My Girlfriend is Sex Addicted


A young beautiful Girl became my girlfriend. She was a nurse and was addicted to sex. She was feeling the need to fuck more than me. And the title of this real fuck story is My Girlfriend is Sex Addicted and her thirsty pussy wants to get fuck.

Hello friends, my name is Rahul, I am from Dwarka, Delhi. My erect cock salutes all the juicy pussies who read this English Sex Story.

My penis is 6.5+ inches long and 3 inches thick. Along with being fat, it is so curvy that even a good pussy gets scared when it enters. 

But by taking cocks, the itching of her pussy completely disappears.

This is from a year ago today. I have opened my new shop. And my brother, both of us used to live at my shop. Whenever he used to go home to have lunch, I used to stay alone.

It was the month of June. I was sitting in my shop doing something on the computer. Just then a girl and a boy came to my shop. 

I carefully observed that the age of the girl would have been around 24 years and the age of the boy would have been around 30 years.

The boy told me about some computer-related work, he had to get some prints done.

I told him – This is my mobile number, you send your documents on WhatsApp.

Hearing this, the girl sent the print text to my WhatsApp. I did their work in 5 minutes and both of them left from there.

Now I have saved that number in my mobile from which the file came on my WhatsApp.

When I reached home at night, I saw that the girl had also saved my number and I could see her WhatsApp status.

I commented on her status. After reading my comment, her reply came immediately. In this way, we started talking a little.

She told me that her name is Suhana and she lives on rent in front of my shop. She does a nursing job in a private hospital here in Dwarka.

Two days passed like this in light conversation with her. When I asked her about her house, she showed me her house on the second floor of the house opposite.

I had seen her house, it was visible exactly in front of my shop. She started enjoying chatting with me.

One day I was chatting with her at 12 o’clock in the night. Then she asked me to call her. Without wasting any time, I called her immediately.

After saying hello for some time, we talked about this and that.

She said that she would come and meet her at the shop tomorrow.

I said ‘Welcome..’ and asked her to come.

Then we both said good night and went to sleep.

The next day when I went to the shop, I first called her and told her that I had come to the shop and you come out of her room. I want to see you.

When she came out on the pretext of getting clothes, I went completely mad after seeing her. 

Man, she was looking amazing…how can I tell you now? At that time she was wearing a sleeveless top, from which her breasts were clearly visible.

While caressing the cock, I said in my mind that Rahul bete… What a cool laundiya… Teri toh nikal padi.

The figure of that girl was very attractive. She had boobs of about 34 inches, a waist of 28 inches… and an ass raised like a cannon of 34 inches. Her figure was so killer that it could make anyone’s penis erect.

As soon as she went back to the room after seeing me… she called me and then we started talking here and there.

The next day she got a few days’ leave from the nursing home, so she was going to her village to be with her family.

While going to the village, she called me on the bus and we both started talking. It was clear from her words that she had started liking me.

At that time we talked for 3 hours. She told me everything about himself. I also told him about myself.

When she reached her home, she called me and told me that I had reached home.

The next day he also made video calls with me. She was making me see her beauty in a very charming manner. 

That day I openly praised her beauty, and she became happy.

In the same way, we had a better talk in the night. She was in a nightie and showed me the movement of her mom by moving her hair back and forth again and again to excite me.

Since both of us had started joking now, I was pulling her leg. I jokingly told her that you become my girlfriend… and propose to me.

After some reluctance, she agreed and told me ‘I love you..’, which made me very happy and she also seemed happy to me.

She was coming back to Mahipalpur after two days. That day was Friendship Day, so she brought a gift for me from the way. 

As soon as he came to Mahipalpur, he came to my shop and gave me that gift, I also gave him a gift. It was a bracelet.

Then the next day when I was alone in the shop, she came carrying my gift in her hand and sat in the shop. 

I closed the shutter of the shop from inside and at the same time hugged her. She also stuck to me. 

Whatever I did to her… I also pressed her big boobs a lot. She was also fully cooperating with me. Perhaps she herself had come to love me.

After some time she left from there. Now every day we started talking on the call. It was not known when our talks had reached sex.

A month passed like this, but the room could not be arranged.

One day when I was alone at the shop, I got a call from her and after talking here and there, she angrily told me Rahul, you don’t love me. 

If they had loved, they would have met by now. Don’t make excuses about not having room.

I explained to her, and she agreed. But I was very angry with myself that the girl herself was dying to get fucked… asking to sleep with me. I am not able to arrange a room.

Kept thinking about the arrangement of the room like this for two days. Then it is said that in God’s house, there is delay, not darkness. Something similar happened to me too. 

Everyone in my family had to go out for some work. I found this opportunity very exciting… I did not go.

I immediately called her and told her that tomorrow morning all my family members are going out… but I am not going. 

I will come to pick you up tomorrow at 12 o’clock… be ready.

She also said yes. She was very happy.

I called her at night and asked her to come wearing a red colored bra and panty.

She said- Why?

I said- I just feel like seeing you in red colored bra and panty.

She said- Sorry dear….I will not be able to fulfill this wish of yours.

I said- Why… don’t you have a red colored bra and panty?

She said- I have four sets of red colored bra panties.

I said- Then what is the problem?

She said- I have a problem. I can’t come wearing a red colored bra and panties.

I said- Then what color bra and panty will you wear?

She said- You think.

I said – Friend, how can I think… I can tell my wish that you should come wearing red colored bra panties.

She said- Are you stuck on red-colored bra panty… can’t you answer my point?

I started thinking about what color bra panty the prisoner wanted to come wearing… how to think.

I said- Please give me a hint.

She said- I will give you four chances to give the correct answer.

I said- Blue colored bra panty?

She said- No…one chance is over.

I said- Green colored bra panty?

She said- No…two chances are over.

I said- Pink colored bra panty?

She said- No…three chances are over.

I said- White colored bra panty?

She said- No… all four of your chances are over.

I said- Then you tell me… which color bra and panty will you wear?

She started laughing and said – Oh my innocent fool Sanam… I can come even without wearing a bra and panties.

Saying this she started laughing out loud. My head was spinning that I had not even thought of this. Really, Laundia is a very strong commodity. This nurse is getting restless for sex.

In the same way, after laughing and joking, the meeting of both of us was fixed.

We both went to bed early that day. When I woke up in the morning, I saw that all the family members were preparing to leave. 

By about 9:30 they had all left. I was very happy, but it was just 9:30 o’clock.

I was not feeling like it. I had told him to come tomorrow at 12 o’clock and now it was only 9:30 o’clock. There were still 3 hours left.

I called her and told her that everyone at home had gone.

She was very happy to hear this.

I told her not to come at 12 but at 10 o’clock.

She quickly agreed and asked to take herself.

At exactly 10 o’clock, I made her sit on my bike at the intersection next to her house and dropped her at a distance from my house.

As soon as I came home, I opened the lock and signaled her. She came into my house with quick steps, looking here and there. 

I pulled her inside and came out to see if no one was watching. The road was deserted at that time. No one was visible.

I went inside and locked the house from inside.

I gave him water to drink. After that he said to her, let me show you my room.

She followed behind me. Today the girl was with me, so I was a little scared too. Because I had not had sex with any girl till date.

As soon as I entered the room, I hugged her and started kissing her, pressing her boobs.

At that time she was wearing an orange colored kurta and blue colored jeans, in which she was looking amazing. 

I made her sit on my bed and made her lie down with me while kissing her lips. 

I started pressing her breasts over her kurta. I pressed both her breasts one by one for about ten minutes.

After this, I took off her kurta, in which I became very happy to see her red colored bra.

I had asked her to come wearing a red colored bra and panty and she actually came wearing it.

After that, I pressed her breasts over her bra. After doing this for a while, I took off her jeans and also her bra.

Now she was only in red-colored panties. I filled one of her breasts in my mouth and started sucking. 

I sucked both the breasts one by one for 10 minutes. Then I stood up and took off my T-shirt. She herself helped me take off my jeans.

I lay back near her and started taking off her panties. She refused that not now, when she will, then only take it off.

I agreed to her and started kissing her back on the lips. Started sucking her moms. 

She was also holding her milk with her hands and making me suck it happily. 

Her intoxicated moans were turning me on even more.

After about ten minutes, I whispered in her ear you take off the lid Rani… now let’s start the game.

Laughing, she took off her panty.

Now a young naked girl was getting desperate for sex in front of my eyes.

I also took off my underwear and threw it. My cock which was completely at its best. 

The cock was growling in the air all of a sudden. The drops coming out of its tip looked like a lion started dripping from its tongue after seeing its prey. 

My hairless tiger was looking for a pussy hole.

She got scared after seeing my throbbing penis and said – Darling, this is very thick of yours… 

How will it go inside me so thick? I can’t even fit my finger in it properly.

I lovingly explained to her that if I put it slowly, it would completely go away. Just in the beginning, there will be a little pain, you have to bear it.

She agreed, since she herself was a nurse so she knew that taking a dick in a pussy definitely hurts. 

She took out the panty and threw it away. As soon as I saw her velvety pussy, I went crazy. She had such a soft pussy what to tell friends!

Now I climbed on top of her and put a condom on my cock and set it on her pussy hole.

She got agitated after getting the heat of the supra of cocks and started lifting her pussy. 

I stuck the supra of the cock in the pink slits of the pussy and looked into her eyes. 

She looked at me lovingly and indicated yes, so I gave her a push. But my cock slipped. Her pussy was very tight because she was a virgin.

I set back once again and hit another push. This time half of my cock went on entering her pussy.

Her loud scream came out as soon as the cock entered… but I suppressed her scream by keeping my lips on her lips.

She was repeatedly saying that Rahul please… get out… I am feeling a lot of pain.

But I didn’t listen to her and in a short while gave another forceful push, due to which my whole cock went inside tearing her pussy.

Her eyes widened as if her voice was choked in her throat… I stopped and started caressing her.

After a few moments, his dead voice came out – Ummh… ahh… hi… oh… Rahul… I am dying… please stop.

I remained like this for a while listening to her. After some time, when her pain subsided, she became normal.

Now I made her a mare and came back and put cock in her pussy and started pushing slowly.

After about ten minutes of vigorous fucking, I ejaculated inside her pussy, but because of the condom, the semen did not enter her pussy.

I took out my penis from her pussy and removed the condom and kept it aside.

After some time my cock got erect again. Her eyes were lying closed. Without a condom, I again inserted my penis into her pussy and started pushing.

She had also become hot and this time she was giving me a lot of fun.

After some 10 minutes, she started moaning again ah, I am very jealous… please leave me… otherwise how will I be able to come next time.

She was saying many such things, but I didn’t listen to her and after about 20 minutes my juice came out in her pussy. 

I then took out my penis and lay down near her.

After some time I got up and put on my clothes and he also put on his clothes.

We both got dressed and lay there like this. After about 5 minutes my cock stood back, so I asked her to do it one more time, which she refused.

On my insistence, she agreed. Then I took off her jeans and put my cock in her pussy for the third time and started pushing. 

This time after 15 minutes my work was done and I picked up my clothes and went to the front room. 

I left her naked like this and moved away. I went ahead and put on my clothes and came back after about 15 minutes, then I saw that she was standing ready and dressed.

After that, I dropped her home on my bike. After going home, she told me that she liked it very much… You completely calmed me down.

After that, I don’t know how many times I have fucked her till today and I still do.

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