I Explored My Bua’s Sexy Figure


Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “I Explored My Bua’s Sexy Figure – Xxx Bua Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

In Xxx Bua sex story, my Bua enjoyed having sex with me and I also enjoyed fucking her pussy! My Bua did not enjoy her husband’s dick.

Friends, I am Harshit, I am from Indore. Today I want to tell you about the incident that happened with me and my Bua in this Xxx Bua Sex Story.

My Bua is very young and has not yet had any children.
Seeing her figure, I felt like fucking her.

Only Bua’s Husband and her mother-in-law live in Bua’s house.
Bua’s husband is a sales manager in a company. They mostly stay out of the house.

While Bua’s mother-in-law spends most of her time in the temple, Bua often remains alone at home.

This incident happened when I was studying in college. One day I went to Bua’s place.
When I came out of her house, I saw that the door of her house was open.

I went straight inside her house and called her.

At that time Bua ji was taking a bath.
She said in reply- You sit, I am just coming after taking a bath.

After listening to my Bua talking about bathing, I started wishing to see her taking a bath.

I looked around once and then slowly came near her bathroom door.
Then I saw that there was a small hole in her bathroom door.

When I looked inside through the hole, I suddenly started laughing.

Inside, Bua was taking a bath completely naked, she was not wearing anything and was massaging and cleaning her boobs. (Xxx Bua Sex Story)

Seeing this scene, my penis suddenly became erect and I felt like catching her and fucking her right now.

But kept playing with her boobs and I kept looking at her.
She was facing the door, caressing her boobs and simultaneously fingering her pussy.

I thought Bua did not know I was standing outside watching everything.
But Bua had understood that I was standing outside the bathroom.

Then I became so intoxicated that I was not aware of where I was standing and what I was doing.

At the same time, my hand started moving on my penis and I started masturbating my penis.

Then somehow there was a sudden lightning and Bua opened the door with a jerk. At that time I was masturbating while holding my penis in my hand.

She saw me shaking my penis.
She started speaking – What were you seeing inside… and what are you doing? Aren’t you ashamed?

I was shocked as to what had happened.
My Bua was standing completely naked in front of me, her slightly bushy boobs looked very puffy to me.

She was looking at my penis.
I suddenly got scared and started saying sorry.

I was in a very professional position at that time.
But I don’t know how the light in my brain got lit at that time.

I thought that Bua suddenly opened the door and was standing completely naked in front of me. Why did Bua do this? (Xxx Bua Sex Story)

As soon as I remembered this, I grabbed my penis once again and shook it.
Then she looked around and brought a smile to her lips.

Seeing my penis erect, Bua said – Haven’t you seen anyone?
I said in a low voice – Otherwise!

Holding my hand and pulling me inside, she said – Come inside, see everything. Anyway, you have seen everything. Hearing this, I felt as if I had won the lottery.

I went inside and closed the door by pushing it with my ass.

Taking me inside the bathroom, Bua said – Come on, now I will bathe you too. You quickly take off your clothes and take a bath with me.

Saying this, Bua took off my clothes and I kept my clothes on the shelf in the bathroom. I was completely naked and Bua started pouring water on me.

I also started bathing with her and while bathing, my penis started touching Bua’s stomach, which she was rubbing with her stomach.

I said to Bua- Can I press your boobs?
While squeezing my penis with her stomach, Bua said – Yes, press it and drink it too!

As soon as I heard this, I started pressing Bua’s boobs and started drinking both her boobs one by one.

Bua got aroused from sex and started moaning sensually. She started feeding me her milk while making aa aa sounds. (Xxx Bua Sex Story)

I stuck her to the wall and started sucking and massaging both her boobs.

Bua was also feeding me by holding her boobs with her hand and at the same time she was pressing my penis with her stomach.

My penis was hard as a peg and was trying to enter her stomach. Then when she couldn’t control herself anymore, she grabbed my penis and started caressing it.

She said- It has become as hard as iron. I am feeling very hot, Harshit, just don’t torment me anymore… now quickly put it inside me.

I said to Bua – Okay Bua, lie down on the floor. I will insert my cock into your pussy right now.
While caressing my penis, Bua said – This will not be possible properly here. Let’s go to bed.

Bua and I came to her bed inside her bedroom and I held Bua and started kissing her.
Bua also started supporting me.

I started kissing her lips and sucking her Big Boobs. Then I started licking Bua’s pussy.
So Bua started suffering even more.

She raised her ass and started saying – Put it inside quickly…don’t torment me anymore.
I said- If Bua had sucked it once, the penis would have become smooth. You will also enjoy it more.

As soon as Bua heard this, she got down on her knees and attacked my penis as if she was waiting for me to say something.

Her style of cock sucking was very rough.
Perhaps she had no experience at all in sucking a penis like mine.

Firstly, my penis is very long and thick like a cucumber. Only the head of the penis entered Bua’s mouth with great difficulty. (Xxx Bua Sex Story)

Then Bua caught hold of the penis and started licking the tip with her tongue.
I was feeling irritated. For the first time, it felt as if I was getting my dick sucked by a virgin girl.

After some time, while pressing her boobs, I said to her – Now it’s my turn to fuck.
She immediately lay down on her back screaming.

I spread both her legs and placed my tongue on her pussy.

Just then, it seemed as if Bua’s pussy started writhing and she started moaning holding the bed sheet – Ah ah Harshit, what are you doing… ah please push the cock in! I didn’t listen to her and licked her pussy and made it juicy.

Then I made Bua a mare and placed my penis on her pussy and started inserting it inside.

When the head of my thick penis started tearing her pussy, Bua started shouting – slow down, aah… yours is very thick. I held her waist and inserted half my penis.

I said – Bua, I don’t know how many times you have taken your husband’s cock… still you are shouting. Bua groaned and said – Ah, you have killed me… (Xxx Bua Sex Story)

If my husband had a big penis then why would I get fucked by you…

Me: Only half of it has gone inside, Bua… today I will end up tearing you apart.
Bua said- Ah… yours is very big. It won’t go in completely. Do as much as you can.

I moved my hand forward massaged her boobs and said – Don’t worry Bua, it will completely go away… there will just be a little pain. Take ah…take it all.

I gave a strong blow and the entire penis went inside her pussy at once.
Bua started writhing in pain.

I stopped for a bit.
Then after some time, I started giving jerks slowly.

After some time Bua started enjoying.
She said while shaking her Big Ass – Ah, do it a little faster… it feels good. Ah a little faster…now it started to be a lot of fun.

I just started working on making Bua’s pussy a cunt. It’s been 20 minutes since we were having sex like this.

When my water was about to come out, I said to Bua-Bua, it is going to rain. There is not even an umbrella over the pond. Tell me quickly, where should I get the goods?
Bua said – Take it out inside… quench the thirst of my pussy.

I started pushing vigorously and we both cum together.
We remained clinging to each other like this for ten minutes.

After some time, my penis started moving again and we started enjoying sex again.
After sex, we both came together to the bathroom to take a bath again.

While bathing there, I thought of mischief, so I held Bua’s boobs and started caressing them and Bua held my penis and made it erect. I fucked Bua once again in the bathroom. (Xxx Bua Sex Story)

Then both of us came out after taking a bath and started wearing clothes.
Bua said- Don’t tell this to anyone.

I kissed Bua and asked – Bua, did you enjoy it?

Bua laughed and said – Yes… it was a lot of fun. You have sex very well. I have never had the pleasure of sex with my husband. His penis is small.

I said- Now I am for you!
Bua started laughing.

Then I started feeling hungry so Bua went to the kitchen to cook food.
I also came with them.

Bua was wearing a gown while cooking.
I lifted her gown from behind and started pressing her boobs.
She also started having fun.

I lifted her gown and inserted my penis inside her Tight Pussy from behind and started fucking her. She also started enjoying sex with me. In this way, both of us also had kitchen sex.

We had sex 4 times that day.
After enjoying sex, we both had dinner and went to sleep.

Whenever I feel like it or my Bua feels like it, I come to her house. We both have a lot of fun together.

I go to Bua’s house 2 or 3 times a week and fuck her whenever I get a chance. Friends, how did you guys like my Xxx Bua sex story? Please tell me by email.

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