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Game of seduce
I come out of from bathroom I am in just panty and topless I took jeans and start wearing it. I just pull it up and he entered in room I jut pull it up and he was watching me.

I show him what I am wearing it’s the same panty which with he was playing yesterday In our bedroom
I show on my face that I am surprised but I didn’t try to hide my boob I give him a bold look with pull my zip up and put a button. He turn his face after fully watched my body.
I : can’t you wait for while.?

He move out from the room.I wear loose top which has wild open neck I just put all my staff on cars sit and trying to find keys but my intention to show my assets to him he watching with wide open eye’s . I am wearing same bra I show him which he
Satisfaction of his fantasy might he think about me when he is doing mastbeted so I decided to check and confirm so I can move forward to seduce him I took out all my staff from cupboard put it on my bed and start showing that I am sorting out all it at least 20to 25 pears of bra and panty different types its large collection ya I used to it for seduce my husband. I know one or 2 are missing. After few minutes he. Come to my room I wear t-shirt and shorts watching me in that with all this stuff he got surprise

He:ohh wow nice
Me: what?? What is wow?
He: your collection really terrific when did you wear it I never see you in this staff
ME: are you mad you have any sense what are you saying
He:ohh I am sorry but it’s really amazing may i help you in this
Me: ya sure (in my mind yes you can please) but on one conditions no question no talk
He: ok no problem.
Me: start from that black colour find its second one like these are matching sets he went crazy he just enjoy like he get feel like he removing it From my body he turn his hand over every part of that panty.
Their are 3pic remaining which bra is their bur panty was not their mom only these reaming
I said ok this red one isi try to remember mmm ya its I wear today.
He:ohh really. Show me
Me:yee I told you no naughty things .
He: I am sorry.
Me: “what About this two “He looks little sacred he doesn’t look towards me. he is looking down “I think I know where this missing part is yes na AAdi it’s true na?”
He: no no I don’t know anything about this.
He:ohh come on. don’t lie I know it’s in your room under the bed.
He:ohh I am sorry but it’s not like that please don’t miss understood I explain everything to you.
ME: no no it’s ok I can understand at your age its normal having same fantasy same adventure things. I can understand only thing use clean not that used one ok its not hygienic go and Bering that back go go.

He went his room and come with few more in hand
Looking towards that I just give him sorry look

When he turn back I said wait you can use it when ever you want but after use put it in washing machine ok
He: ohh thanks a lot mom. He rush to me kiss on my chick and took 2 complete set of my undergarment

Next day I wear that same undergarment which he used for last night my blue panty and pink bra which I found in washing machine I think it’s used by him last night it’s having white stain on it of his load on front side of panty. i got an Idea I were short skirt and sleeve less top with that bra and panty and I sit on coach in balcony.

I show like I am painting my nails so I put my one leg on T-POY and other down. my intention to show him that I am interested in him when he come in hall .he got surprise to see me like this. His eyes Got stuck on my legs. I start moving my leg and giving him clear view of Assets. He come in balcony trying to show me that he didn’t notice anything . And start searching same thing. Then he sit their nr t poy watching what I am showing him. I am wearing after enough staring in fact showing I put second leg up and he n again searching something is watching me then I stand up looking towards him and went inside my bedroom before entering my bedroom I give him a look with smile shakeing my head and I went my bedroom so now we both know what I exactly happen there entire day at least four time I should him what I wear and every time

But luckily I got chance next day I after morning office session I turn off my laptop and went inside my bedroom. I feel little sweaty so I decided to change my blue top & skirts (off course its part of seduce) . I removed by bra also want to take cool water splash and get fresh in that though process I went near the switchboard to turn off the light and turn on the fan a lizard fell on me and after seen her I screamed as all typical woman do. And jumped away from the switched board and landed on the bed. He heard the scream and rushed to see what happened. And he saw a most unexpected beautiful image of mine. when I saw him I run towards him with fear and hug him tight with scarred. I was screaming for while he cam down me . slowly I regained my senses to the situation. In the meantime, the lizard was the one who got frightened to me run away then I realised that I am topless in his arm .my boob are crushing against his chest. when I realised this I put my hands and make cross around my boobs. try to hide it and I turn my face to other direction. he once saw me top to bottom and went to the bed took a towel and wrap around me. and get out of my room and close the door. It took me while. But I really feel nice that he doesn’t took advantage of the situation. I took shower with thinking about this and I feel it’s time to give what he want. I clean myself.

Took black colour bra and panty then wear Spaghetti T-shirt and denim shorts. I took towel went in hall he saw me and come out from bedroom. I sit on sofa and drying my hair And watching him. he just smiling looking at me. then he put his hand on my thighs ’and I hide my face in towel. he pull me towards him and he hug me tight in his arms. He throne away towel and kissed me on lips and I surrender myself to him we start smooching each other madly. Hug tightly. He caught my hand and pulled me over him. I sited on his lap. He placed his arms around my waist and said, “I can understand your situation, hope you understand mine as well. Don’t worry, what happened and happens between us will stay in these 4 walls. Nobody will come to know about this.”

ME: I know…. I have trust on you. That ‘why I allowing you to enjoy me .and I put my lips on his lips’ hug him tight. Again we smooching each other madly he put his though on my though we started though war for While. His hand moving around my boob my press them slow feeling by his hand.then he stop.
He lifted my t-shirt up, and I offered no resistance. I lifted my hands and he took it over. I felt his erect dick under me. I unhooked my bra, my boobs jumped out of that as if they were waiting to be sucked. I took them near to his face and pushed his face in between them. He pressed my left boob hard. I gave out a cry, “ohh Aadi slowly, they are not going to run away.” He kissed the upper part of my right boob and said, “This is the best one I ever saw. Perfectly round and enough for a man to go crazy.”
I giggled: hahaha hmmm really ?

He said, “Your nipples look like dark chocolate. I swear, can’t wait to test it. And he started sucking my boob the day I saw you in that wet sari I went crazy about you.” I replied, “Which day?
Don’t worry after our first around I will tell you first off all let me explore you.
Me: Ohh! really ?then you need a big tool Like this to explore my cave. I put my hands on his dick
He:, don’t worry mom you just show your cave my I have big drill machine to explore any kind of cave. ME: then let’s go inside my bedroom let me check how you will drill .we stand up and start moving towards bedroom and he lock Main door carefully. And come in my bedroom
He hold my wiest and with kissing we landed on bed. He opened my short batten. Slide down zip I rise my wiest. And he pulled out from my legs.
Now I Am in just panties now. It’s fully wet. He started fingering me like that. I was moaning by his name. Then he removed my panties and threw it in the air which is landed on floor.

Then he started licking My pussy. I held his head and was pushing it inside and I was caressing his hair. He was sucking it a lot. Soon I released my juices on his face. It was just flowing like a river. He looked at me as i was catching my breath. Then he removed his pants and he comes in his boxers.
He:mom your are so beautiful and sexy
Me: it’s time to export my cave
Me:ohh Aadi aaaaaa.pleasce aaaa
He: ohh mom ssshaas muchhh ssssss maza aa raha hai you got such a tight pussy I never imagined that I. Will get you like this after so many years you still maintain her shape and size its just ridicules.
Me: oohho Stop lieing using my undergarment for mastbete that to my used one and you don’t image ?Stop lieing to me Ok even I know that you watch me nude so many time during changing having sex with your father and most importantly. You did get I got you I seduce you showing my assets tell me you don’t do this or not
He: mom your are such bitch now he took me on his lap we are madly kissing
Me: Please fuck me hard this room not hard my loud moaning from ages make me your take what ever you want. ahh ahhh superb AAdi wow fuck me

He:Ohh mom I am cuming aahhh
Me:me too darling me too
He: where I drop it aahh can’t hold
Me:I told you I am on my safe day do it inside don’t worry just finished it with full power come hit me hard I can’t wait make me full yours .ohhh come on beby hit me
With few more stroke he fired his load inside my pussy it was lots of cum he drops inside my pussy its flowing out from my pussy and finally our ended and we are sleep on each other with powerless. Its took too same Time to get normal. We are really exhausted. After few minutes we wrap blanket around us I rested on his chest. He pondering me I am playing with his chest.

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