My loyal girlfriend and my batchmates Cuckold Sex Stories


It was the re-opening day of our college and as the
freshers joined, as usual we seniors started to rag
them by asking them to sing and dance and what not,
one of our batchmates and his gang standing some
distance away from us went overboard when he
asked for a kiss from one of the new junior’s, I heard a
clap sound and as I turned to see what was going on
i saw my girlfriend looking ferocious at Raj who was
holding his hand against his left cheek, then it struck
me my girlfriend was joining a college today but she
never said it was mine as she was keeping it as a
surprise for me.

I ran over to them, apologized & quickly separated her
from Raj whose face had turned red, he was glaring
at my girlfriend like he wanted to fuck her at the

Raj was well built standing at 6ft tall and had a
asthetic body, he was a lady’s man and has had sex
with almost every girl in our batch and some from
others too. So what happened was quite insulting for
him especially infront of everyone. He stood there
and stared at us leaving the scene and I saw him
leaning over to one of his friends and say something.
Allow me to introduce my girlfriend,
her name is Priyanka she’s 5″1 and 55 kgs. she’s also
two years younger than me, I started dating her when
she was in her high school, over the couple of years
my hardwork on her body made her a 40-26-36 tan
busty babe.

She had dark pink heart shaped lips that looked so
juicy dripping with saliva after a kiss, she had a sweet
innocent but yet a lusty face. All of her guy friends
made comments of her beauty and some had even
proposed but she ignored all of them and was always
loyal towards me.

On the other hand I was just an ordinary boy 5″5 with
a lean body and looked not so attractive, even my
dick was at 4.5 inches long when fully erect and that
too with little girth.
I had always resorted to my fingers to make her cum
as I couldn’t satisfy her with my dick & she had said in
the past that I should get some medical help to make
it larger as she was not satisfied with it.
Anyways lets get back to college, the days passed
and she was happy that she got to spend time
with me during the lunch breaks and in the Library
whenever she could skip lectures, and I always made
sure I kissed her and pleased her whenever I got the

One day I found her in the library looking tensed with
teary eyes, when i sat near her and she got startled,
after seeing it was me she started to cry, I asked her
what was the reason but she didn’t say anything, she
kept leaning over my shoulders and after sometime
got up and went away to her classroom. I was
confused, normally she was quite talkative and today
she didn’t say a word and had teary eyes.

That evening she didn’t even wait for me after college
to meet her, the whole next week she didn’t come
to class, I tried calling her but she said she was not
feeling well and didn’t give me any more information
on her health, she didn’t even allow me to meet her
in any way, I was worried but I thought it might be a
women’s thing and i troubled her less, on the Sunday
night around 11PM i received a message from
Priyanka saying that “there is no need to worry & that
she was just sick & she’ll be coming tomorrow”
I felt happy and replied “xoxo

The very next day I was completely shocked as I saw
her wearing a black T-shirt that was tightly fitted on
her and the shape of her boobs could be visible from
the outside, she was showing her beautiful cleavage
to all, and below that she wore a pencil fit blue jeans
that fit around her butt like it would tear off if she
stretched her legs,
Needless to say She looked stunning & I was
dumbfounded by seeing her in such a dress that to in

Everyone was watching her including one of the
professor’s who was staring at her boobies like he
wanted to remove her shirt and start sucking on her
juicy titties.

I went up to her and questioned her about the change
in the dress code, she said” I always wanted to wear this once I joined
college it’s not a big deal”
I was left speechless and I said nothing i nodded
my head and asked her to meet me in the library
after the lunch break, she said she can’t come today
as she was lagging behind her studies, I could see
some kind of disturbance in her face but I didn’t ask
anything about it.

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My loyal girlfriend and my batchmates
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