Margaret lost her virginity to a fling


After joining the New York University, Margaret never had a day of peace. She is from Oklahoma and the vibrant life of the city was beyond her. She had a hard time making her place among the divas in college. She could hardly imagine dressing so fashion-forward in an educational institution. But she wanted to feel included badly. She wanted a boyfriend. She was 22-year-old and still a virgin- a secret she intended to take to her grave. She appeared nerdy which did not help either. So, she started looking for ways to groom up and fit in. And finally, she lost her virginity which was pretty unplanned too.

Margaret would occasionally look at the mirror just to understand what is holding her back. She was always considered attractive at high school- her slim body and perky boobs drew enough attention back home. But here, everyone looked way too groomed up. She decided to ditch her spectacles and get contact lens instead. The change was drastic. Instantly she started getting noticed. She even changed the way she would dress just to fit in. So, all her baggy jeans were out and got replaced with dresses and skirts that showed off her beautiful legs. But unfortunately, even though she got noticed, none wanted to date her. Especially not the college jock- Jordan.

She had a crush on Jordan since her first day in college. He was a tall and dark guy with grey eyes. His unusual yet beautiful appearance had a mysterious appeal. Many girls wanted to be his girlfriend. He was not just good looking but also the top of his class. He was senior to her. Margaret has often caught him looking at her, but he never approached. One day she noticed he was looking through something on his phone which he quickly hid when he noticed her peaking. But she had caught a glimpse. It read “Berlin escorts”. She was shocked that a guy like him was checking out escorts while he was dating other girls.

Months went by this way, and it was finally the time for freshers’ welcome. The spirits were high everywhere. Unfortunately for Margaret, it was not the case. She did not find a date and hence went alone. She decided to get drunk instead and wallow in her own sorrows at one corner of the auditorium. Just as she was getting a little drunk, she noticed someone was checking her out from the shadows. She approached and saw it was Jordan.

“What are you doing here?” she asked warily.

“Watching over you- that stuff is strong.” He replied casually.

Watching over her? She was feeling giddy with excitement. Why is he bothering?

But she kept her composure and answered, “But really, I do not need anyone to babysit. And you do not even know me.”

“I know you check me out a lot- and I like you too. I was hoping to introduce myself tonight but looks like you are already to drunk for that.” He smiled.

Margaret was confused. She does not know what came over her as she walked slowly towards him. Once she was close enough, she tripped on her own feet, but Jordan caught her. There was a spark between them. Before she knew, Jordan kissed her. Her jaws dropped. Then she retaliated wildly, throwing her arms around his neck. Jordan lifted her and whispered in her ears, “Should we find someplace private?” She just nodded mutely.

Jordan carried her out of the auditorium to an empty office in the building. They were kissing all the way there and her legs were wrapped around his waist. He set her down on the table and they quickly started undressing each other. Once they were naked, Jordan went down on her and started kissing her clitoris and thighs. Margaret panicked for she is a virgin. She told him finally about her fear, but he smiled and replied “Good”.

Margaret was getting dripping wet and soon she was completely oblivious to every doubt she had about him. Jordan could not hold back anymore and quickly thrusted his penis inside her. She felt a sharp pain and gasped. She had just lost her virginity. But soon that subsided and it was the most pleasurable moment of her life. He was merciless as he plunged deeper inside her. For half and hour, he went on and on and drilled her. He picked her up and kept thrusting while standing and cradling her. Then he put her down laying face front and started pounding her from behind.

Soon she felt a tight knot in her stomach and knew she is about to climax. In another ten minutes, she was gasping and felt a hot gush of liquid pouring out from her vagina. Finally, Jordan slowed down and stopped. When she thought he was finally done with her, he pushed back in once more. He then turned her around to face him. He sucked and bit her breasts while pushing harder. She felt limp and weak at her knees. But he was not done yet. After almost an hour, she felt Jordan was slowing down. Then he finally moaned out and climaxed inside her. She once again felt a hot gush. But this time she knew it was his juices. When he finally pulled out, his juices ran down her legs and she was lying exhausted on the table.

Slowly she realized she just lost her virginity to a guy, and she feels nothing for him. When she finally got off the table, he was already dressed. He did not seem to care much either. But Jordan came forward and hugged and kissed her anyway. In a way, she was relieved it was a hook-up and nothing more. As her senses got back, she realised, her attraction was only physical, and she had no emotion for him. she dressed up and headed back to the party with a wide grin- completely sure that she does not have to worry about a relationship anytime soon.

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