Kate and Phil – Sex Stories


Kate had not seen Phil in years. One of Tom’s closest friends they had drifted apart and lived about an hour away. She wondered what brought him to the restaurant where Kate was having lunch with Ann on a weekday afternoon. Seeing him from a distance, her mind quickly raced to the times they were more than just friends.

The first was that drunken night Kate, Tom and Phil had enjoyed seeing a band together and then stumbled back to Tom’s place, where Kate had been spending a lot of time, even though they had just started dating. Drunken discourse over who was going to sleep where, who was horny and that it wasn’t fair that Tom got to go to bed with Kate, leaving Phil on the couch downstairs (or so Phil protested), led Kate to declare, “well I am going upstairs and getting naked, whoever wants to come can come.” Kate ascended the stairs and then began throwing her clothes down from above—a blouse, jeans, then a bra and finally panties.

Phil looked at Tom quizzically. “What the hell?”, Phil asked. “Beats me,” Tom replied, “guess she is horny.” “Do you think she really wants me to come too?” Phil asked, now much more coherent and focused than he had been. “I guess,” Tom answered. “You cool with that?”, asked Phil. “I guess,” repeated Tom, “we only just started dating and who knows if this is going anywhere, so why not?” Tom had never had a threesome before and while he liked Kate, the fact that she was pretty sexually bold made him wonder if this relationship would last. Tom was no prude, but the fact that Kate let him fuck her the second time they were together, along with the heavy petting on their first date, conflicted with his generally conservative sensibilities. He certainly would not have bet he would be with Kate 30 plus years later.

Tom and Phil took off their clothes and climbed the stairs. Tom had never seen Phil naked before and couldn’t help but notice how big his dick was. It was long and thick as it hung down over his large balls. Tom felt a tinge of concern about the comparison. But there was no going back. Tom entered his bedroom with Phil close behind. Kate was on the bed, completely naked, face up on the bed with her legs invitingly apart. The light from the street lamps outside shone brightly on her body.

Kate was just 22 and in really good shape. Her breasts were not huge, but were ample and her nipples were long and they stood erect. Below a flat stomach was a gorgeous v-shaped mount of brown pubic hair, surrounding fairly prominent labia. Tom climbed on the bed and between Kate’s legs. He pressed his face into her mound and began licking her. Kate moaned and looked at Phil. He stood at the side of the bed, his large cock had stiffened. He looked like he didn’t know what to do. Kate reached for his hand and pulled him up onto the bed next to her. He somewhat awkwardly began rubbing her right breast. The feel of one man eating her pussy while another rubbed her breast turned her on immensely. She had done an awkward threesome once in college, but she somehow knew this would be much better. As Phil knelt beside her, Kate took his big cock in her hand. It was long and thick and very hard now in her hand. Precum already formed on the head as she began stroking it.

Tom looked up as he licked her pussy to see Kate begin sucking his friend’s big dick. She sucked the head and several inches into her mouth as she pumped the long shaft and cupped his balls with her other hand. Phil moaned as she blew him. He looked into Kate’s blue eyes and cute dimpled face as he watched her lips glide up and down his shaft. He watched Tom eat Kate’s pussy enthusiastically and thought about how much he wanted to bury his dick in there. “I’m about to cum,” warned Phil, but Kate kept sucking him, pumping his shaft fast with her hand. Tom again looked up and saw his friend emptying his balls in Kate’s willing mouth. Big spurts of warm, salty spunk shot across Kate’s tongue and into her throat. She swallowed every drop of Phil’s load. She smiled up at Phil as she let his cock fall out of her mouth, continuing to stroke it. Phil remained hard as he and Tom switched places. Tom leaned down and kissed Kate’s left nipple, then kissed up her neck to her mouth. Kate’s breath still smelled of Phil’s cum as she slid her tongue into Tom’s mouth.

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