Me And My Cousin Sister-In-Law’s Lust


Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Me And My Cousin Sister-In-Law’s Lust – Cousin Sali Fuck XXX“. I am sure you all will love it.

Friends, how are you? After a long time, I have got a chance to write something.

Friends, it has been 8-9 months since my marriage.

My wife’s cousin sister had a crush on me from the very first day. Her name is Nisha. Whenever I go to my in-laws’ house, she always clings to me and hugs me. (Cousin Sali Fuck XXX)

She is a fair-skinned lady with big boobs. She has passed 12th. Her figure will be 34-30-34. Remembering her size, I pull my wife a lot and fuck her.

Because of this my wife is very happy and gets fucked by me with great pleasure and I also fuck her by licking her pussy.

Now I come straight to the point.

What happened was that once Nisha’s father said- Today you will have dinner at our house.
I said ‘yes’.

My wife and I went to his house at night. We talked for a bit after having food, then I came to the terrace for a walk. After five minutes Nisha also came.

She came and sat near me and started asking me for my mobile phone, I gave it to her. She played the WhatsApp videos directly.

Within no time a porn movie started playing.

After looking at it for a while, she gave the mobile back to me and started leaving. I asked- What happened, where are you going?

She said- I am going downstairs. Mummy will be waiting. I said- Will you not use the mobile?

So she said- No.
Me- Why?

Nisha- In your phone that video. You don’t know what you have on your mobile. I also openly said – these are sexy films. (Cousin Sali Fuck XXX)

Then she became silent and remained sitting.

After some time, I placed my hand on her shoulder and caressing her said – Do you have a boyfriend?

She said- No.

I lifted her face and kissed her lips.
Nisha- No Jiju.. what if someone comes?

I understood that she was also ready.
Me- Okay.. when then?
Nisha- Next time!

Still, I pressed her Big Boobs a lot. Even that didn’t stop me.

I said- Let me suck the nipple once.
She said- No!

I said- Okay.. but let me kiss you properly once.
So she agreed.

I also sucked her lips to my heart’s content.

After that, we came to our home.

After about 2 weeks I went there again.. and this time I took sleeping pills with me. After dinner at my in-laws’ house at night, I went to Nisha’s. (Cousin Sali Fuck XXX)

Their uncle said – Nisha, bring milk for everyone.

I also followed her making the excuse of going to urinate.

When Nisha saw that I was coming, she went to the side along the wall where no one could see us. I told Nisha- I had brought sleeping pills.

So she smiled.
I understood that today she was in full mood.

Seeing the opportunity, I handed her the pills. She mixed the pills in everyone’s milk except mine and her own.

After half an hour everyone started sleeping.. Uncle said- Manish, you also sleep here. What can a blind man want with two eyes…

I said ‘yes’ and lay down on the bed next to my uncle.

After talking for a while Uncle fell asleep.

I was not able to sleep at all, I was just waiting for that moment to come.

After about an hour everyone fell into deep sleep and Nisha came and gestured to me and went to the terrace. (Cousin Sali Fuck XXX)

At that time it would be one o’clock in the night.

After two minutes I also reached. She was wearing a black lower and a white T-shirt in which she was looking amazing even at night.

Her nipples were ready to tear her T-shirt.

As soon as she left, she hugged me. We started kissing and sucking each other like crazy.

Both of us were wearing lower T-shirts. I removed her T-shirt.

Because of the heat, she was not wearing anything underneath.

Hey.. what can I say, what boobs were they.. white as milk.. round and soft..

Friends, I am sure that your penis has made a tent in your pants and you are eager to tear it. Let’s get back to fucking.

Her pink someone had put a cherry on vanilla ice cream.
I went crazy… started sucking the nipple.

She started saying ‘’.

Not to mention sucking her juicy boobs… I even started biting them.

She couldn’t control herself and she caught hold of my penis and started shaking it.

Without wasting any time I made her completely naked and also made myself naked. I too could not control myself and told Nisha to lie on the cot. (Cousin Sali Fuck XXX)

Then I started doing my favourite thing, licking the pussy.. then she suddenly said – Hi Jiju.. isss.. aahhh.

then I put the grain of the pussy in my mouth and started sucking it like toffee.

What can I say… sucking toffee is not as enjoyable as sucking pussy is.

Nisha- Jiju… aah aah aaaa… enjoying.
Her pussy started getting wet.

I started drying her pussy by licking it.

Now my mood was also complete. I held my penis.. which was completely turned on.

I placed my penis on her pussy and put it in her mouth and pushed it into her Tight Pussy.

Suddenly her eyes closed with a muffled scream. I got very scared, I stopped, said – Nisha Nisha.

Nisha – Yes, I am listening. Jiju is hurting a lot. I can’t bear it.. my love. I- Just my love.. everything now. Will be OK.

Then I gave another push.. the penis completely entered the pussy.
I stopped again.. after a few moments she was normal.

Me- Nisha, I am enjoying it, isn’t it.. Nisha- Yes Jiju.. my love.. fuck this half-wife of yours.. aahh.. aahh.. oooohhh..

I also got full enthusiasm and started fucking my dick vigorously. After a while, we both stuck to each other.

After five minutes Nisha- Jiju love you…it was a lot of fun.

She kept kissing me while holding me in her arms.. maybe she was feeling very in love with me.

She said – Jiju, whenever you come, never leave without meeting me. I said- No my love. I will never leave without meeting you.

She kissed me.

I asked her- Nisha, tell me what you liked best?
So she said- Everything was really fun.

I said- Which one did you enjoy the most?

She started saying – When you sucked my pussy and my penis…

after hearing this, I started getting in the mood again… my penis got turned on again.

I looked at Nisha.. then she smiled.
I asked with a gesture…she said ‘yes’.

She said- On one condition.
I said- What?

So she said – lick and suck the pussy. I said- I was going to do this work without your permission.

She started laughing. I then spread her legs.. and placed my mouth on her legs.
She started saying ‘Oooo… Aaaah…’.

After that fucked once again.

I stayed there for 2 days and played Nisha’s pussy a lot. Now whenever I go, I take sleeping pills and play with Nisha’s pussy a lot.

How did you like my Cousin Sali Fuck XXX? Please tell me in the comment section.

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