Sex encounter with hot lady stranger in 5-star hotel


I had to travel a lot because of my work as a field manager. So I went to Mumbai to visit the field where I had booked a room in a 5-star hotel. I work until 6 pm and after that, I am on my own.

One day, I was locking my room to go outside and explore places nearby. I saw a woman wearing a black dress and going back to her room. She saw me and went inside. I felt as if she wanted me to come inside. I ignored it at that time and continued with my exploration.

I sat around a beach in a cafe to have a glass of beer and some chicken lollipops. I was enjoying the sunset while having a beer, but at the back of my mind, that woman in a black dress was also roaming around. What if I saw her again? What will I say to her? Her room was right next to mine. Should I knock on her gate and invite her for a date and blah blah?

I was not able to take my mind away from that woman. Well, it was dark now and I left for my room again. I wanted to take a deep nap so that I could start fresh and visit the site tomorrow with a fresh mind.

I woke up in the morning and took a shower and then went to the balcony to put my clothes there to dry. Suddenly, I noticed the same woman who was wearing the black dress the previous day, drying her hair with a towel on the balcony next to me!

She looked like a top-notch model with a height of 5.8, long black hair, and a face with perfect cuts. Her pink lips were noticeable and all I could think at that time was how good her lips will look when she will give me a blowjob! I started fantasizing about her.

After drying her hair, she started smoking and put her leg on the edge of the balcony strip. Through the cut in her robe, I could see her upper thighs. She was doing all this on purpose, I guess because it was so evident to me. She was hitting on me indirectly.

Then I also did not give her any attention, but damn, she was so hot and her ass was as perfect as an apple! If I got a chance, I could eat her apple. Her fine lips, her pear bod, uff, I couldn’t bear much. I went back inside the room.

After 3-5 minutes, somebody knocked at my door. I woke up and saw the same woman asking if she could be good company. Who the fuck wakes up at 3:00 am and asks for company to spend with?! I couldn’t believe this woman wanted to spend time with me. So I told her to come inside and gave her some wine in a glass.

Then she told me that she could not sleep alone as she got scared. She was struggling to sleep for a while now. I told her it was okay and she could join me and if she wanted, she could sleep on my bed while I slept on the couch. To this –

She said: Can we both share a bed if you don’t mind?

Me: Hmm..You don’t have a problem with me sleeping with you?

She: No! I would love to share a bed. I already disturbed your privacy, I can’t take your whole bed and make you sleep on the couch.

Me: Okay! Never mind, I will sleep on the left side, you can sleep on the right side of the bed.

She: Ok.

After 10 minutes of talking, we went to sleep. As decided, I slept on the left side and she slept on the right side. I was so shocked that a woman on whom I had a recent crush was sleeping next to me. I did not want to react or do anything dirty to her so that she could feel alright. I was not able to sleep and was facing the wall.

After almost 30 minutes, I felt something on my back. I noticed that it was her hand. She told me to hug her. While I hugged her, I could feel her warm breath. I badly wanted to kiss and do her, but this time, I did not stop as I was hard with her touch.

I lifted her face a little and started kissing her on the lips. She bit my lips and said, “You play so hard to get!”

I smirked a little because I knew that she wanted to get into my pants. I started kissing hard and lifted her, “Sit on your throne,” I said to her. She sat on my face, I licked her pussy and ate her. I slapped her ass, I could feel the water coming out of her pussy.

Stranger in Mumbai hotel face-sitting

Then I put her to bed and stood on the floor, putting my cock in her mouth. I throat-fucked her for almost 5 minutes and then fingered her hole. She started moaning loudly, “Ahhhh..Yesss..Oh yeahh..Fuck yes, yes!!!”

She loved my fingers doing their magic. Then I pulled my trigger and launched into her wet pussy.

That slut wanted to get fucked so hard. She held my ass with her hand and started giving me a push so that I can go more deep. I fucked her with slow strokes first, but then I went faster and started hard strokes. Those strokes made me cum in 10 minutes.

She wanted me to fuck her more, so I did not pull out my cock from her pussy and filled her with my white discharge. I did not stop and kept on fucking her more. My dick became small after cumming, but she took it inside her mouth again and made it hard.

Again, I started fucking her and in doggy position this time. I fucked her for about 20 minutes and my dick getting itchy because of fucking so much. She came on my cock this time and I cummed on her face. I collapsed on her boobs and slept for 5 minutes and then I went to clean up myself. She also washed her pussy and we went to sleep, hugging each other.

We woke up the next morning, and I couldn’t believe that I fucked a total stranger! I don’t even know her name or anything about her. And now she had left and checked out from the hotel. I hope I will meet her somewhere again!

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