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Hi. My name is Aryan. This is a real incident of my life. Long story short, It happened to me recently in Banglore. I met Ritika through common friends. We really started getting friendly very soon. She was that very friendly girl who accepted things they were and wasn’t judgemental about it. Soon we started discussing our common interests. We used to hang out often and it was fun to be around her. I never had any sexual intention towards her.

One day we decided to get drunk at her flat. We had drunk before but it was first time at her flat. She was very sophisticated when it comes to her home. It was night and you can view the whole city blistering with bright lights from her 15th storey building. The hallway had beautiful mood lights inbuild. And a huge screen adjacent to Sofas. It felt like a different realm altogether.

We decided to watch Your Name. We sat on carpet, she tossed open the Wine and pour wine in beautiful glasses. So to be precise we were all set for a beautiful Movie night. The mood lights were turned on and we started the movie.

Frankly it was escape from life style. And the movie added cherry on top to this moment. It felt so great after long time. Everything was so beautiful. Life was worth living again it felt. The movie was playing in the background, the beautiful aroma in air, perfect lights, beautiful view of the city and a great friend, I cant express enough. The great side of wine is, it hits you slowly. And it whirls and grabs you inside itself and shows the beautiful aspect of life. Slowly we both started getting drunk.

We tossed another glass of wine and cheered. I loved the way she was there, in the moment. She was so jolly, I have never seen her this happy and I felt happiest seeing her happy. I don’t know what and why and how, but was euphoric. In one of scene she felt so emotional that she grabbed me by arms and put her head on my shoulder. It was something normal between us so I didn’t focus anything there.

The movie got romantic and the wine felt tipsy now. I too lay my head over her head. Her hair smelled too good that I lost myself into the aroma it. And she grabbed me closer to her, I guess the movie and wine got us closer. I was still lost into her aroma. The next thing that she did was keep her hand on my lap and I didn’t knew what it meant, but slowly I started sliding one of hands towards hers.

Trust me, I had thousands of questions popped inside my head, whether should I advance my fingers and touch hers. I was so much in dilemma I sat numb there thinking what to do. The next step I take was a major decision, and if I advance , I had strong intuition that nothing is going to remain same. I slowly touch tip of her smooth fingers to which she reciprocated. I closed my eyes and started playing with her fingers. At first it felt confusing but later we got used to it. She was rubbing my fingers as if asking me something and I communicated from touch signalling something that I too cant compile what I traversed. And finally we grabbed our hands together marking coalition of togetherness.

I took the initiative first and started put my chin up on her neck and smelling her. She was best perfume I had ever smelled. And I can feel her lost into imagination of something, close her eyes and breath heavily as if as storm was growing wild inside her. I touched her neck with my hands and could feel the storm inside her grow wilder now. She was resisting to something yet wanted that something, lost in her dilemma. And her breath grew intense and I knew I was catalysing her inner storm. And whip of second she turn around to face me. I knew she had decided something, her next move was going to be deciding factor.
Let me describe her. She was lady of white complexion, in her 23’s, beauty any guy would die for with most beautiful eyes. She was 5’5 and had very athletic body as she used to play Squash. She was wearing joggers and lose T shirt for comfort and tied a pony tail.

And now she was turned red, her eyes gawking mine, breathing heavily. I was calm enough to understand what she was signalling. We had an eye contact and I didn’t lose her for almost 10 seconds. Then she broke and lowered her gaze towards my lips. And the storm had calmed, it was so quite there. Next thing I remember she sat on my lap facing me, her legs grabbing my wasit, whirling her hands around my head. And she looked very different, her expressions, her breath, red eyes. She looked hottest. She pulled me closer and I came closer to her. We were traversing towards each other in slow motion, first I felt breath of her mouth then our eye lids strike each others and last my lips felt warmth.

Our lips stacked over each other. She slid her lip open and her tongue tossed out of her lips and I reciprocated mine. Our lips exchanged a motion as if they were playing sinusoidal motion. Sometimes I was licking her lower tongue sometimes she was doing mine. I was lost. A perfect smooch. We ended a session of kiss a leaned back and she came back with greater force, this time with heavy breath and I was losing myself to the storm of her breath, I couldn’t hold myself longer and I came strong now and slowly went below her lips. She raised her head allowing me to go below and I could feel her desire to be kissed further. I smelled her neck to which she burst with sudden moan. I slowly licked her neck to which she put her hands inside my shirt and slowly started rubbing my back which slowly turned into scratching my back. She was softly moaning now, and pulled me tight towards her. And I was kissing her neck more passionately now. Her T-shirt was holding me off from kissing comfortably, so I put my hands into her lower waist and raised her T-Shirt above. She supported my cause and put her hands up and her Shirt came off. What a beautiful sight I had in front of me. She was in blue Bra. Her bra covered sight beneath but couldn’t hold that cleavage that conjured together in the end. I knew what I had to do now. I leaped ahead and started licking her neck now, kissing her everyway she wanted to be kissed. I started kissing her neck and ascend below a bit. The warmth of her cleavage felt comforting that out of curiosity I started licking it. Now she started moaning more frequently.

My hands were behind her back and it was matter of time those Bra could withstand their presence anymore. I went up to her lips again and we kissed passionately. She knew something was coming off. My hands unhooked her bra and now her straps hanging off of gravity. Her back was naked and we ended the kiss. She lay back and unfolded her arms and I pulled off her arms. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. She sighed a bit trying to hid it but later surrendered to my eye sight. I told myself, they are Huge. Two huge boobs in front of me. Then I saw her nipples popping out, I knew she was turned on. I pulled my hand out and put them on her breast. It was the best feeling of my life. I tried to grab by my hands and it was bigger than my fist. I slowly moved my fingers down and her nipples were rocking hard. I pinched to tease her and she moaned with joy. Meanwhile she unbuttoned my Shirt and removed them. Our upper half nude we shared. She touched my tummy and I gazed her eyes. I pulled her close and started licking her neck from where I left off. I slowly moved beneath and licked her boobs. It felt so smooth and spongy. I was licking and playing with her boobs to which she responded by moaning loudly. Slowly whispering in my ears, “Yes, Please”. I went and licked her nipples, they were so hard that she screamed out. I knew that’s what she wanted. I sucked them, bit them and I love the sight of her screaming and humping out of joy. I put my face between both boobs and then realized what Heaven feels like. To big boobs.

So take it further, I slowly hands towards her belly and massaged it. The way she communicated was the best part of all these. She knew what was coming next and let me take her to heaven. I slowly slid lower navel and her pants. I rubbed her joggers. She was trembling with joy. And slowly slid it inside her joggers to her pubic region. It was cleanly shaved and I couldn’t admire it anymore. I could feel the shaved pubes and saw her expressions. Something deep she was feeling and enjoying. She was lost in it’s expressions. Suddenly she too pulled her hands towards my zip not knowing why she kept her hands there. And I slowly ascended my hands further. It was warm inside her panties. And then I felt wet. Her panties was all wet, enough to drip off. And I touched soft tissues inside, it was her lips and she went wild. To which she unzip ,my pants and put her hands inside it. I went and squeezed her pussy lips in between my fingers. She too reciprocated putting her hands inside my pants now. Her lips were very wet. It was sticky enough to slid between my fingers. No friction existed in between her lips. And as I was parting her lips, more of liquid squirted out. So I went up and touched her Clit. She retaliated by moaning loud and grabbing my dick through my underwear.

She was squeezing my dick and I knew she wasn’t aware what she was doing, but she did it. I started playing with her clit. Up down, circle, just every motion. Then one moment separated her lips and inserted my middle fingers. She just jump out of pain. She couldn’t resist to this so indicated me to pull her pants down. She just rose up and pulled her pants and threw it away not caring. And next she came up and pulled my pants down. She then put her inside my underwear. She exactly knew how to handle it. She held my dick and started teasing it. I was nude and so was she. She sat on her legs and parted my legs. She tied her hairs again and then she played my dick with hands. Massaging it and she pulled my skin out and gave me a naughty look and bend down. She spitted on it and licked my tip first. Then she lick side wise with tongue and wet my dick. She licked my balls and then licked my outer skin. I was high on sky, I saw her licking my dick. She was doing with utmost passion and she knew how to lick me. Her expression changed every time.

Then she swallowed my dicked inside her mouth and thrusted it. She was moving her head to and fro and making gaggling sound each time she sucked it. Soon she started sucking and rolling her tongue simultaneously and I was losing myself to her now. I surrendered to her. I just closed my eyes and let it be. Now she gave me deep throats taking my dick fully inside her mouth. Then she started stroking it with her hands and sucking it. I could never have thought how many ways my dick could be sucked. She showed it all. Then after few moments I was about to have my climax. I pulled her head start banging it with my dick. And when I was about to cum she asked to cum inside her mouth. Finally I loaded tonnes of cum inside her mouth which she swallowed. And I was finally back in reality. I could never had been sucked so much better.

We both exchanged smiles. Now I knew it was my turn. I laid her down. Her pussy was very wet. I put my hands around her legs muscles feeling her thigh. Slightly spanking it. I parted her legs and circle around her pubes. Slowly I saw her turn on. I parted her lips and played with clit. Then insert a finger inside her. I loved how she grew wilder and moan louder for more. And thrusted my fingers. She then grab my head and asked me to lick it. I bend down and pull my tongue out. I licked her lips gently. My tongues parted her lips which were very sticky that I had to do it every time. I put my tongue inside her pussy and licked her lips. I licked beneath the cavity of her pussy where I could have. It had a mild smell, I guess she had cleaned her pussy. Then dip my tongue deep inside where I could and she went mad each time I did. She started rubbing her boobs as well I was licking it. She grew restless and moaned louder now.

Then she suddenly asked me to fuck her. She had condom in her droor cabinet which she pulled out. She tore it and put it on my dick. We kissed passionately and the she laid below. I slowly held my dick while she opened her legs apart. I directed it towards her pussy slowly outer lips and then slowly thrusted inside her pussy. She screamed like hell. Ahhh. I pulled it out and thrusted it inside and she screamed again but now with ease. I kept repeating this and her screams changed to moans. She kept moaning pleading for more and faster. I kept doing this. Then I put one of her legs on top of mine and now I was able to fuck her with ease and deeper inside. I held her and choked and fucked her. We had a eye contact and it was sexiest thing in the world. And she loved every bit of it.

Next she came over me took control. We did Cow Girl. We just tried all positions and the way she screamed was horniest thing you can listen to. Then I started spanking her to which she grew aggressive and scratch me. I would press her boobs squeeze it and fuck it. We kissed and fucked. I don’t know how horny I was but she was horniest thing I knew.
Then I grew my thrust faster. To which she started to go wild. I didn’t knew what was happening as she going wild. Then she squirted loads out of her pussy. I was all wet. Then I went faster enough for her to squirt more of it. I was at my full pace and she was screaming like hell. Then I finally unloaded myself. And slowly my pace turned off. Then we saw each other and smiled off. I hugged her. We were tired enough by now. So we laid there and slept together hugging each other.


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