Carla discovered the folder of sadistic pictures on her latest boyfriend’s computer


Carla turned the cold water up a little as she finished rinsing off in
th e shower. Her body tingled with excitement as her mind wandered over
the sexual possibilities that this night would bring. It had been so long
since she had submitted to a Dominant and gave herself so freely. (See
“Scorcher,” 2001)

The last several years had been a struggle of juggling work, school and
raising a son. Her previous Master had taught her a lot and trained her
body toan array of perverse delights. But she had never been able to find
a match for him in the years since they had separated. It had just seemed
to be too much trouble so she stuck with easier to find vanilla boyfriends.

Her fingers wandered around her pubic area and slid easily inside her
wetcunt. Using her other hand, she pinched her nipples hard bringing back
great memories of the terrible abuse they used to get with her ex-husband.
She kept twisting her nipples as she remembered some of the pleasures she
used to enjoy. She turned off the water and stepped out of the shower to
dry off. Looking atthe mirror, she cupped her now droopy breasts.
Childbearing had been so hard on them! She looked at the pale skin of her
white ass. She remembered the days when they were kept bruised and striped
as a sign of her submission.

But she had believed those days were behind her and she was doomed to a
life of plain mommy sex.

Until now!

She had been so surprised when she had discovered the folder of sadistic
pictures on her latest boyfriend’s computer a few weeks ago. She
had been nervous about bringing up the subject, but she simply
couldn’t stop thinking about the possibility of enjoying some of
those old masochistic pleasures again.

But her son was over at Granny’s so the night was theirs and she was
planning quite a surprise for Juan.

So she toweled dry and then went to the bedroom to get a few things.
Then she checked the clock once again and realized she was almost out of
time. So she knelt on the floor and got started.

She used the KY to coat her fingers and then slowly started pushing her
i ndex finger deep into her anus. That was followed by another finger, and
then yet another as she slowly stretched her throbbing asshole wide open
for the large cucumber she had bought that morning for this occasion.
Slowly, she worked it into her rectum until it was in nice and deep.
Ooooh, it had been so longsince she had such an ass fucking!

But she was patient and slowly worked the large veggie in and out as she
waited for Juan to show up. Her ass was becoming quite loose as time went
by andyet she wasn’t even close to being satisfied.

Finally, she heard footsteps coming up the stairs and the door popped

She coyly looked over her shoulder at Juan as he stared down at her.
“Well, close the door so the neighbors don’t see and let’s get

Then she slowly removed the large vegetable from her gaping ass and
pulled her cheeks wide apart to give him a glimpse of how wide open and
ready she was.

She saw his eyes glance over at the couch where a heavy belt and short
st rands of rope lay waiting for use and he immediately ripped his clothes
off andgot started.

“Don’t you think I’m such a nasty slut who enjoys ass fucking way too
much? Don’t I need some punishment for it.”

“Oh, absolutely, slut,”

In seconds, her wrists were fastened to her ankles and she was face down
on the floor exposed for his use. She urged him to pick up the belt and
use it on her ass.

So he did. Tentatively at first, then harder as she urged him on and
begged him for the hard ass fucking that she deserved and wanted. In
minutes, she could feel the heat spread from her reddening bottom to her
cunt and make it drip. Her asshole puckered at the thought of his hard
dick forcing it’s way into her body and the pain just started floating

Finally, he stopped and dropped to his knees. She felt him at the
entrance to her anus and just as quickly felt his hard cock slide in deep
until his balls bounced against her cunt.

Ooooooh! the moan just oozed out of her and he paid it no mind as he
answered the need of his cock and started fucking her ass hard.

The feeling of helplessness and the depravity of it all just flowed
through her body and she again responded to these perverse pleasures just
as she always had and unbelievable, she felt a hard orgasm coursing through
her without theneed to touch her clit or cunt.

Way too soon, she screamed out her pleasure, then felt the flood of
semenin her bowels as he filled her ass with his cum and she delighted in
the pleasure it gave her and how it pleased him too.

Later, after he had untied her and they lay on the carpet together, she
t old him of her past experiences and how she still desired them and that
she wanted him to provide her with them once again.=20

He only smiled at her and picked up the belt and said, “Of course,
bitch.Now that I know what you truly want, we’ll do just fine together.
Now move over to the chair.”

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