Fucked my chachi in a hotel room


This is about a real incident that happened last month during my visit to Jodhpur due to some work exhibition.

My name is suyash, 26 year old and from a business background. My partner in the story is my cousin aunt (chachi), her name is Seema and she is in her mid 30s.

As she is not that close of a relative and we live in different cities, we didn’t use to meet that often. I saw here during her wedding, she was very thin (32-28-31 approx)and average looking. Two years ago she gave birth to her first child.

After that when I met her she was looking completely different. Her figure had become little bubbly (33-30-34 approx) and there was a glow on her face. She started looking like a milf any young boy would like to fuck. She looks alot like Shriya Saran , those who don’t know who Shriya is pls google so that it’ll be easy for you to imagine Seema chachi. Their family is little orthodox so she only wears saare and in a saare she looks very milfy and fuckable.

From past one year chacha and chachi used to visit to our city frequently as chacha had some work here. He used to drop chachi and anu (their daughter) at our home go for work. During that time I had a lot of interaction with Seema chachi. As everyone say a girl can sense your intentions when they talk to you, so I guess slowly she began to know my intentions, and I could also tell that even she was interested in something. The way she used to look at me was not at all like a chachi looks at her nephew. She always used to come for 1-2 days only and there were always family members around us so I never got a chance to make a move on her.

There was a business expo which was being organised in Jodhpur and I was going to attend that alone. It was 3 day business expo that was 12,13 and 14 feb. I have a booked a suite in hotel near the convention centre where the expo was happening. The convention centre was at very outer of the city and there was mall adjoining to it. I had planned to attend 2 days expo and planned to visit my chacha chachi’s house on the third day. I was excited to see my chachi but knew wouldn’t get chance to do anything as they lived with their in laws who were very religious people.

I went to Jodhpur and attended the expo for two days and went to my chachi’s place on the third day morning . One reaching there I found out that chacha was in office and chachi was at home with their in laws and anu.

They all were very happy to see me. Chachi was looking super hot in a blue saree. After serving me some snacks chachi told me that she had to give her laptop for servicing and the service centre was very far from their house so can I take her to the service centre. I agreed to it, she called chacha and informed the same and also took permission from her in laws and asked them to take care of anu till we return.

After that she asked me to wait till she changed and come. She went to her room and came in 10 mins wearing the same blue saare, i was little suspicious that why she said that she had to change when she’s wearing the same attire, but I let go as I was very excited that I will get some alone time with my chachi for the first time.

There was butterflies in my stomach and I started to imagine all the nasty things, but I calmed my self down as we were just going to service centre and had to return in some time.

We left their house by 2 PM. She told me that the service centre was in a mall and I realised it was the same mall that was near my hotel. It was around 30kms from their house. Regular conversations were going on between me and her in the car. In between when our car stopped on signal , a lady came near our car and was selling red roses.

As it was Valentine’s Day the lady came near our car and asked me to buy a rose and said

“ Saab Valentine’s Day hai madam ke liye ek rose gift deke khush karo toh madam bhi apko khush karegi” on this chachi started giggling, and asked me to buy one to help the poor lady , I bought one and gave it to chachi. We reached the mall at 3 PM and went straight to the service centre and chachi gave here laptop, the service personnel said that we have to wait for around 3-3.5 hours till it gets service.

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