabike chudar golpo

If I let you fuck me, I promise not to tell anyone.

Bhabhi didn’t think for a moment and took me back into the house, closed the door and allowed me to fuck completely naked in front of me, I said I can’t do it well today. Bhabhi’s huge ass and mountain of milk in her chest

Watching you and your cock fuck my cock is about to come out today as I can, promise I can fuck you any other time I want or I’ll tell everyone. Bhabhi’s huge ass

Bhabhi agreed, that day I sucked my most favorite milk from Parul Bhabhi’s body and pressed my big cock into gold. I will tell you the story of his next fucking later. boro pacha magi vabi

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