Maid from Heaven – Part 22


Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 21 ). Now let’s continue

He blurted out “Uma you alone can solve my problem because you have everything I need. Please think it over seriously and don’t say no because this is hurting and I am suffering since morning” pointing again at his erection.

Saying this papa left from there and went back to watching TV in the living room. I understood papa wanted my help to relieve himself but my mind was blurred because I was venturing into unchartered waters.

I decided to talk to you so you could guide me on the right thing to do. I was done with the dishes and went to do the laundry. I had to again pass by the living room to get the clothes from your room and their room, there papa was watching TV.

I avoided looking at him while I passed but I strongly felt his piercing gaze constantly on my body. I picked up the clothes and hurried back at double the speed.

While I was doing the laundry, I did not realise when papa crept up behind me. He suddenly put his hands around my waist holding me tightly. I also felt his stiff boner pierce deep in my butt.

I tried breaking free but his grip on me was very strong. I said “papa please don’t hold me like this, this is very wrong”. He let me go and stepped back, he said “I am sorry Uma, your hot and sexy body is driving me mad”.

I curtly replied “papa you know it is wrong of you to think about me like that, I really look up to you as my father”. He said “I know Uma but what can I do, after all I am also a man and your charms are very intoxicating making me lose control”.

I said “Please for god’s sake stop talking such things with me papa”. He asked “so did you seriously think about helping me Uma”? I said “no papa, I am unable to find the time to think about it because I have lots of work to finish and I also need to get lunch ready in time”.

He curtly said “don’t worry about the work Uma. Work can wait, I cannot because my pain is increasing”. I said “papa please go to the bathroom again and try to help yourself”.

He said “I already tried, maybe if you can also come with me and just use your hands it might work”. I exclaimed “papa how did you even think about making me do such disgusting things”.

Papa said “see Uma, I am only trying to find a simple and practical solution here. You have everything that I need and I have something that you need. So can we simply keep our feelings aside and try to help each other”.

I said “papa please try to find someone else to help you with this because I cannot”. He went away back to watching TV in the hall. I was in a mental dilemma because you know I have developed a craving for sex now and feeling papa’s erection in my butt had triggered my arousal.

On the other hand, he was your papa, so thinking sexually about him did not feel right. I also felt pity for him that he had been sporting a painful boner since morning.

Trying to find middle ground keeping my morales and his condition in mind, I decided to try and help him. If only a hand job is all he needed to relieve him of his pain, then I was going to give it to him.

I went to the living room where he was seated. Papa asked “what have you decided Uma”? I could not look at him because of shame, so I looked at the floor and asked “papa is it still hurting”?

He said “yes” grabbing it over his pyjamas as if trying to show me. I asked “if I use my hands to help you will it solve your problem”? He said “absolutely yes Uma, why? Have you made up your mind to help me”?

I nodded my head in affirmative. He got up and hugged me, I broke away saying “I did not agree to this papa”. Papa did not try hugging me again, he asked “can we quickly go to the bathroom now”?

I nodded yes. He went towards your bathroom and I followed behind him. He was about to lock the door, I said “papa no one is going to come and mummy is sleeping anyway. So please leave the door open”.

He stood facing the commode and looked at me. I stood by his side and undid the strings of his pyjamas letting it fall to his feet. His erection was at full mast inside his inners stretching the elastic like a bungee band.

I held the sides of his undies and pulled them down with difficulty because of his erect boner. His cock sprang into view reminding me of yours. He was identical in all dimensions to yours.

I thought to myself “like father like son”. The moment I held it papa let out a loud Aah. I let go and asked “papa did I hurt you”? He grabbed my hand putting it back around his cock saying “no Uma, your hands felt awesome. Please continue”.

I tried stroking it but in my current position and me being right handed was finding it difficult. So I stood on his right side and started stroking him. Papa was constantly letting out moans of pleasure now.

Even though this was a very awkward situation to be in, my arousal was quickly climbing to its peak. I was now giving him a hand job with equal passion. I was bending to do it comfortably and when I looked up at him.

He was enjoying the unhindered view of my tits thru the opening of my kurta. Our eyes met but he did not look away. Then looking away, I asked “papa are you close”?

He said “not yet Uma, but please don’t stop. Your hands are feeling heavenly”. I was getting tired bending and doing in this position for so long, so I sat on my heels and resumed.

I was very fascinated that even past the ten minutes mark papa was not close to his release. I was trying to imagine how he must have worked on mummy last night that he ended up giving her back pain.

I was now enjoying giving him the hand job as much as he was enjoying getting it. A long while later I said “papa my arms are tired. how much longer do I need to continue doing”?

Papa exclaimed “just a little more Uma, I am nearing my release”. Soon he shot his cum like a fountain all over the place including a few drops on me. His body shook like someone had used a taser on him.

After he was done he looked at me with a very satisfied smile, he said “thank you Uma, you have no idea how much you have helped me today”. I said “that’s ok papa, just don’t talk about this to anyone”.

He said “are you mad Uma? This is not something you can tell anyone about. This will remain our secret forever”. I got up cleaning his cum drops from my face and clothes while he also washed and cleaned.

I exited your bathroom first, going back to my work while he took his time and then settled in the living room. About half hour later I was busy preparing lunch when papa again crept up from behind and hugged me.

I was startled by his actions but did not show it. Again I felt his boner in between my butt cheeks. He placed his head over my shoulders and said “I am sorry Uma, but I need your help again”.

I said “papa this is not right, I just helped you a little while ago. If you keep coming back like this, then how will I finish my work”. He said “no darling, just this once. Please help me”.

I took note that this time papa used the word “darling” instead of my name. Also this time he was dry humping me with slow strokes while his hands wandered all over my belly near my breasts.

I said “papa my arms are still hurting from the last time I helped you. I still have a lot of cooking to do before lunch. Please have some mercy on me”. In a pleading tone he said “darling please come with me this one time, I will find an easier way out for both” and pulled me to your bathroom.

As soon as we got there he himself dropped his pyjamas and undies to his feet. I asked “papa, what about mummy”? He said “dont worry about her, she is fast asleep. Now you hold it with both hands darling”.

To be continued….

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