I Fucked My sister


I Fucked My sister

My sister Amy was 3 years older than me. I was 14 basically going through puberty, learning fast and always horny.

My sisters room was next to mine. She did not know it and I soon discovered at night . The vent in wall also had a vent that went o her room. I could see her light shining through. I kept the secret cause I could watch her undress.

I had never saw her without panties but had got to see her tits a few times. At fourteen you can imagine how excited this would be.
So one night I thought and realized I could be taking pictures or video with my phone . I get a couple pictures of her changing and gave me some jerk off photos.

So one day I saw her come out of moms room.
Mom was not home and she went to her room and locked the door. It’s harder to see in daylight but I shut my lights out
And covered windows and get down and peek in vent.
Amy was unbuttoning her pants so I quickly get my phone out
And hit record.

I Fucked My sister

I lay on floor peeking in and watch as she undressed in middle of the day. She gets down to her panties and she throws something on her bean bag chair by her bed and then I get a surprise and she pulls her panties off and throws them with her other clothes on bed. I zoom in on her butt seeing tan lines and when she bent over the first good look at her pussy. She turns and flops on bean bag chair facing me.

She sunk into it so I really to my disappointment couldn’t get a good look. She lays there on on her phone for a while all I could see is her legs hanging over the chair and her head.
Soon I realize she is watching porn. She had the volume up just enough I could hear it.
After five minutes or so she picked up something beside her took her feet and pulled them up all I can see is her legs from the knees down.

I Fucked My sister

I wasn’t going to give up she was naked and I knew she would get up sooner or later.
Her knees spread wide and I can see her face. Her eyes are closed and I hear a buzzing sound.
A few seconds go by and it stops she stands up. I am just checking out every inch of her not paying attention to what she was doing. But she was rearranging her bean bag and when she sat down she was in a recliner position and her feet were on floor I could see her lips clearly. She lay back and pull her feet up spread eagle on edge of beam bag picks up what I see is a red dick shaped vibrator I learn later. I watch as she starts fucking herself with it. She really gets into it and raises her butt off the chair and and moans out and has an orgasm.

I Fucked My sister

I am so overwhelmed I hit my phone on vent, it makes a loud bang. Amy let’s put a scream and hurriedly covers herself.
She gets dressed and storms into my room.
I’m tell mom and dad she says? I am freaked out I had been busted. Not realizing right away she had been busted.

I Fucked My sister

Not me. She said how
Long was you watching?
I said I just dropped my phone what’s the big deal?
She said I saw you looking. I was embarrassed. Why idk she should have been and I believe was.
I finally got brave and said why are you mad at me? You were the one sticking a fake dick up yourself?
She said it’s not a dick it’s a vibrator dummy.
Then I realized she got it from moms room everything clicked.
That was moms wasn’t it? You used mis sex toy on yourself? Gross Amy!
She got all defensive. I said you going to tell mom and dad I watched you stick that thing up you?

I Fucked My sister

Turn about
She said no ok stop peeking at me perv I won’t tell.
And she left. I saw her take it back to moms room. She had put a cover over the vent. I get thinking the next day.
I go to her room. Mom and dad was downstairs.
I said Amy about yesterday. She said shh it didn’t happen.
I said yes it did. No you perv it didn’t. If you tell they will think you been snooping and found moms toy.
No one will believe you.

I thought she had a point till a remember I recorded it.
I leave and take a short clip of it her moaning and shoving it into herself and send it to her.
She was in my room in seconds. Begging me to delete it.
I said I won’t show anyone. But just don’t threaten me with telling on me.
She said you would get in just as much trouble as me.
True I think.

I Fucked My sister
So a day goes by and I know I have golden ticket but at time I was young and dumb.
I go to her and say hey you really want me to delete it?
She said yes please and was being all nice.

I Fucked My sister
I saw this and it finally hit me. I had total control of the situation.
I said what will you do if I promised to?
She said anything anything you want please just delete it.
Dad was at work mom was downstairs and never comes upstairs. I think for a second and say be honest with me. She said yes I promise. No be honest How often do you play with yourself?
She said pervert I’m your sister. I said just tell me. Will you delete it then?
I said yes it will be a start.
She said 3 or 4 times a week.
I didn’t believe her.

I knew I did every day.
You do it every day don’t you.
She got embarrassed and said okay yes now delete it.
I was getting horny
I said does your bf know?
She said no!
I said do you want me to show him videos?
No! Now delete them I told you.

I said I want to show my friends. No! She was getting angry then started begging me to stop and just delete them.
You said you would do whatever I wanted?
Yes I did now delete it please and she started begging me.
I will but I’m would like to see you undress. No!
Okay I started to leave and I said I would rather show some of my friends anyway. And maybe some of yours.

Please Dave please and I walked out. She came out in hall and said ok in a whisper so mom wouldn’t hear. Just come back and promise you won’t show to anyone.
So I went back in and shut door she stood her arms cross and said do I have to?
I said yes.
She gets undressed and I am standing with a raging hardon.
She said ok here you go perv.
She stood with her hands across her chest.
I said now look sexy. She got mad. Stop you perv she said in a low voice I’m your sister.
You want me to tell mom you was playing with her toy?

She started pleading with
Me tears in her eyes to stop and delete the video.
I soften she is my sister after all but when I looked down I saw her puffy shaven lips lust took over. I step up to her
Stop crying I’m not going to say anything ok you don’t have to do anything just let me feel you?
She said please no this is embarrassing.
I touch her nipple and she just rolled her eyes.
I hugged her she stayed stiff and just said are you happy?
I said yes good she said thinking no was done.

I had to I reached down quickly running my fingers over her puffy lips she pulled away but my other hand caught her ass and held her as I ran my fingers nip and down her pussy. She was trying to pull away I said hold still. Better yet I push her back and she fell on her bed. I was down licking her lips she held her legs together and I just stop and say. Anything I want. She relaxed and I pull her legs apart and start licking my sister’s pussy.

She said Dave come on stop mom could see us and you are my brother . I didn’t respond I just worked up to her tuts. And reached down working my shorts off my ass and she panicked as she felt me realizing I was going to fuck her.
She tried to pull away I pinned her legs at her side and slide into her easily. Stop Dave please no mom will hear you. I was fucking her out of control. I came quickly pulling out and shit all over her stomach and tits.

I was in love. It was positively the best feeling I ever had.
I tried to kiss her she just held her lips tight together.
I was still hard. I wanted to feel that again and I spread her legs and enter her again.
The look on her face was more worrying about getting caught
Than anger at time.

She kept saying be quiet you’re being too loud. After the initial orgasm I had stamina a was working her pussy over good .
My entire body was tingling. It was so incredibly tense.
Amy was pleading with me to hurry up. Then she got quiet and I look at her she had her eyes closed tight I feel her body tense up and her hip’s raised and she was holding her breath.

I kept pounding her and all at once she exploded I felt her squeezing my cock to where I could hardly move and then her body jerked and she had an orgasm. Hearing her release her breath and let a low moan into th pillow she had turned her head and burried her face into it I exploded into her. It felt like my cock blow up it hurt and felt so wonderful.
Anyways still coming and my hips locked up buried deep into her she kept pushing hers up to me flexing her hips tensing up and she was still coming. If mom would have walked in we wouldn’t stop or couldn’t if stoped.

Feeling her flexing her body tensed up like a rubber band
Milking my cock holding myself above her she was raising her hips her ass Clinched tight flexing then trembling then
She finally after holding her breath so long exhaled loud and her entire body relaxed under me trembling. I lay on top of her panting myself not realizing I had been hold my breath also.
I then realized I was still in her feeling my cock going soft inside her I pull out looking at her she was still catching her breath sweating hair mated to her forehead. Her blonde curls straighten somewhat. She slowly opens her eyes looking at me and said this was so so wrong Dave. I said how can it be.

It felt so good sister. Poking her jokingly. We can’t tell anyone about anything.
I raised up in a panicked just realizing I came inside her.
Are you on birth control?
She laughs. Nows a bad time to ask. She pointed to her bc on the dresser.

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