Part 2 Ejaculate wipe all mother-in-law’s hair


Part 2 Ejaculate wipe all mother-in-law’s hair

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The same way I left my mother-in-law after fucking, speechless.

After some time, I hugged my mother-in-law and came down, put her on the bed and pulled my hand from behind.

Says don’t stay next to me son-in-law. Why are you doing that? I feel like I fucked a new pussy, I cracked your curtain for the first time today. I had so much fun, you tell me to fuck more.

Let me go to you whenever I want. I want to fuck you again.

The three people who fucked me in life, none of them could give me happiness like you. When you want to fuck my pussy, come to me, don’t be shy to call me mother-in-law.

What happened when I became a mother-in-law, all girls have vaginal irritation. Ok father, I will kiss you, I will satisfy my desire.

Put on kapar chopar and listen, it will be morning soon, I have left your sari blouse there. I went to sleep. I left the house and my mother-in-law lay on the bed completely naked.

I came and lay down on Shiuli’s bed, I feel very happy. My mother-in-law’s thoughts are spinning in my head.

Even at this age, the magi is so sensual, the body is also very hot, the chest is big, the pussy is juicy, I am having fun with it…

Of course I will come again and again to kiss your pussy. I also had a lot of fun with your pussy, Magi. I will come to crack your pussy again tomorrow night.

I could not understand when I fell asleep after that. I woke up at 11 o’clock, my mother-in-law was still sleeping.

I woke up and saw that my wife was not there, maybe she had gone to the garden. I went to my mother-in-law’s room and saw her sleeping. I couldn’t understand. I threw her on the roof last night and fucked her like that.

As soon as he came out of the room, he noticed that Shiuli was coming, and the question came, where were you last night. I woke up and saw that I was not there. to call me Didn’t want to call, so fell asleep again.

He went to call his mother saying that his mother is sleeping, but his mother does not sleep so long. I said don’t stay, sleep, come close and caress you.

Shut up I’m still not recovered, menstruation is going on, sorry Sonamani. When she left, I smiled, I was able to fuck your mother’s pussy because of your period without saying sorry.

I saw my mother-in-law in a very angry mood throughout the day, she still hasn’t gotten over the night’s cheating. That’s why the mood is so full.

vabi pacha choda choti two hills behind bhabhi

Then spent the day doing this and that. And I was waiting for the night to come and I would pray on my mother-in-law’s pussy.

Time does not want to pass. Slowly the night came, after eating we all went to sleep. I fell asleep myself while talking to Shiuli.

Waking up around 1 am. After waking up, I went to my mother-in-law’s room with a condom in my pocket. She is not in the room, so she must be on the roof.

I went straight to the roof, I walked behind him with my feet, he said with a smile, “Your wife is not well yet?”

Nah, why did you come to the roof alone? Now there is no reason to come to the roof. If I didn’t come to the roof, how would I know that my daughter-in-law is so handsome, how dry my May is.

Well that day you said you spent the night with three men, who was the other one? Must listen? No, what else did I say?

He is your father-in-law’s friend. He used to visit our house a lot, he knew everything about your father-in-law and me. And the Hawladar, who worshiped this matter, grabbed me.

Nitai and I had a bad relationship for a few days, because when your father-in-law changed his house, there was no way for me to contact him for a long time.

I was young then, and wild with excitement. He used to come and give me a lot of time, gossiping about stories, one day when he offered to fuck me, I couldn’t turn him down.

Since then he often came to me, kissed me. At that time Shiuli and her brothers were very young and attended school, when they went to school there was no one else at home. So when he came home he would fuck me, they could not understand anything.

He fucked me like this for almost two years and I didn’t have anything to say. Even if he couldn’t give me happiness like you, he would be fat.

After that he met Nitai again in a market. After that Nitai again came into my life.

When I didn’t give any chance to Hawladar, he told your father-in-law everything about me and Nitai.

After that, after many things, your father-in-law was forced to accept this because he could not give me happiness.

After you and Shiuli’s marriage, if I want to marry Nitai, he doesn’t want me anymore. Because he fucked me for so long just for fun, he was never serious about me.

I also didn’t go ahead, even after that I told her that I don’t have a husband now, you should definitely take me.

I want to throw the goods in the sand of Kakima Bhodar and smell the smell of puss

You don’t need to marry me, just stay by my side, just give me a little happiness. He did not agree to that, and did not have any contact with her after that.

They all fucked me just to enjoy my body. No one took any responsibility from me.

What should I do then say, your mother-in-law is responsible for my condition. If you let me go then I could marry another man and spend the night as someone’s wife.

You don’t have to go around to people to have sex. The fact that I am a bit too sensual has hurt me the most.

But tell me what to do. Needless to say, I got it. From today I will think that I will give time to you as well as my two wives, Shiuli.

When Shiuli comes to know these words, she will not tell you anything. May is very generous in this regard. Hearing this, my mother-in-law tied me up and locked me up.

Why, why didn’t a man like you come into my life as a husband. He didn’t come, so I came from the bottom to the roof to covet your love.

Saying this I hugged my mother-in-law to my chest. I will kiss you tonight too, I will make your juicy pussy red, I will see who stops me today.

Yah is evil, it will be seen when it happens. He kept silent with his head buried in my chest. What, don’t let me fuck your pussy? Huh, I will give you when you want.

One thing you will not say to me. You do it all the time. Well, okay you do.

Now let’s see how your pussy is. He wants to swallow your dick since when. That’s why I took my mother-in-law in my arms. Stop, don’t stop here, go home, sleep on the bed, sleep on the floor.

Let’s go then, said I took my mother-in-law in my arms and came home. I put her on the bed and closed the door, pounced on my mother in law and started kissing her.

I could not see you properly that day in the light of the lamp, today I will turn on the light and see. Open your saree. No, take off your clothes first.

No, you have to open your saree first, so I grabbed my mother-in-law’s saree and pulled it. Hey don’t get busy, will someone take me or not, I am taking off my saree. I am happy that you are happy.

My mother-in-law started to open her saree and I looked at her. Kapar Chopar came to my side and said, “Mr. will you stay like this or not?” Will not open yours? Don’t open it yourself. I was very happy and opened my clothes.

Before I could say anything, he took my cock in his mouth. I pulled my mother-in-law’s waist in front of my mouth and started sucking her pussy.

After sucking and scratching with fingers, water came out. It’s been a long time like this, will the semen come out or not? So who will calm your juicy pussy? The pussy is splashing in the water.

I was taking out the condom to read. My mother-in-law spread her two legs and held the pussy towards me and said that there is no need to take it off, as soon as I hit her pussy two-three times with my penis, the mother-in-law’s monster pussy swallowed my entire penis. I said suddenly when the baby?

Don’t worry I’ll take the pill, let your sperm eat my pussy today. He is very thirsty, let him quench his thirst for many days by eating your semen, let him be blessed, don’t do it.

I started hitting her in different ways, when I was hitting her, her whole body was swaying to the beat, her breasts were jumping from side to side.

There was a very loud rumbling, uh……oh……ah ah ah and louder and louder, these sounds shook the house. Today I poured all the sperm inside my mother-in-law’s pussy after having sex for about 20-25 minutes.

Mother’s stomach was hot and slippery inside

After having sex, he took her to a bar. After that, I lay with my mother-in-law and touched her tits and pussy, and told funny stories for a while.

If you see Mr. Nitai, you will not leave me again? That’s why even your father-in-law can’t keep me away from you.

As long as this pussy of mine can give you happiness, I will serve you. You can enjoy my body whenever you want, I won’t.

I caressed my mother-in-law for a while and put her on the bed and came back to my room. Today I had a lot of fun fucking Magita, in a word I got complete happiness from her today.

Very generous Mone has put everything in front of me, has not done any stinginess today. I will also appreciate this kindness of my mother-in-law. If he comes to me, I will never give him back. Part 2 Ejaculate wipe all mother-in-law’s hair

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