My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 11


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Sitting in the car I asked “where do you want to go from here mom”? She replied “It is lunch time now, let’s go home and freshen up and have lunch first, we will step out to shop and the tailor after that”.

As soon as we got home Neetu went to her room and removed all her clothes and mine. I did not need to suck her milk tanks because Kishan had already emptied them.

We then went for a shower together touching and feeling each other’s bodies. I said “mom I watched you really enjoying a good time with Kishan”. She asked “did you enjoy watching me have sex”?

I said “yes no doubt”. She said “I am sure you must have been very hard watching me”, I said “yes very hard and eagerly waiting for my turn”. Neetu turned around bending forward a little and I pushed my erect cock in her pussy.

I hugged her cupping her boobs and fingering her clit while I fucked her slowly. She held my head with one hand while she pinched her nipples with the other moaning loudly.

In less than a minute that I had begun fucking her, mom screamed loudly with her orgasm. I paused hugging her tightly while her body trembled like a fish out of water, when she came around I asked “what happened mom”?

She pushed her butt against my cock signaling me to resume, she said “hearing your words that you were enjoying watching me have sex with another man got me very excited and gave me an incredible orgasm”.

I said “mom it is the truth, I really enjoyed and almost came in my pants. Can I setup cameras all over the house so I can watch you from my room? That way I will also be able to keep a tab on your safety”.

Neetu started pushing back harder meeting my thrusts now, she said “yes son, do whatever you want immediately, knowing that you are watching me gives me a wild thrill. Now fuck mommy harder with everything you got”.

We continued for little more than 10minutes after which I stiffened and shot my load inside her pussy. This time I definitely lasted longer and continued cumming for sometime during which I continued thrusting into her.

Right then mom screamed again and squirted with another intense orgasm and our mixed juices gushed out of her pussy down her legs. Mom turned around and hugged me kissing me with burning passion.

She said “this was the best sex I have ever had, thank you son for satisfying mommy so much. Whatever you want to do, just do it quickly because I cannot wait for you to watch me”.

We finished our bath came to her bedroom. I was about to wear my clothes when she stopped me and said “lets remain naked son, I want to remain like this when we both are alone”. I asked “mom what if someone comes knocking”?

She took a robe and kept it on the bed saying “this is all I need, you can go to your room and dress up when that happens”. Mom went to the kitchen stark naked preparing lunch, I too followed to help her.

Soo we sat at the dining table and ate together with mom on my lap holding my cock in-between her thighs and feeding me with her hand. I don’t know after how many years I was eating again from her hand.

At the end I licked and sucked her each finger clean, just when we were about to get up from the table, mom’s phone rang. We both saw Sharma uncle’s name on display, he is my dad’s younger brother.

Mom said “Sonu answer the phone and put it on speaker”, I did, uncle said “how are you my darling? I am missing you so much my love”. Mom looked at me, she answered “I am having my lunch now, give me a few minutes, I will call you back”.

I disconnected the call and asked Neetu “why was uncle calling you darling? Is there something going on between you both”? She said “no son, since your dad left us Sharma has been after me to sleep with him”.

I said “mom I understand that you were not ready earlier but now things have changed right”. She said “I don’t like him, he always forces himself on me groping me everywhere also spanks my butt on every chance”.

I asked “did he try to do anything else”? Mom said “he was never successful in removing my clothes but when he is unable to corner me, he takes out his big cock and masturbates making sure he lands a few drops of his cum on me”.

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