I fucked my Bhabhi in front of her husband


friends my name is Aman Today I am going to tell you how “I fucked my Bhabhi in front of her husband”

I live in Saket, Delhi. I am currently 22 years old and my height is 6 feet, my penis is also 6 inches which looks very strong.

This is my first sex experience which happened 3 years ago. After the first fuck, I got a taste of pussy fucking and since then till today I have fucked many pussies. The first fuck was also happened in the heydays of my youth.

Those days my college holidays were going on. Was running the work in the house only by fisting. Lund could not get rest even after fisting thrice a day. Tired of shaking hands, my cock now started asking for pussy. (I fucked my Bhabhi)

Watching porn sex videos and nude photos of desi girls was my daily routine. For this reason, my thirst was also increasing to enjoy pussy fucking. I also loved reading Hindi sex stories.

I tried many dating sites to make pussy work, but things were not working out. After that, I thought of taking the help of Facebook. I created an account on Facebook and put a fake name in it.

By creating a Facebook account, I started sending requests to girls and sisters-in-law. While searching like this, I found a couple. Their names were Naman and Kritika. Naman was a government servant who was around 30 years old.

His wife Kritika was 28 years old and she was a housewife. When I talked to Naman, he told his fantasy. He said that he wants to see his wife being fucked in front of his eyes.

Naman wanted that his wife’s sex with a non-man should happen in front of his eyes. Naman used to fuck his wife everyday. The next day he used to tell me about the sex between husband and wife, how he hit his wife’s pussy.

My cock used to twitch after listening to her words and I had to masturbate in the end. But even by fisting, the fire of sex inside me was not getting calm. Instead of calming down my lust, more and more fire used to burn.

I told Naman that if he thinks it right, I can fuck his wife in front of his eyes. Naman liked this suggestion of mine and he immediately said yes.

When he talked to his wife, first his wife refused. I too became sad after hearing this. I waited for a few days. Meanwhile, Naman used to show me the naked photo of his wife everyday. I was very impatient to fuck his wife Kritika.

After three-four days, Naman told me that he had convinced his wife to have sex with him. I was also thrilled to hear that. I was also waiting for the day when I was going to enjoy pussy fucking for the first time.

Finally the day also came when Naman called me to his house. Naman wanted both of us together to enjoy the whole night with his wife. So Naman asked me to come at around 8 in the night.

As per his mentioned day, I reached his home at the mentioned address. That day for the first time I saw his wife Kritika in front of my eyes. The more sexy she looked in the photos, the more sexy she looked in real.

I was about to meet sexy woman’s pussy for the first time, thinking that my cock started turning in underwear itself. Kritika’s size was 32-26-34 which I came to know later. But at that time she was looking amazing. (I fucked my Bhabhi)

At that time she was wearing a nightie. Me and Naman were sitting in the hall. Kritika then went to the kitchen and started cooking. After some time she also came and sat near both of us. Right now she was not talking to me much and was blushing.

She was just answering my words by saying yes-hmm. I was also a little hesitant because this was my first meeting with a woman. Then all three of us sat together and started eating food. Since Naman and I had been talking to each other for a long time, we knew a lot about each other and were very open with each other.

Naman made Kritika sit on the sofa between us. Slowly all three of us started talking to each other and started trying to open up to each other. While talking, Naman started caressing one leg of Kritika. Then I started caressing the other leg as well.

Kritika also became a little serious and she started enjoying a little bit. My hands were touching Kritika’s thigh close to her pussy, due to which my cock was completely tanned. My cock started jerking in my pants.

Meanwhile, Naman started kissing Kritika. He started kissing her lips. Sometimes he started kissing on her neck and sometimes on her shoulder. Kritika also started enjoying.

Now even I could not stop and I put my hand on her boobs. I started pressing her boobs slowly. He immediately looked at me and I winked at him. Then she also smiled lightly and till then Naman again turned her neck towards him.

For the first time, I got the soft and stimulating touch of a woman’s teat pressing with her hand. I started enjoying pressing her nipples. The grip of my hands started tightening on her nipples. Now I was squeezing her nipples hard.

All three of us got very hot. After that Naman got up. His cock in his lower had also made a tent by becoming very tight. He pointed his cock in front of Kritika and asked her to get up.

Naman also signaled me to get up and all three of us went towards the bedroom. Coming inside, I grabbed Kritika from behind. Rubbing cocks on her butts, I turned her towards me and started kissing her lips.

Now Naman also came near both of us and he also started hugging Kritika. All three of us started getting lost in each other. Slowly all three started taking off each other’s clothes.

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I was enjoying group sex for the first time. I didn’t even imagine that it would be so much fun to have fun with a non-man’s wife like this. Naman was also having fun with Kritika along with me. (I fucked my Bhabhi)

Naman and I were now only in underwear. Both of our cocks were completely erect. Only bra and panty were left on Kritika’s body. While kissing Kritika’s body, I started pressing her boobs from the top of her bra.

Naman went back and untied the hook of her bra. Her bra came in my hand. I threw her aside and her boobs became bare. Now Kritika was only in panties. I started pressing her bare boobs again. The sound came out by sighing in his mouth.

Kritika was looking very sexy in black panty. Seeing her being naked from above, the excitement was increasing even more. She was stuck in between both of us in black panties. I was pressing her bare nipples. Naman pressed her ass over her panty.

Then Naman also took off his underwear. Naman was completely naked. Then I also removed my underwear. Both our men became naked.

Kritika was watching my cock very carefully. My 6-inch cock was completely erect. I also saw her husband’s cock. Her husband’s cock was also fine. But my cock was a bit longer to see and the thickness of both the cocks was almost the same.

Kritika was still a little hesitant. I caught her hand and put her hand on my cock. I felt very happy when his soft hand touched my hot cock.

Naman’s wife started caressing my cock slowly with her hand. She started caressing me lovingly by holding my cock. I could see the lust taking hilauris on her face. She had also got the cock of a non-man, so she was also feeling very excited.

Now Naman started kissing her. After kissing for some time, I made Kritika sit down. I put my cock near her mouth. She took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it.

I started sighing. Ahh… ohh… my excitement and joy both started coming out together. Kritika was also enjoying sucking my cock with full intensity. Naman saw that his wife was sucking cock of a non-man with so much fun, so he also stood close to me.

Kritika now started sucking the cocks of both of us in turn. Sometimes she was taking my cock in her mouth and sometimes she was sucking her husband’s cock. Both of us started having fun. Kritika’s nipples were shaking below.

I held Kritika’s head and started pressing her mouth on my cock. When she started sucking Naman’s cock again, I signaled her to lie down on the bed. All three of us have now come to the bed.

Naman lay down on the front. Kritika started sucking Naman’s cock and I took my mouth down towards her pussy. Naman’s cock was in Kritika’s mouth and Naman was also enjoying sucking the cock in fun.

Downstairs I pulled the panty over his wife’s pussy. I made her pussy naked. I first saw her naked pussy carefully. For the first time a naked pussy was visible in front of me like this in real.

Then I put my mouth in her pussy and started licking her pussy. As soon as my lips touched Kritika’s pussy, a shiver ran in her body. She started sucking her husband’s cock with speed. (I fucked my Bhabhi)

Here my tongue had found a way to go inside her pussy. I started enjoying licking her pussy by putting my tongue in her pussy. After some time I took out the tongue from the pussy and started fingering her pussy.

Kritika’s mouth started muttering now. Her husband’s cock was in her mouth but because of teasing her pussy, her sobs were not coming out. Kritika was having fun. Then Naman got up. He made his wife lie down and gestured for me to come over her. When I came closer, Naman put my cock on his wife’s pussy with his hand.

After applying the cock on the pussy, Naman asked me to push inside. When I pushed, my cock entered her pussy. In the beginning there was no problem. The cock was sliding inside. I enjoyed a lot in that moment, when I was inserting cock inside someone’s pussy for the first time.

Kritika’s face was filled with pain when the entire cock went inside. My cock was slightly more in length than her husband’s cock. Even after getting married, his wife’s pussy was looking very tight. I started pushing Kritika’s pussy.

I also started enjoying by fucking Kritika’s pussy and Kritika also started enjoying my cock in her pussy. Now Naman went towards her mouth and he once again put cock in his wife’s mouth.

From below I was fucking his wife’s pussy and from above he was fucking his wife’s mouth by giving cock in her mouth. Kritika had suddenly come into a state of trance. He was having a lot of fun and so was I.

Meanwhile, Naman dropped his goods in his mouth and he became calm. I was still pushing his wife’s pussy. I started thrusting hard in her pussy with speed.

Kritika’s nipples started bouncing. I was pushing hard and Kritika was sobbing loudly in pain. Meanwhile her pussy released water which was giving me hot pleasure on my cock.

I started rubbing her pussy with more speed. Now Kritika’s pain was getting out of tolerance but I too had reached close to falling.

When my semen was released, I left my semen while inserting the whole cock inside. I started emptying in her pussy. Here Kritika’s pussy also released water once again. She fell twice.

I started panting lying on top of him. I lay on it for two-three minutes. She started caressing my back. Then my cock itself became smaller and came out of her pussy and shrunk.

We rested for a while. By now Naman was asleep. But Kritika and I were awake. We started kissing each other once again and soon both were ready to fuck again.

I fucked that sexy Bhabhi’s pussy twice more that night. After that, I got up again in the morning and came back to my house. I got the first experience and pleasure of sex in my life, after which I got addicted to pussy fucking. (I fucked my Bhabhi)

After that, I had the pleasure of fucking many more sisters-in-law and aunties and fucking their pussies. I have a different pleasure in fucking my Bhabhi’s pussy.

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