oboidho panu choti Kolkata mother son illicit relationship


oboidho panu choti Kolkata mother son illicit relationship

I am passionate about everything I say here. What should I do if I don’t tell the story of my life?

My mother Kakali is thirty six years old. I am a sixteen year old boy. Since childhood my mother is doing everything from making me want.

I hope all mothers do, my mother was an exception. I didn’t understand that much when I was young. Mother’s goal was my little Nunu, she was busy with it.

On school holidays or in the morning before going to school, all you need to do is apply oil and soap on it.

Take me to sleep at noon on holidays. And that my nunu used to talk. As far as I can remember, my younger brother was not as tall as his elder brother.

He used to insert his own salt into my vagina and shake it. Sometimes he would say you sleep and I will come around a bit. oboidho panu choti Kolkata mother son illicit relationship

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Later I heard that my parents went to a friend and he could not do better. It would still go. Now I read in eleven to twelve years. Now my nunu is rich.

Today is my holiday. As usual, mother is making me want to wash it with soap and massaged it with oil.

The mother said that her twelve-year-old son’s wealth has grown. Well it has to be used. Really after a long time mom made me want this way.

And what she was doing was closed for a long time. I used to sleep with my mother during the holidays but did nothing. After eating today, mother took me to sleep.

I’m not saying anything. As usual, mother is hugging and sleeping. Now my money is increasing and moving. He said yes, you are getting erect.

Let me put it in. So who not to go to? Mother said it is good. Enter it.

He picked me up and put my treasure in his mouth and pulled me forward by my waist.

All my wealth has gone into mother’s vagina. Taught me to tap. From then till now I have been fucking my mother’s pussy every day. oboidho panu choti Kolkata mother son illicit relationship

Mother says only you know I only think, always put a cock in the vagina. It was not there since marriage it seems. I feel like I won’t live if I don’t come.

Before you grew up, I went to a friend of your father’s. Stupid can’t fuck. Just makes clothes dirty. That’s why I looked at your wealth.

Now it has grown up. Seventeen is so grown up that I love it. Well mom every girls pussy is beautiful like yours.

I don’t want to see you. why how is my pussy Look, I haven’t seen another girl’s pussy, but I can’t explain how good it feels to rub your pussy with your upper lips.

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But now mother sometimes comes at night. If father went somewhere and didn’t come back, then it doesn’t matter, I beat mother’s pussy all night.

And for several days I see mother coming to me every night. Mother said let me tell you another story of mine

After marriage, I have become very horny. When I see a cock or a beautiful boy, I would like it very much and if he caressed me once.

It’s very good, I went to a service without my father. I just feel like I came back home and it’s only been a year since I got married. You know what I do, I got a son who looks like a prince, but I can’t tell.

I said you will bring me home I have left my little boy. Everyone around told him to bring him home.

I am the devil sitting behind his bike. The breasts are rubbing on his back. And sometimes I put my hand on his penis over his pants.

Then he says what are you doing, don’t put your hands there. I was going to put my hand up my pants and couldn’t stay. At that time it is raining. oboidho panu choti Kolkata mother son illicit relationship

He is standing in front of a dilapidated shop on the side of the road. I am hugging said and Boudi understand you have to fuck.

Let’s say I entered that shop. There was like a bamboo loft. I am lying down with the mobile light on. I had a cap in my bag and took off my pants.

I saw not too big. I put on the cap and now the cock is pounding my pussy. Ah what comfort is kissing me every kiss.

That twenty twenty five minutes poured the goods. I said that you are delivering it to me and paid for it. Yes, you are seventeen years old.

I said that I am getting the real thing at home and why go outside to slander? Yes, that’s right, but there is a different kind of fun in fucking an old magi.

And if the girl to be married is like me, then it doesn’t matter. How to understand and you can understand who is like by looking at the eyes, and by looking at the breasts and the ass.

I will see that the ass of being married is more than that. He is a fucking bitch. Well, one of my girlfriend’s two daughters, she likes to fuck boys of your age.

I will call you tomorrow and bring you something, talk a little bit better, look a little bit and tell you in one word you look beautiful, very beautiful to see you.

What do you say? I said I can’t do that. Then how can I look at the pussy of another girl, I can’t look at the pussy of ten or twelve girls after becoming a man. oboidho panu choti Kolkata mother son illicit relationship

Oh think of Krishna. Hey he was a god and I’m human, ok I’ll arrange one, my girlfriend doesn’t have two daughters and a son.

Bouma’s desperate appeal to the father-in-law is to wet the pussy

He will be very fond of a boy of your age. He told you, he said means call once every day and send it once, I will send it right and put it in.

What do you know when you say male pussy means pussy and he hasn’t seen pussy. Send it to me and I won’t leave here. At 3:30 in the morning, I was fucking my mother, and that night, my mother called my friend Sulta.

Got married after a village. He picked up the phone and said, “Why are you calling this early in the morning? I am teasing my mother. She said I can come today.”

Well, I see that Chota’s high school is over. OK, I’ll take him. If you take him away, he will be. Sulta seems to be cheating on you.

yes Keep this time I’m leaving this morning. Anyway I’m screwed. Mother got up and left. I have to cook in the kitchen, father will go to office.

After about three hours, seven such bad sultas came alone with a scooty. After some time tea and water came to my house with food.

He said Babu know me, I said I have not met but I heard your name from mother. You are mother’s friend Sulta. You go home sometimes.

yes you got it right I was reading then. While drinking tea and water, he kissed me on the forehead and said, son. Now he came by breaking the door. Came and lay down on the bed.

I saw that she was wearing a nightie of her mother. I said tea and water have been consumed. Sulta says yes she is your mother and I ate. oboidho panu choti Kolkata mother son illicit relationship

He told me to come here and caress a little. I thought what can be done now it is eight o’clock. Go! I said, after a while, oh father come here, as if my wife is calling me to fuck.

I went and lay down on my side. He is hugging me and loving me. Now he said that the camel is very big and tall from inside the lungi. An eighteen-year-old boy is so tall.

The camel jumps at the touch of the Magi’s hand. I said I don’t like far. Sulta seki ami to you – – – interrupted and said.

I say you got me excited. Now let’s do the real work. I give the ram to the stomach. Sulta said say so. Aversion to men’s vagina. Now Sulta is angry.

The pussy opened. I’m looking at the pussy, pressing my tits. I put on the cap before putting it in the vagina. Sulta said no need to read that far. I have undergone surgery and will not have a stomach.

It’s no fun doing it later. Remove the target. I opened it and threw it away. I am filling Sultar’s pussy with cock, my cock is big and I feel good.

If not, there is no question of liking Egud Mere. totally empty Sulta said how do you feel? I said, there is no man who does not like to be spanked.

But your pussy is so empty than my mother’s. Sulta understood that the boy beat his mother’s pussy. Well, you have a fat cock in your pussy every day, don’t you think?

Yes, my groom’s cock is very fat, not as big as yours. You thump so hard it seems to go up to the navel. Hey, your mother fucked my groom’s cock.

She goes to our house when the groom has a holiday, the girls go to study, and on that occasion she takes the groom’s cock. But my groom can’t do it that long. oboidho panu choti Kolkata mother son illicit relationship

Do you know what your mother is very sensual? I know, but I asked, he said, your mother says, I just feel like putting a cock in the vagina.

That is why he gave it to you. well done You are a great fuck. I heard your father can’t do that anymore. I admire your mother’s intelligence for that.

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He comes to you at night asking. Before I could say anything, mother entered the house. Mom said yes come what to do I can’t stay.

You know everything, you are asking again. Mother lay down on her side. Then Sulta is loving me. The water in her vagina has dropped.

He said this time tap loudly. I said it will be necessary if you force it. And let it be loud. I am pounding hard. My goods also went out.

I am lying on his chest after pouring material in Sulta’s pussy. Sulta pampered me. Mother said, tell you one thing and never fuck us for the rest of our lives.

He needs a girl. Sulta got up without saying anything. He said let’s go downstairs. Mother said I will not do it again. Yes, father, today will not be yours.

He kissed me on my forehead and said that this is my little groom. But I will go home after noon today. After that you will fuck this wife.

Sulta said, let’s go down, don’t listen, her camel will not stand up now. It will take an hour and a half. However, both went down. Sulta said, that way, if the ball is unknown, he will cause trouble. oboidho panu choti Kolkata mother son illicit relationship

Now if your son had a job then there was one thing. But it doesn’t. Tell us what we can do? That one time I came and said that this will be it, but whatever you say, good sex is great.

Well, don’t you give it to him? Kakli says yes I will give it to her. What will happen it will not eat my pussy. And I am married and I am the mother of a son. And you know I can’t live without a goat.

I gave it to my son. No, I’m not saying it for him. You have done well and you will not look at other girls when you get home.

Sulta thinks what will she do, if she gives the little girl two jobs, this boy will be able to get a good job by studying.

If he advances his daughter and marries her with an Anal, she will be a mother-in-law and will sometimes get it. He thinks again that the boy who fucks his mother, far he also fucks me.

Then, without saying anything, Sulta said, “Come, I have a lot of work to do at home.” Anal came down, his mother said see if you can get Sulta’s little daughter.

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He passed this higher secondary. Anal now started going to Sulta’s house occasionally. If her daughters or her husband were not at home, Sulta would call her. The reason is the same.

Thus one day Sulta’s little daughter appeared. Anal looks like a prince, so handsome that any girl will fall in love with one look.

Sulta said he is Kakali aunty’s son Anal. This is my little daughter Rimi. Sulta thought that Anal is looking beautiful sitting like my daughter or elder daughter.

Rimi is talking, said no year only said final year. And I am fast year. oboidho panu choti Kolkata mother son illicit relationship

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