Last part of fun with boiler repair man – Part 2


I would meet the gas repairman (Neil) and also one of his work friends two weeks after my initial bit of fun with him. Sex with a repair man when I was 18

The repair had been a complete success, but on coming home one day I found him at home with my mum on the pretext that he had been checking out his work and carrying out his fatal safety inspections.

Mum looked a little bit flustered, but to be honest I just thought he’d probably been chatting her up a bit more while he was carried out his work. I was to find out the truth later that week when I met him and his work partner.

As he left the house I made an excuse to go out with him saying I had forgotten something at my friend Tracey’s house.

Once outside we walked up the street together, him telling me how good I looked and me telling him how much I had enjoyed our last fun together.

He asked me if I was willing to repeat it and I told him of course I was, as I had loved having sex with him and had hoped he might want to come back, ‘for seconds,’ as I put it.

We carried on chatting right up until he got to his van, at which point he told me to meet him two nights later, and to make sure I was wearing something sexy.

I agreed asking him what he wanted me to wear and he told me he had a real thing for stockings.

I told him I didn’t have any but that I would certainly try and pinch a pair of mum’s to wear.

He laughed at this telling me I was, ‘a dirty little minx.’ I proudly told him I knew I was and I loved it!

He asked me how I was getting on with my boyfriend and I told him everything was going okay. Trying to shock and impress him by adding, “His cock isn’t big enough for me and I want more.”

He was a little bit shocked at this again saying I was, ‘a sexy little slut.’

I laughed back again, quite openly telling him that yes I was and I wasn’t ashamed to admit it, adding, “I fucking love it.”

We sneaked a kiss on parting and I was soon melting in his arms as he kissed me passionately.

“I bet your wife doesn’t kiss like that,” I said to him. And on rubbing his crotch adding, “Or get your cock as hard as I have done just now!”

We arranged to meet at a nearby shop on the agreed day and time.

That night in bed I had a good play with myself. Getting my pussy really wet and slippery thinking of the fun I was going to have with this guy in a couple of nights.

Once again I could hear that mum and dad were having sex next door and I listened intently again as I slowly played with my slimy pussy and hard clit.

I could hear dad telling mum that she looked gorgeous and I assumed once again she had dressed up for him. I then heard the usual muffled sounds which I imagined was either dad licking mum out or she was sucking on dad’s cock.

By now I had two fingers up my wet cunny and was slowly finger banging myself, loving listening into my dirty parents having a good fuck next door, and thinking of the screwing I would be taking soon.

I then heard mum gasp, her telling my dad that he was rock hard. This was followed by dad saying back to her that she was absolutely soaking wet. Calling her a ‘dirty bitch.’

I could hear the sounds of slapping that was obviously dad screwing mum, and mum telling him to ‘fuck her hard.’

I then heard dad asking mum if she had enjoyed having her fancy man around again.

Obviously indulging in the fantasy play again. I heard mum telling dad, ‘Yes he was around today and he’s an absolute hunk’.

That was making her clearly very turned on again and mum was telling him that he had, ‘a huge cock,’ and that she was going to see him again with two or three of his friends and ‘fuck them all silly.’

I assumed this was just fantasy talk between my parents, but it was extremely sxy listening to it. I was really getting off and listening to my mum being so dirty.

I was bringing myself off with my fingers as I heard Dad telling mum he was going to cum and her telling him to, ‘spunk all over her tits.’

I then listened to dad bringing mum off with his tongue as she told him to eat her out and enjoy the taste of her ‘just fucked cunt.’

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