Living Again After Growing Old-4


Please read the previous part here ( Living Again After Growing Old – 3 ). Now let’s continue…

His dick was touching my throat so I had to frequently pull out to avoid coughing. Putta stopped me and got me in 69 over him so he could pleasure my pussy while I pleasured his big dick.

After some time, he lay me down and came on top. We kissed again while I held his dick to my entrance and he slowly inserted it inside. Putta asked “is it hurting Munni darling”?

I said “no hubby dear, now it is only giving lots of pleasure”. He began pumping me slowly at first while continuing to shower his love on my boobs, face and every place in-between.

With Putta I was feeling really alive again and no longer felt like an old woman. Yesterday he deflowered me and I took his virginity in exchange. Today after the ritual I wholly became his wife even though I still have my ex and two grownups to look after.

In my mind this is really my new life with my new husband and I was going to live it like there is no tomorrow. Putta’s pumping became gradually faster while my orgasms kept crashing on my shores one after the other like tidal waves on a beach.

He said “Munni I am getting close”. I said “please give it to me in my mouth hubby darling”. He knelt near my face bringing his dick to my lips and I eagerly took it in my mouth.

I held his dick with both my hands and recollected in one of the movies the man fucks the woman’s mouth with his dick. I said “come closer darling and pump my mouth with your big dick”.

Putta looked perplexed thinking what had come over me to say this. Not waiting for his reaction I slid closer till more than half his dick was in my mouth.

I put my hand around his butt pulling him closer and then releasing making him fuck my mouth. Soon Putta started feeling great pleasures so he himself held my face and started pumping his dick in my mouth.

He was pumping my mouth with the same vigour with which he was pumping my pussy earlier. This was proving difficult for me because his dick was now going deep down my throat making me frequently gasp for air.

At the same time, I wanted to give the ultimate pleasures to my young lover and new hubby no matter what I had to endure. He saw my eyes getting wet and pulled out.

He came closer to my face and asked “did I hurt you Munni darling”? I said “no my love, just that this is my first time and I was finding it hard to breathe. You please continue and every few strokes give me a second to breathe”.

He said “no way darling, I will not do it if it is difficult for you, selfishly deriving my own pleasure. I said “please I beg you Putta, please do it for my sake”. My hand was still behind his butt so without waiting I put my mouth back on his dick same time pulling him to me.

This time he resumed pumping my mouth with frequent pauses. Now we were both enjoying this (blowjob as I learnt later), within minutes I sensed him going to erupt, he instinctively held my face harder pushing his dick all the way in my throat and erupted.

Despite the discomfort I let him continue. He gave a few more hard strokes spilling his seeds directly down my throat. Soon he was done and released his grip on me.

He lay by my side catching his breath, I held his face and rested on my bosom. I asked “my hubby darling, how did you like the blowjob”. He excitedly said “it was truly awesome wifey darling”.

He was quick to hold my boobs and start playing with them while talking to me. I asked “is my darling hubby still hungry”? He said “yes my darling, forever hungry to eat you darling”.

I said “let’s finish your tuitions first, I promise you we will do it again before you leave”. He said “I can afford to miss one day of tuitions to enjoy the first night with my newlywed wife”.

I said “my darling hubby, aren’t you missing your classes too often”? He kissed my lips and said “I know how to manage my priorities and right now you Munni are my only priority”.

By now I could already feel his erect dick throbbing against my thigh, I too thought today is actually my first night after our marriage. So a little time off studies won’t hurt.

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