mayer gud mara Muslim mother’s Bhoda when son gets 4


mayer gud mara Muslim mother’s Bhoda when son gets 4

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Selina Begum left the park and sat down in the car. Selina Begum is blushing with shame, her fair face turning crimson. He has had a lot of time in this kind of shame life. So he sat in the car.

Shaun did not understand why mother ran away like this. Going to the car, Selina Begum is sitting in the car. Shaun asked curiously.

Mom is everything okay?

Yes, father, everything is fine.

Shaun started driving without saying anything. It was almost evening, Shawn started driving.

After some time the sound of Azan was heard. Selina Begum thought that it might be too late to go home, so let’s perform ablution at a place here and pray in the car.

So he said to Shaun – Dad stop at a gas station. I have not done ablution. I will pray or it will be late.

ok mayer gud mara Muslim mother’s Bhoda when son gets 4

Shawn stopped at a gas station after a while.

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Then Selina Begum came outside to perform ablution. Then Shaun got down from the car and Selina Begum started praying.

Selina Begum took the tartar prayer a little later. After finishing the prayer, he said to Shaun – Let’s go, my prayer is over.

Shawn started driving. Shaun saw that Selina Begum was a little different. So Shawn asked – what do you think mom?

Yes, nothing.

Well listen, today I went around a lot. Today I went home and you don’t have to cook hard

So go home and eat?

Uff mom, I will eat out today.

Do you need to eat out?

I say eat, I mean eat.

Selina Begum did not say anything else. Because he knows his son will not listen to him. Shaon is hard on the outside but very soft on the inside.

Whatever he does to others, he never misbehaves with his mother. Selina Begum thinks that her son’s masculine body scent and then maintaining that masculine behavior in this way, these are desirable for all girls.

Shaun’s wife will be very happy. Thinking all this, Selina Begum’s pussy started jumping again.

And light and light commerce began to flow. Selina Begum noticed that and was very surprised and thought – Oh, oh, what is happening with me, why is this happening?

Selina Begum was very worried. He began to think differently so that this would not happen to him.

Shaun and Selina Begum came to stand in front of a very expensive famous restaurant.

Shaun parked the car and came to Selina Begum’s side and opened the door. It grows like a gentleman.

Selina Begum was happy to see that. Then they sat at a table in the corner of the restaurant, after a while a waiter came and said – hello sir hello madam what will I bring for you. mayer gud mara Muslim mother’s Bhoda when son gets 4

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Shaun and Selina Begum ordered a fried rice and 2 fried chicken. The waiter left with the order, after the waiter left Shawn asked – How was your day today?

Very nice, I went to the park after a long time. It was the first time since your father died.

Ah, mother, why are you remembering all those things again and again? I am here, I will fulfill all your desires. I will fulfill all your wishes. I will give you all the happiness you want.

After hearing this, Selina Begum’s eyes filled with water. Seeing that, Shaun said, “If you cry now or tears come to your eyes, I will be very upset.”

Hearing that Selina Begum said – No, I am not crying.

Hmmm I’m not crying.

After hearing this, Selina Begum felt a sense of peace. He realized that his son would not let anything happen to him.

This time the waiter appeared with the food

A fried rice and 2 fried chicken. After serving the food, Shaun asked Selina Begum to eat, but Selina Begum refused to accept it. So he said – Dad, you haven’t eaten anything since noon. You eat first, then I eat.

Ah: Mom, I’m not hungry, you don’t eat.

Selina Begum said arrogantly like a small child – I will not eat it either.

Shawn realized that his lover had insulted him.

So Shaun himself said to Selina Begum- Ah: Mother you don’t have to eat I am feeding you.

Before Selina Begum could say anything, Shaun took the spoon in his hand and started feeding Selina Begum. Selina didn’t even have time to begum. mayer gud mara Muslim mother’s Bhoda when son gets 4

Shawn started to feed him. Selina Begum is thinking how much her son loves her and he has not eaten anything at that noon, but Selina Begum is feeding Selina Begum without eating.

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Selina Begum could no longer remain silent. Selina Begum took the spoon from Shawn’s hand and started feeding Shawn.

Shaun started eating with the spoon given by Shaun and Selina Begum. Thus mother and son began to feed themselves. And they came home after dinner at night.

Selina Begum slept after praying at night. And he started thinking about what happened today. What a beautiful moment they had.

Can’t explain how good Selina Begum looks. Selina Begum has had very little time like today.

Selina Begum has discovered herself in a new form today. Thinking of all this, he fell into the abyss of sleep.

Selina Begum suddenly got up in the middle of the night, she started sweating profusely. Did she see it? The dream began to float in Selina Begum’s eyes

Selina Begum is cooking lunch, cooking in the kitchen. At this time Shaun has come from the office in a hurry.

Shaun has another key to the house and entered the house with that key. Saw Selina Begum cooking.

Shaun went back without delay and hugged Selina Begum. And turned her head back and started kissing him.

Selina Begum has been deprived of body happiness for a long time. Even though he didn’t want to, his body began to give in to his son’s call throughout the day.

After many days someone kissed her body like this on her lips. Then he left her lips and started kissing his cheek and neck – Selina Begum closed her eyes and continued to caress her son.

Selina Begum looks disoriented as she realizes such a violent and loving caress for the first time. Selina Begum wants to tell Shaun very much

Shaun father what are you doing? I am your mother, let me go. But some invisible force locked Selina Begum’s face.

Shaun turned Selina Begum towards Shaun and started pressing her 38 size breasts hard. Selina Begum was disoriented by this love. mayer gud mara Muslim mother’s Bhoda when son gets 4

Her milk tipped very loudly. As Shaun pressed Selina Begum’s Dhola three piece opened

Selina Begum did not wear any bra panty for hotness, after seeing that Shaun like madly attacked Selina Begum’s milk, and started sucking hard.

One press and one suck. Selina Begum’s Vetpi is now on fire. Selina Begum couldn’t say anything else, but “ahh ahh ah oh oh” was coming out of her mouth.

As if Shaun knows some magic, Shaun knows how to boss Selina Begum.

Shaun pressed and sucked the milk for some time, Shaun made Selina Begum sit down and took out Shaun’s huge cock from inside her pants. Seeing that, Selina Begum got upset.

Shawn gestured, sucking his dick

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Shaun is afraid of Selina Begum that if Ragi doesn’t face this Dhon can do something

So Selina Begum quietly accepted the offer. But the whole thing did not enter his mouth, it is not possible to put such a big money in one go.

So she tried to insert it slowly, but Shaun didn’t like it, so Shaun took Selina Begum’s hijab and started fucking Selina Begum’s face.

Shaun’s expression shows that Shaun feels very good. And Selina Begum is doing “Ak ak ak” she has never taken such a big money in this life but you sucked thinking of her son.

After doing all this Shaun couldn’t stand any longer, sat his pious hijabi mom on the kitchen slab.

And 2 legs apart, then Shaun saw Selina Begum’s veiled pussy which maybe 1 person has seen till date, her pink pussy.

Never seen such a beautiful pussy before. So Shawn didn’t hesitate, put the pussy in his mouth and started licking and sucking like crazy.

It seems that he has been starving for a long time. Selina Begum is going crazy with this violent attack, after the death of Selina Begum’s husband, this is the first time anyone has put his face to this pious pussy.

Shawn is licking, sucking and biting. Selina Begum is showing her love by simply saying “oh ah oh”. mayer gud mara Muslim mother’s Bhoda when son gets 4

Shaun realizes that his pious mother is getting happiness. So without delay, Shaun took Selina Begum with both hands on her armpits and brought her to the drawing room sofa and said – I have been thinking of kissing you for many days but I didn’t have the courage but today I couldn’t.

Saying this without any delay, Shaon’s 8 inch penis was thrust into Selina Begum’s vagina.

Selina Begum’s pussy has been starved for a long time. The vagina is tight due to not washing regularly. Shaun didn’t care about anything and in one fell swoop he inserted the whole pussy into Selina Begum’s pussy.

Selina Begum screamed loudly – O Magogogogo.

Shawn did not hear that chirping. He started stuttering. And began to say – I have been fond of you for a long time, my pious mother.

I want to fuck you again. Today I will throw goods in your righteous pussy.

I will make you my righteous Khankimagi. You will be my Dhon’s maid. Saying all this, he started shaking loudly. And Selina Begum started giving chills. In this way began to fuck passively.

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And Selina Begum is shouting loudly – uh ah I died. Oh, and Mago.

He started saying all this. And Shaun started saying – Uff Namazi Ma, I will make you my Dhon’s maid. You will be my pious whore. You will be the praying mother of a motherless son.

Saying all this, he started fucking loudly. Hearing all this, Selina Begum’s ears became hot, and she was releasing water frequently. Then Shaun said – Take my praying mother, take my property, Takmar’s pious gut.

Saying this, Shaun released his clothes. Selina Begum inside and on top of Selina Begum. After seeing this, Selina Begum woke up.

What did he see? Then he looked at her pussy with his hand. Her salwar kameez is completely soaked with water from her pussy. Selina Begum got scared after seeing this dream. mayer gud mara Muslim mother’s Bhoda when son gets 4

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