Part 2 Fucked by boy in front of girl’s eyes by jibon


Part 2 Fucked by boy in front of girl’s eyes by jibon

(5) Again about the butterfly

That day, when mom said, I have to sleep with dad at night, I immediately decided that I will take dad’s camel today. Sneha Magi took her father’s, I only took my grandfather’s.

If father’s bull is taken, I will go ahead of him again. Dad will surely fuck me if I suck his cock.

I know older guys like me love to fuck young chicks.

My father also wears tumpadi at work. When he came home, Bablidi also brought his sister Rita. I know what happens when the door is closed at noon.

Father fell asleep shortly after bedtime. Get some deep sleep, then I’ll start playing. I closed my eyes and waited.

Part 1 Fucked by boy in front of girl’s eyes by jibon

Aki? Dad hugs me and rubs his nose on me, my dad’s penis is touching my waist. Lightly pressing the milk and saying tumpa tumpa.

Well done, there will be no problem to install. It calmed down after a while. I understand that he is doing this in his sleep. He thought I was a fool.

I lowered father’s bermuda a little, the camel is half awake. I started shaking it. Dad’s cock started to get erect. I was having a lot of fun. After a while dad started squeezing my milk again.

After a while, I will eat my father’s cock. Father removed his hand, meaning he woke up, he recognized me. I’m still shaking the ram.

Don’t move my hand. That means the girl’s little hands feel good. I took my father’s hand and put it in the milk again. This time it started to press again.

My father Malta seems to have liked the milk of the little girl very well. When people of this age see little girls like me, their tongues drool.

In no time, father started to lick me with his tongue, biting the milk. I am my own daughter, don’t eat.

In that house, Mom must have put Dadabhai’s cock in her pussy by now. I have kept the vagina open because I will take father’s bull in this room. Ah, father, insert the ram now.

Ahhhhhh the cock is hot, daddy starts to fuck me. Seeing that Bal Sneha, I went ahead of you.

(6) Arpita again

In the morning, I saw that both father and daughter were sleeping. I knew it would be like this.

The butterfly’s male body is a little more hungry. My daughter is over me, while Riku is like a father.

His skills, abilities, will are all like his father. Shiuli seems to be like my aunt, she is shy, but I can understand that she has a lot of sex in her body.

Riku played with her milky pussy. But the girl could not step in front of her own grandfather out of shame. If she sleeps with her father, the daughter’s shame will be broken.

After putting on one girl, there will be no objection to put on another girl. Even so, when she comes home, the elder daughter takes a good look at Shiuli’s juicy milk. The last two times he came and planted the butterfly.

This time too, when he came on the first day, he called Titli to bed, he fucked my little girl all night.

The next day I told him, what the hell, the eldest daughter has grown up, has not done anything yet, you will see once? He said, I gave it tomorrow.

Part 1 Kire Magi is very fond of sucking, isn’t it?

Part 2 Kire Magi is very fond of sucking, isn’t it?

Oh no no, don’t rush it, I’m talking about Shiuli. Chutki also applies to To Riku. He was surprised to hear, said, So Chutki is quite an expert in bed.

Well, if I don’t sleep with Shiuli today, would you stay at night? Yes, I will.

I went and told Shiuli that you and your father are sleeping today, the girl’s cheeks turned red.

Then I said that I will stay too. Then he said ok.

That means Titli will have to be left in Riku’s hands today. My body began to shiver, thinking how to get the baby sister alone all night, how to fuck her.

Who knows, whether they will throw goods inside. Can it be done anymore? Yesterday his father put the goods inside Chutki. If not now, grandfather will throw it.

If you don’t allow it at home, who knows when the girl will take off her panty in front of someone and lie down with her legs apart. This is better than that.

Titli heard it. He came in the afternoon and said, Mom, I and Divya are sleeping with Dad.

Divya seems to be shy if you are with her. It seems like you are sleeping in another bed, Divai didn’t step close to Dadabhai.

Although granddaddy didi’s milk butts are all sticky. I thought it might be right. What daughter and mother will cross their legs for father in front of him.

No matter how much he licks the pussy. Especially when he is not as open as a butterfly. I no longer told Shiuli that I would not be there that night and Chutki would be there.

(7) Shiuli again

How was father doing after he found out he was sleeping with me, but little mother would be with him. So maybe I seem to be overthinking.

Sister is very rude, do what you are doing with grandfather, do it with father or some of those? Of course, I saw this on Mandira’s mobile phone. But outside, maybe.

Well, the way grandfather puts his hands on me, sleeps with father, will father also put his hands on me like that? It’s been so long since grandpa rubbed that hard thing of his on my ass.

Chotama and father will do that in front of me at night? How to do with grandfather? Or how sister and grandfather do? They open everything now even during the day.

Mandira says your mother is very sexy. That’s why your grandfather and sister have become different. I may also have a lot of sex in my body, but I’m very shy.

I don’t know if Chhotama was not at home at night, maybe everything would have happened to me with Dada Bhai.

At night when I was sleeping, my sister came in. Once inside, he took off his shirt and threw it on the floor. Bra panty is not worn at home. After going out, she sometimes doesn’t wear a bra.

He went to the bed and slept while swinging his ass. What else do I do, I also lie down. A little later father came in. Bonuke was very happy to see Langta.

I was not allowed to sleep in my father’s house for so long. And today, the sister came to Langta. Do everything in front of me. Does that mean father will do me?

Our two sisters together? Isssssssssssssssssss. Father came and undressed himself. Just wearing a pair of shorts. He came and started kissing his sister.

And started pressing milk with one hand. The lights didn’t turn off, so they wanted me to see everything well.

I opened my eyes very little. Again and again I thought I should turn to the other side and sleep. But I don’t know what attraction was forcing me to watch.

Father was sucking sister’s milk. Dad went to bed after a while, sister took off dad’s shorts and made dad languish right in front of my eyes. The sister took that of the father and started licking it with her tongue.

Sometimes squinting to see if I’m watching. When I saw it, he put it in his mouth and started sucking it. Yessss my panties are wet. Dad’s is completely erect.

Sister sat on top of father and inserted father’s penis into her vagina. Then Dule Dule started fucking himself.

Mandira told me, it’s called cowgirl pose. He did everything with one of his teachers and BF. Father and sister’s milk started to squeeze.

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A little later the sister brought her face to the father. Baba started sucking her lips. Both of their tongues and lips are mingling with each other, their saliva is also mingling.

Dad then laid his sister down and started fucking her in missionary pose. I was watching everything with my eyes open. I feel very hot, I’m sweating.

Father suddenly raised a hand and started squeezing my milk. I was surprised and embarrassed but it felt so good. So I could not remove my father’s hand.

My milk began to squeeze as father and sister fucked each other. I looked at my father and smiled a little. By now I understood that soon my father would be lying on top of my body instead of my sister. Baba started unbuttoning the front of the frock.

Then he put his hand in and grabbed the open milk. One and a half years ago, only grandfather and a stranger on the bus squeezed my milk. So I was very fond of eating dudhtepa from my father.

After a while, father came towards me after stopping my sister from fucking. He held my hand, then started kissing me, while squeezing the milk.

Sister came behind me and started to unbutton my frock. As soon as the frock went down, father put his mouth on my milk and started sucking it.

This is the first time someone has mouthed my milk. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, what a happiness filled my body.

Mandira, Jayita, Rupsa Shruti they all slept with someone or the other. Only me and Shreya were left. This time I didn’t stay anymore. My own father would fuck me.

Shreya can no longer be kept a virgin, if she is brought home, my father or grandfather, someone will make her a bed. Dad sucked my milk and laid me down again.

Then he opened the frock and panty together. I was very ashamed to be like this in front of my father. I tried to cover the gold with my hands.

Baba removed his hand and turned his face to Sonata. Ummmmmmmmm daddyaaaaaa. The father seems to have become extremely excited with his two daughters in bed together.

While father was licking my pussy, sister came and started sucking my milk. Father and sister playing together like this was spreading the addiction of sex in my body. Uffff, so much happiness in bed?

After licking for some time, father lay down on the bed, sister left me and went to father, started sucking father’s tricked treasure, then called me with a finger gesture.

I also crawled towards my father. I was looking at my father’s wealth like a greedy person. I’ve seen my sister sucking her grandfather’s in the fucking video many times.

I also wanted to suck. But I could never tell anyone out of shame. I came forward and licked Dhan Mundi like a sister, it felt good.

It’s very rude, but very funny. So I put it in my mouth and started sucking it. The sister grabbed my hair and started pulling me down on my head.

As I was sucking my father’s cock, my shame was cut and the dirty wild girl inside was coming out like a butterfly.

Sister came and started licking my pussy. I realized that daddy’s fucking was getting my pussy ready for food. Baba laid me down and spread my legs, then began to rub the ram’s head on the petals of my anus.

My body was shaking with happiness. The sister came and let her press the milk and said in her ear, “Divai, I will have sex with my father now.” But it will take a while.

He started kissing me. While rubbing, father suddenly hit and pushed the cock into my pussy, I screamed and went to get up.

Sister held her face and said, it will take a while, then we will see the fun. I heard it too, so I bit my lip trying to bear the pain.

Sister started sucking my milk to relax me. Dad came and started fucking me. I also started having fun.

Sensual sounds like aahh ummmm started coming out of my mouth. Sister got up and kissed father, father started playing with milk to suck sister’s lips.

I could understand how happy the father was to have his two baby girls together to fuck. After a while dad started fucking me hard, I scratched dad’s back.

While I was fucking my father, my pussy water fell, and my father was also fucking me. Sister said, Baba Divya can’t take it anymore, you throw the material in her pussy now.

Dad heard that and increased the speed of thrusting, after a while my pussy was flooded with hot material, this happiness made me water again.

I fell down. Sister sucked father’s cock and licked my pussy juice. Then the material that came out of my pussy started to lick.

Dad lied beside me and told me to let him tickle my milk and navel with his finger, next time maal felbor in your mouth.

Dad calls me mother and sister sonama. Sister lay on my other side and said, happy birthday diva.

I remembered that I turned 18 today as the date. Once again the two sisters fucked their father together and the three of them fell asleep.

In the morning, I woke up to the touch of a well-known cow, my grandfather was rubbing his cow on my ass and squeezing milk, like before.

But I’m not the same as before, so I reached out and grabbed my grandfather’s camel. It is very hard and hot. I looked and saw that my sister was sleeping next to me, but my father was not at home.

I turned around and started kissing Dada. I was still shaking dada’s cock, dada started playing with his finger on my pussy and kissing me.

After a while I told dada to come in, I know he was very greedy for my body, he lifted my legs on his shoulder and started fucking. I am having a good birthday.

First my father and now I am enjoying my pussy with this grandfather’s cock. Grandfather also has a lot of energy, yesterday he must have fucked Chotama all night. Now I am also being fucked very hard.

It feels so good to fuck my grandpa. I saw my sister lying down watching me and my grandfather having sex. After fucking me a little, Dadabhai called my sister.

After the sister crawled and sat down, the grandfather began to rub her. And started fingering my pussy.

So long when Dadabhai rubbed his cock on my ass, I really wanted to lie down in front of him with my legs apart.

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The way he fucks a younger sister, he will surely like to fuck a fat sister like me. Jayita and Mandira also said, Dadabhai is very good.

But I couldn’t fuck with her because of shame. From now on, there is no stopping to fuck whenever you want. After being fucked by father and grandfather one after another, I felt like I was a very naughty person.

After fucking our two sisters, grandfather threw all his hot material in my mouth, seeing my sister looking greedily, I threw some material from my mouth into her mouth as well.

Then the two sisters cleaned the cock of the grandfather by sucking it. Tonight me and dad will sleep only, grandpa will hug sister and mom.

Thinking when it will be night, when I will take my father’s cock again, I hugged my sister and fell asleep. Part 2 Fucked by boy in front of girl’s eyes by jibon

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