panu golpo com late night mother’s dirty panu story


panu golpo com late night mother’s dirty panu story

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He suddenly woke up in the middle of the night. This is not usually the case. Every day, I wake up at 4:00 AM.

After waking up, I first pick up my mother, then drink water and go to the bathroom.

But that day, I don’t know why, I suddenly fell asleep before time.

I was looking for my mother because the water was getting cold. I called several times and got no response. When I turned on the light, I saw that my mother was not in bed.

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I thought I must have gone to the bathroom, I myself drank water from the filter and sat on the bed for ten minutes, twenty minutes passed, but still my mother did not see me. Bathram is not supposed to stay so long! bangla choti uk

I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom to see the light in the room next to the kitchen.

The lights are usually off at night. panu golpo com late night mother’s dirty panu story

I moved towards that remote.

I saw a strange thing through the gap of the window.

I saw my mother lying completely naked and our young house servant Fani was rubbing her snake-like penis on her lower abdomen. bangla choti uk

I can’t believe my eyes anymore, my head is spinning! Yet I remained fixed with a glance through the cupboard.

Then Fani rammed his long cock into her mother’s pussy. The mother is happily making noises and saying, beat, beat, beat, beat, strip, strip.

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Fani then says whatever you say, Mem Sahib your pussy is made to the size of my penis. Marley doesn’t feel like you’re the mother of an eighteen-year-old. panu golpo com late night mother’s dirty panu story

Mother scolded Fani and said – How many times have I told you not to call me Memsaheb, call me Mauli. Mother said, you understand.

Foni says, I understand. bangla choti uk

Fani started to thump and Mao started to thump the floor in the excitement of happiness.

Seeing their fun, my cock was also licked by the banana tree, be it my mother or anyone else, at that moment I wanted to push Fani away and insert my cock into my mother’s vagina.

Now Fani Ma’s plump breasts are pressing hard and increasing the speed of thap. And the mother lost her soul and hugged Fani’s neck and began to take a hit after a hit. panu golpo com late night mother’s dirty panu story

I also scratched my cock and secretly watched their fucking. I thought to myself, this person must have divorced my mother! In fact, my mother is very beautiful, how old will she be, 38-40 years old.

After the father divorces the mother, the mother comes and stays at the uncle’s house.

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After the maternal grandfather died, the mother became the owner of all the property. After leaving the father, the mother did not marry again for fear of public shame. bangla choti uk

And if you get married, you are robbing people of happiness!

Mother is now twisting the body. And saying, Fani, hold, hold, hold, now it will be mine.

Fani also poured semen into the mother’s vagina with a few strokes. Fani covered the mother’s face with the juice smeared with dhon. Mom started licking like chocolate.

Meanwhile, I also threw away goods once.

On the other hand, mother is lying on Fani’s chest and Fani is fingering her pussy with her hand and saying, how long will it be hidden like this. panu golpo com late night mother’s dirty panu story

Rather let’s run away and then get married. Fani Betta wants to grab Seyana’s property very much.

Mother does not agree. Saying that the boy will be swept away in his way? bangla choti uk

Mother looked at the clock and saw it was quarter to four. This boy will wake up I go! Saying this, mother goes to get clothes. I rushed and turned off the light and lay down like a lazy boy pretending to sleep.

Mother came and lay down on the bed like any other day.

On the other hand, I am standing still watching their sex. After a while I woke up like any other day. I called my mother, she brought water, I played.

At the end of the sex, I took out the contents of the stomach of the young magi

I dared to come and tell my mother, did she say that she will marry you?

Mother fell from the sky. But how did you know? bangla choti uk

I say, I know everything, I have seen everything and don’t pretend. Mother’s face turned red with shame.

Mother came to me and said in a shy voice, look, father, drink. Don’t tell people what you know. panu golpo com late night mother’s dirty panu story

I say, I will say everything. I will call a meeting in the panchayat and tell everything.

Mother came scared and tried to comfort me by loving and kissing me in various ways. Mother hugged me lovingly. The thrust of my tricked dhon was gently felt on the mother’s lower abdomen.

When mother realized that, she held the rice over my pants and said, Panu my son, what did you make of this?

I say, it was not like this before. It’s like seeing you guys fucking today.

Mom unbuttoned my pant and pulled out the bichishudh dhon. bangla choti uk

I then put my hand on mother’s breast. Mother said to me indulgently – if I knew before, why did I fuck with Fani? You were the only one I could satisfy my heart’s desire with you.

Mother says, let’s go to bed and wash your clothes.

I say, I’ll do everything, not just scratch.

Yes, I said I will. panu golpo com late night mother’s dirty panu story

After saying that went to bed, mother took off all my clothes. I took off mother’s saree, blouse, saiya one by one.

Mother’s shaved rose in the son’s vagina

Ma is now completely naked in front of me. Appreciating mother’s sorrow, I say, yours are very beautiful, I will eat them.

Mother said, don’t eat. You have eaten before, eat now. bangla choti uk

I slurped the milk vigorously. I put a drop of milk in my mouth and bite it gently.

Mother started squealing with happiness. Mother started mixing my body with her own body.

I put my lips in mom’s lips and keep sucking.

Mom started sucking the balls of my cock. I also continue to enjoy an unknown happiness. I kissed my mother’s whole body, bit by bit I kissed her belly and then slowly brought my face down into her pussy.

I removed the black ball and put my hand on the hole of the vagina.

Mother started to move around. I moved my head to the cunt and started rubbing. Mom continued to mix her pussy more and more into my head.

Mom is cutting my hair and cooling it, and is and is and is. panu golpo com late night mother’s dirty panu story

Mother says, you know Panu, a boy who is spanked is called Harami. bangla choti uk

I say, you are a bastard and I am a bastard’s child.

Mother said, yes, I am willing to become a bastard for happiness. Ne panu ar deri karisna baba, now insert your bamboo like dhon into my pussy. Since when is it rattling.

I screamed at my mother and put her to bed. Mom spread her legs and held the pussy slit, then pulled the cock in her hand and set it in the mouth of the pussy and told me to hit.

Then he pulled my waist with both hands and took the cock in his pussy. I started pounding.

Mother closed her eyes and began to eat me! And Shitkar began to give, Ore Panure Is Mago. And continued to thump.

After walking like this for about twenty minutes, the water in the mother’s vagina leaked. I took the cock out of the vagina and continued to sip the juice. Then again I started playing with mother’s fair breasts.

Mother’s breasts are still quite tight. Like young girls, the vagina is also quite tight. bangla choti uk

I put my cock in my mother’s pussy again and kept on pounding. Mom bit my cock with pussy. As the speed of the beat increases, so does the sound of Poch Poch Foch Foch. The growth became stronger than before. I say to my mother, this time it will be mine, take care of it. panu golpo com late night mother’s dirty panu story

By saying this, I poured semen into my mother’s vagina. After that we both lay together for a long time.

Then mother again sucked and sucked the dhon that was leading me. Then mother said, let’s go to Bathram. I went and bathed my mother.

Then I started shaking my breasts up and down.

Mom took me to bed. I sat on mother’s chest and put the dhon in mother’s mouth. Mother continues to suck the rice. I’m stroking mom’s hair, sometimes kissing.

Now I took my cock out of my mouth and put it in my pussy.

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Mother kissed my cheek and said – You are giving great happiness, Panu. Do you give happiness every day?

I say, yes but on one condition. bangla choti uk

What does mother say?

I say, Fani should be kicked out of the house.

Mother says, ok, that will be it.

Thap after thap after mother’s pussy. A. A. Is. Is.

After a long time we parted. I lay on my mother’s chest. I put my hand on my mother’s pussy again. Mother says don’t drink now, I can’t drink today. It’s been a long time today, it’s already morning. panu golpo com late night mother’s dirty panu story

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