Living Again After Growing Old-11


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After all the shopping when we were driving back, I said “darling I cannot take all this home, I am sure you understand why”. Putta calmly said “I understand, leave everything except the inners at my place. I will keep it packed ready for our honeymoon”.

When we reached his house, I saw Radhika had gone somewhere. I felt very relieved because I did not want to face her curiosity about our shopping. As soon as we got inside his room and putta locked the door, we dropped everything and jumped at each other in a bear hug and smooching.

After this within seconds were were both naked and on his bed because we were both crazily horny. Just then my phone rang, it was my son. He asked why I was not home and taking tuitions today.

I said I had to step out for some important work and got delayed so cancelled the class for today. My children have their own keys to the house and after freshening up they would go out to mingle with their friends.

Hence I was not bothered. I disconnected the call and resumed our passionate love making session. After the intense session we lay on the with me in his arms.

Putta asked “Munni darling, have you thought about our future together and how you will leave your present husband”? I said “no darling, everything is happening so fast. Honestly I haven’t found the time to think about it”.

He asked “I hope you don’t have any second thoughts about our relationship and our future”? I said “no my darling, I am one hundred percent your wife only now. I promise you that I will have an answer for you soon”.

He said “good because I also plan to break this news to my parents very soon”. I blushed at the thought imagining having my best friend Radhika as my new mother in law.

Putta made me dress up in the dresses he had bought today. He went crazy seeing me in them and we made love another three times. Obviously I had to take the energy drinks to match his sexual appetite.

Then we showered together where he was raring to go once more but I refused because I wanted to have some energy left to do my family duties back home.

I gave him a blowjob instead to satisfy him. In return I got to relish the taste of his love juice. We then got dressed, I said “darling it is close to 7.30pm and I want to get back before my children and Ex return because I also need to cook dinner”.

He said “I understand Munni darling”, he got up and stuffed all the new lingerie in one bag removing all the shopping tags and giving it to me. He said “I want you to take this and from tomorrow when I meet you, you should be wearing this under your nighty”.

I saw no harm because no one at home was going to check what I was wearing inside. I took the bag from him and gave him a long passionate kiss on his lips.

I excitedly said “yes absolutely hubby darling, your wish is my command”. We came downstairs and his parents had still not come back. Putta walked me home with one last smooch in my dark patio because again there was no one to switch on the lights.

He left right after and I opened the door with my keys, I went straight to my wardrobe and put everything inside. Then I changed into my usual nighty and got busy with my family duties.

Children came back, Ex also came back and everything was the same as everyday. After we retired to bed I asked my Ex “by when do you want to get our daughter married”?

He said “I already told you the other day, max two months”. I asked “and our son by next year right”? He said “yes, maybe earlier if he takes over my business quickly. But why are you asking me again”?

I said “no nothing, just that I will also need to plan and prepare for both weddings”. Surprisingly today also he asked me for a blowjob which I gladly gave him.

Right after he was snoring to glory. I saw putta has sent more porn videos followed by a good night kiss. I took sent him a kiss and got busy with my pussy fingering while watching the videos.

After having another thrilling orgasm, I went to sleep. Next day was routine and after finishing my daily chores I sat down. I was calculating the approximate date when I should divorce my Ex.

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