porokia sex bd My first porokia sex story


porokia sex bd My first porokia sex story

Bangla chatty UK

bangla choti uk

When I woke up in the morning, I saw that Dhonmama was sleeping. Not at all. what is difficult Not so hard for a long time. It’s not work time.

I remember thinking about Lily from the office last night. I fell asleep without holding Lily on the bed. I never looked down on Lily.

I mean, I never thought that I would ever catch him, kiss him. I used to see the girl with loving eyes. The girl deprived of her husband’s love.

Lately, however, Lily has been busy showing off her body parts a little more. And how do I pass up this opportunity? porokia sex bd My first porokia sex story

When someone flaunts his body in front of me for pleasure, I can’t stop him. Did not eat as much as possible.

Lily may not be performing for me, but as her thin georgette sari-wrapped body moves in front of me, my eyes turn to the two high mountains of the chest, the curves of the ass, the mask of a seemingly good man.

Today we will see the strength of the bhoda phata dhon

Just a few years ago, her breast size was not 32. Wearing a bra was embarrassing. Now I see that the chest is like 36 size. bangla choti uk

I’m sure they are hanging. Because I saw it hanging in a smaller state. But now it is growing in that hanging state.

And I think of Lily’s hanging milk and harden sometimes. What Lily will think if you know? very bad But there is a chance to be happy.

Because he may be deprived of sexual pleasure for a long time. It is difficult for a girl who knows this taste at this age not to.

So Lily will be happy if I sleep with her. I went to his house one day. He lives alone at home.

Lily today I will be here for you porokia sex bd my first porokia sex story


I want

What is the real story? Did you quarrel with the daughter-in-law?

you got it right you are very intelligent bangla choti uk

Seeing your face, I understand that something has happened. Otherwise you come to my house in life too


I think I will hide you here for two days. I will eat, talk with you, sleep.

say what

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Why, won’t let me stay porokia sex bd My first porokia sex story

No, I mean you’re not that kind of person

If you have any objection, let me go somewhere else

Oh no no, you stay.

Your husband will not come?

He does not know this house

Very well, your husband, my wife, we both ran away from each other.

Hee hee bangla choti uk



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How beautiful are you lately?

Is that so?

Indeed, after the quarrel with his wife, he wanted to come to you

I don’t understand porokia sex bd My first porokia sex story

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don’t understand I don’t have any beauty that I will leave in anger. Then you thought of becoming a beauty.

Such a deprived beauty is alone, she is not. I went with him for two days and came back happily.

Dad, what are you talking about?

Lily indeed

You can’t say no. I will be with you as you wish. I will do whatever I want. Can’t stop it.
What do you want? Whatever you want

don’t know exactly I will sleep on your lap, hug you and do everything that is pleasant for both of us. Everything except something that hurts. bangla choti uk

you are crazy

If you’re crazy, you’re crazy. If you have any objections, let me know.

oh no I have no objection.

But listen, I’m telling you this because I’ve been here for two days and you’ve been as polite and good a person as I am, the most important thing is that we’re both people of the opposite sex.

Even when two strange men and women are in a room alone, different physical chemistry works, accidents happen. porokia sex bd My first porokia sex story

At the end of the sex, I took out the contents of the stomach of the young magi

I don’t know if something like that will happen to us or not, but if something like that happens I can’t call it an accident. Because this is the natural response of male and female attraction.

And I’m not ashamed or sorry for that. Whatever we do, we do it intuitively.

We are both bereft of our respective spouses so there is no reason to be ashamed if we do that. I understand your point. But I never thought of you like that.

I didn’t think so either. But the truth is that after entering your room and seeing you, my body was getting hot.

So I warned you in advance, what’s the use of warning, can I stop you?

Why can’t you interrupt, see if I insist?

You know I won’t stop you at anything


I am afraid of you. bangla choti uk

Dhet, if you are afraid, I will not catch you. If I go then hey no no, I mean if you want something I can’t do porokia sex bd my first porokia sex story

Why? tell me

In fact, if you catch me, it’s lucky for me. How many girls will have this luck.

Oh father, you made me a hero. But Lily Begum, I don’t want to be a hero today. I want to be a playboy. you are my playgirl agree?


come closer

Then I took Lily with both hands. I am sitting on the bed, Lily is standing in front of me. I buried my face in his chest. I buried my nose in the soft breast wrapped in a soft saree blouse.

Not wearing a bra. I rubbed my face on both breasts and took Om. kiss Two hands on two ass. I started pressing the soft ass. Her butt is also big now.

After that, I put my hands on the plump breasts that were hanging inside the red blouse. porokia sex bd My first porokia sex story

I understand that it has expired long ago. I don’t eat such milk even if I get it for free. But this is the milk of the lily.

Excited to enjoy illegal pleasures. Today I will play with her hanging milk. Always dreamed of tight milk. Today, I will give joy with Jhulan milk.

Lilio must have dreamed for so long that someone would come and give her happiness by eating her milk. So wearing a thin saree tried to increase attractiveness.

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I finished by rubbing the soft fluffy breasts over the blouse. Then I sat on my lap. I unbuttoned the blouse and started playing with the bare breasts. bangla choti uk

It hangs down near the stomach. But Botaduto is amazing. tight I stood in front of him again.

After that, I started sucking the nipple of the right breast. Lily closed her eyes happily. I had a lot of fun sucking. I sucked.

Then I started sucking both fingers together. I could never do this because my wife’s breasts are small. I did the lilies today. porokia sex bd My first porokia sex story

Great pleasure in sucking two fingers together. Then I stroked her armpit with my hand. In the meantime, Lily herself has taken off her saree and is wearing only a saiya.

He looked strange. Lily standing in front of me naked with milk hanging in black dress. I started shaking the milk with my hands.

Play a house with one. Lily started laughing amused. I said

I suck a lot. Now it’s your turn to suck


I pointed to the tall and upright bull, what is it?

Oma….this is so big, I can’t Dada

Why is your mouth smaller than this?

No, never tasted it before

Do I look bad?

No, beautiful. But I’m afraid porokia sex bd is my first porokia sex story

Fear not, it is washed, clean. You will understand when you take it in your mouth.


Then he knelt down in front of me and grabbed my hard cock. Probably excited more. Kiss a mundi. I rubbed the mundi on her cheek. Full face.

Ah, my happiness. Chirik got up inside. This time Shali will not go without, if you overdo it, I will forcefully throw the material into your mouth. bangla choti uk

But Lily slowly eased up, sucking like a blue movie heroine. I began to enjoy the inside out.

I said, suck hard. On one hand he is sucking and on the other hand I am caressing his earlobe. Once he could not bear it. He said out loud

Dada put me in, I can’t anymore.


Not in the face, but below. Inside that.

Which porokia sex bd is my first porokia sex story

Durchai you don’t know what girls are

Inside your gold?


But it will not be unfair to put in gold? You are not divorced

But grandpa I can’t anymore. My juices are coming out. Please put me in.

There is no condom.

i have

You have, say what. How do you have a condom?

Why do you ask so much? You’re coming to fuck me, fuck. Why don’t you fuck?

No, I will not fuck. But excite me a little more. Take the whole thing in your mouth and suck it.

Extreme excitement after such a minute of sucking. But my plan is to cum out of her mouth. If he keeps condoms at home, that means he is a magician.

You must have sex with other people. I won’t tell him. If you say, you can do it. I stuck the whole penis in my mouth at the extreme moment. porokia sex bd My first porokia sex story

I couldn’t hold it anymore. Chirik chirik goods out. I poured all the material into Lily’s mouth, then pulled out the softened penis. bangla choti uk

What did you do, grandpa?


He poured it all in my mouth

Girls love to eat it, isn’t it funny?

Salty, salty is good, what a sexy smell? Don’t you like it?

But what is right to eat these things?

Hey, I don’t understand Betik, what’s wrong with you? I will fuck anyway

Where did he fuck, he left everything in his mouth, now it has expired

Hey fool where is the end, so many beginnings. I left the first goods in the mouth because now I want it in your gold

I would enter, the goods would be out within half a minute. Do you want a half minute fuck?

No, I want at least fifteen minutes porokia sex bd My first porokia sex story

That’s why, the first material comes out quickly, now I will start playing again after half an hour, then you will see that I can fuck you for a long time. We have all day and night left

In fact, they are said for peace. Because it has become a bigger job than fucking him, I suck it with him. However, I will not give up.

I want to get his golden fun too. Sona seems to be loose like a breast. I went to the bathroom and washed the penis and slept.

After half an hour Lily got on top of me. Now the whole thing. Sitting on my stomach, I saw her gold material spread. wet

I tested the gold with a finger. the back Can be inserted easily. But my penis is still small. I told her to suck for a minute, then it will be hard. Lily agreed.

He took the soft penis in his mouth and started sucking. As the suckling grew fat again, Lily slowly sat down on it and took it inside her gold. bangla choti uk

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Now I lie down and sit on my stomach. He started playing with his waist swinging. The penis is moving in and out.

He is doing Utbs. I felt the hot lava inside her. I also started hitting from below.

After beating like that for fifteen minutes, I said I will fuck you now. Then I put him in doggy style and started beating him. I cut it to pieces.

I saw through Uki that her hanging breasts were jumping like mad as if they were going to be torn from her chest. Actually my beating was hard. Because his sonata was loose. porokia sex bd My first porokia sex story

If you don’t hit hard, there is no excitement. Within a few moments, the goods were removed from her, and I was also removed. But suddenly I noticed that I had sex without a condom. what else to do I wouldn’t even have fun if I took a condom.

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