New collection of all Bengali chatty stories – Kharam Gara Khor Ek Magi


New collection of all Bengali chatty stories – Kharam Gara Khor Ek Magi

I am Rita and I am thirty six years old. My groom works after his night duty. Then I have a problem.

At the first time of marriage, two people from next door come and sleep. As far as I was just married. It hasn’t been a year.

A man next door came in the evening another time an old woman came now a man came he would guard.

He said no fear, I will stay in this house today. How is the man? I said that I can live alone. you go home And Shala says directly.

Far away I will caress the ram. He pulled me and laid me on the bed. Forcefully lifted the nightie and enlarged the pussy.

I will not hesitate to enter. Dhamana Magi says that the bridegroom is not there at night, but he will not let the ram go to Gude. He forced the head of the camel, I held the camel tightly with my hand and took out the goods.

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Abused and left. I sleep well with the door locked and everything closed. And at night I called the groom and told him to take a whole day off for my stomach.

If there is one, I take him. Groom said ok it will be done. After a few days, the groom took leave and had sex. I can’t tell you how many times throughout the day and night.

Ten months later I had a son. I was at my father’s house. My son used to be a laborer day and night until he grew up. New collection of all Bengali chatty stories – Kharam Gara Khor Ek Magi

Son Tuhin is now five or six years old and still has a job. A master comes to teach twice a day. Workmen don’t always come now.

He comes in the afternoon, cleans the dishes, wipes the house and leaves. The bridegroom sometimes comes and goes.

I don’t know what happened that day, my son’s master came and the son went to play. I am alone and Master is very good to see him. Today he has been teaching for two or three years.

There is no son, I am talking to him, I saw a man, he seems to be unable to exist. Pressed My. Pressed and said sorry.

I said it’s nothing, men couldn’t help themselves. I got up and nailed the door. I came and removed the cloth from the chest and said press it well.

Hesitating, I said, “No tape, I can’t stay anymore.” The master started pressing my breasts nicely.

I started to unbutton her pants. I took off the inner pant and raised my penis. Removing my clothes made my pussy grow because I don’t wear panties.

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I saw that the ram was a little smaller than the groom but fatter. I took my clothes and lay down. Now thap, slowly giving beautiful small thaps.

i feel good i’m kissing I couldn’t stay like this. Groom comes once or twice in a month and kills me. You have to call and call.

Sometimes the boy comes on his own now seven years old. Master Mashai is great. After that, I asked the master to come an hour early and take me to bed and then he will sit to teach my son.

The boy came home after playing, the master went home after reading. The son’s father came to see him, which he did not allow the son to do today. Bayanar Fard was heard. New collection of all Bengali chatty stories – Kharam Gara Khor Ek Magi

I said ok after that when father comes he will bring everything you go to your room master do what you have given. He went to his room and dragged me straight to the bed.

He nailed the door. He took off his pants. Langto I was clothed as master sir took off my clothes and threw away only saiya and blouse.

Kissed my pussy lovingly, I am holding the cock everywhere. I said stay, what would you say? You eat the whole pussy.

What else to do, not everyone has such a beautiful pussy like you. That means Gud Mar will not lie to you. When I can’t live at all, I have to do yoga.

I said that everyone’s pussy is not as beautiful as yours, this pussy of yours is really beautiful, I have never found a pussy like this in all the magi’s pussy.

And you’re not a man, you’re fucking another magi’s pussy. And I’m sucking water here with my finger.

Look you girl your leak you get less excited and I man my condition when I get erect many times I can’t hold myself.

I was having a hard time after marriage and after that I got four or five people fit. I tell you the truth because you are my wife, if you don’t understand who will understand, I have no one.

I did not marry a second time. Rita said of course if you don’t fuck you will get sick. But use restraint to fuck. I have to think about my side, if I don’t say that, various diseases will come in.

Tamal says ok hide me mean not in front of me cross what. Rita says you allow. Rita said there is a problem my son is growing up.

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Rita said you will fuck twice daily to save your body. I will not interrupt. Just don’t come home. It will be okay, that’s why I married an educated girl who understands these things, but I won’t do anything to hide it from you.

Why did I come today to kill this pussy?

If Rita’s vagina smells bad, father does not give Magi soap and does not clean it. I got a good look at your age, what do you say when you talk tomorrow morning? New collection of all Bengali chatty stories – Kharam Gara Khor Ek Magi

Shala brokers take money. Rita said there are magirs and brokers. Yes, today, tomorrow, everyone has a broker. Those brokers walk around the office more like us, it will look like they work in the office.

Throbbing, she gives a good fuck. I can’t explain how comforting Tamal Ah is by tapping for about forty minutes. He poured the material into the vagina. Rita asked if she was taking pills.

yes eating And I did not find such a pussy, your pussy has no answer. Rita said the far cunt was about three inches by three inches and about thirteen to fourteen inches deep.

Dad you know a lot. So why is someone completely empty and tight? Now it happens that the one who fucks more feels like his pussy is empty.

Again, the mother of a boy, but if you regularly fuck her, then it will happen. And the mother of two boys will be set, this time the size of the ram is of different types. If the ram enters the vagina every day, it will be fat.

Well, I saw that the pussy is swollen, the inner red lips are sticking out, you fool, be wise and tell me why. You fucked me, look how my pussy is, the pearl is visible.

Now you understand. Yes, someone fucked me before I came. This is my groom’s head. I’m saying you’re going to poop twice a day.

A camel will not pull goods. Resist of course! will do later I don’t want you to get sick. If you don’t ejaculate according to the rules, you can understand how many diseases will come to the body.

I am also saying that you will hide behind me because I come for one or two days a month and you do not like it. Ok I see when you give permission. Groom spanked four or five times throughout the night.

Early in the morning ie the first train left. The son could not see. In the morning, the son wakes up and looks for his father. At the end, he calls and talks, but peace. New collection of all Bengali chatty stories – Kharam Gara Khor Ek Magi

A seven-year-old boy is as stubborn as his father. At the end, he said, “The father comes to you. Why doesn’t he come to me?” The son’s master came, the son is serious and will not read.

Why did the father leave without telling him? What should I do, the boy went to his room and closed the door. He did not open even after calling a lot.

Master is leaving, I said sit in this room for a while and make tea. I brought tea for master mashai. The master is leaving after tea, I took him by the hand and nailed the door.

I said what day did you do during the day. The master is ashamed. A distant man, he finds such a woman alone and leaves without doing anything.

Now the master hugged me. kissed I opened my pants and saw that Andaz was not wearing pants today. I said the ram is down, why didn’t it get up today?

I can’t say it’s a matter of mind and body. I started to shake my hands and fell a little and stood up. He said one thing I can fuck you langto if I get permission.

Rita says treat me as you like. He took off my nightie and threw it away. Rita is very long, she puts me on the bed and spits and fucks me.

Half an hour and forty minutes poured the material. Rita was very affectionate. He was about to go home when the boy opened the door.

The master went home after reading for half an hour. Again in the afternoon the boy came an hour before returning from school and took Rita for sex.

Tuhin sat down to teach. While leaving, they kept Tuhin watching cartoons on TV and started in another room. Master really good fuck.

I liked it very much. I kissed him lovingly. My water broke. He went home. Tuhin comes and asks what were you and Master Mashai doing by closing the door?

Mom said I will tell you after you grow up. Another seven years passed in this way. Tuhin now passed fourteen years and fell in fifteen years. Such a big boy sleeps with his mother.

His father now comes three or four days a month, some months it becomes six days. It goes without saying that the son’s master is less important now. Because the boy has grown up. New collection of all Bengali chatty stories – Kharam Gara Khor Ek Magi

The day when father comes and the other days at home with mother. Even today, he sleeps close to his mother, as a baby sleeps in its mother’s arms. Lying like that. Hugging from behind.

His tail stood up and stood behind his mother. It’s been a long time before, he doesn’t say anything. Mother doesn’t say anything. But he knows everything because he has read.

Knows everything about girls’ vaginas and boys about sex, but doesn’t say anything. Another thing I noticed is that father calls me every night, but he wakes up at some time and falls asleep.

He slept by ten o’clock. It is eleven o’clock at night, and he is lying hugging his mother, his erect leg leaning against his mother’s back.

Mother said baby, your penis has not grown much, Tuhin said what to do, it is a part, I can’t stop him.

Rita said I have been feeling it for several days too, I understand and turned to her and hugged her and said, tell me what to do. You don’t even go far, say what you say.

Rita says far I am your girlfriend now you are only fifteen now it will take ten years to get married.

Until then, who can stop your punishment, and if you do something else, your body will get worse, and if you can’t do it after marriage, the bride will run away.

I saw the bar in use, lifted my nightie and enlarged my pussy. Tuhin took his cock and put it in the hole of the pussy and said push it now. New collection of all Bengali chatty stories – Kharam Gara Khor Ek Magi

And you’re the first one today, so I’m getting angry. Put your rod to use, it has been empty for a long time. Tuhin hesitates whether to do it or not. Rita says show me and spit on Mundita. I’m putting

Tuhin picked it up. Tuhin thought a lot and started to stuff the ram in mother’s pussy with spit. At that time father’s phone, mother asked. Yes got good stuff today.

I also found a brand new thing and baby that no one else has yet. He is fucking today. Who would say? The father may become a new child at a time. He has inserted insults.

OK, I was wondering why it hasn’t entered yet? Seeing that the hard thing like iron has been blocking for a long time and is not doing anything, today I have inserted it myself.

Jan Ma says she won’t give anything. At the end I said I grabbed your girlfriend and her cock and put it in after thinking a little bit and it is pounding. He hung up the phone.

Now the daughter said to the father, why is your son fucking his mother, how old is the son, this is fifteen years old. Tell me, is that little boy fucking his mother?

What happened, listen, the youth of the boy came at the age of thirteen, and in these fifteen years the bull was stuffed.

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Listen, if she doesn’t do this, now she is fifteen years old, ten years before she gets married, she definitely won’t be sitting around.

Either he will pull the goods out and sometimes he will go around behind the girls asking to put a little.

What will the girl say, she will abuse or try to do various bad things if she takes her mother out of her house. New collection of all Bengali chatty stories – Kharam Gara Khor Ek Magi

You don’t have a mother or sister in your house. And if he quits his studies or spends his father’s money and goes around on a bike, then he will get a lot of requests to sit on the back of the bike.

The girl heard everything and said that you are right. I went around on the back of one of those bikes today and it left me with this. You don’t see that I am sitting to sell my body for two rupees. New collection of all Bengali chatty stories – Kharam Gara Khor Ek Magi

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