Sex with my sister padma


Hi friends this story is between me and my sister i am studying engineering and my sister is studying intermediate my sister is beautiful and sexy figure she always wear tight fittings she always maintains her structure by doing yoga she is fair colour her name is padma and my self

i am studying engineering at vizag we wear very close just like friends i used to come home every 3to4 months and when i used to come to home me and my sister used to go movies and party’s and we used to go long drive also i actually doesn’t have any sex feelings on my sister but last month when i came home i saw my sister doing yoga early morning in black yoga dress and next day she was doing yoga in pink colour yoga dress and i started watching her daily morning secretly in yoga dress my sister boobs her ass was clearly visable and my looks are on my sister boobs and her beautiful ass

From then i got sex feelings on my sister and my cock was increasing when ever i see my beautiful sister padma and i started jerking my cock it continued for another 4days my parents and my sister asked me when are you going to vizag college and then i said i want to take rest i will go to vizag next week then they said ok and my mind was thinking i should convince my sister and have sex with her and i started my plans and i asked my sister will you teach me yoga then she said why not definitely i will teach you brother and we went to shop and purchased yoga dress for me

Next morning we started yoga and when i used to get chance i used to touch my sister in her private parts but she doesn’t say anything we did yoga for 2days and suddenly my relatives called my father and said your sister passed away with heart attack and said to us lets go but my sister said dad i have important work at college and i have to submit project reports its very urgent pls dad try to understand then my father said how can you stay alone at home padma and i said dad i will stay with her you and mom go but you have to go to college then i said its ok no problem i will manage sure yaa sure dad no problem and my parents went to village and i was very happy for this golden opportunity and we completed our yoga and went for bath and after bath i said to my sister pls dont go to college take leave till our parents come but brother i have to submit project work pls padma pls then my sister gave a smile and said ok and i said lets go out for breakfast and we went by bike and while driving i was keeping sudden breaks so that my sister boobs touches my body and my sister didn’t say anything then i thought my plan was working we reached to hotel and we ordered breakfast and i started conversation padma nowerdays you are looking beautiful and hot because of your yoga am i right yes brother you are right and gave a beautiful smile and thankyou brother for your compliment and i asked do you have any boyfriend sister know i dont have boyfriend many of them are trying me but i ignore them but why are you asking me no just causally i am asking sister acha do you have any girl friend at college brother pls pls tell me truth don’t lie me brother then i said yes i have girl friend then my sister asked me to tell her name and i said i will tell you her name at home ok brother and we completed our breakfast and reached our home and my sister started asking her name i said relax be cool i will definitely tell her name and we just sat and started watching tv and my sister again started asking me her name then i said i will tell her name but you should not get angry give promise to me then only i will tell her name ok promise i wont get angry tell her name ok her her her name name is padma and you are my girlfriend my sister gave smile i know that i said how did you know yes i know when you were watching me every day morning when i am doing yoga you are watching me secretly when you asked me to teach yoga i was conform that you have feelings and lust and crush on me and every day you are jerking your cock and i was watching you secretly and from then i also got feelings on you and you were touching my private parts while doing yoga and wantedly i said dad that i have work at college are you saying real padma yes i am telling you truth then we can have sex yes brother i am ready then i was very happy and we went to bedroom and started kissing eachother we huged each other and i gave lipkiss to my beautiful sister she also gave me lipkiss and my cock became stiff i removed my sister clothes my sister removed my clothes we were naked started kissing eachother brother your cock is so big she touched my cock and started jerking i was rubbing my sister boobs and pressing her we were enjoying a lot thanks so much i said its ok brother you can fuck me my sister put my my cock in her mouth and started sucking my cock i was enjoying padma padma so nice pls suck my cock very nice suck it sssss haaaa i was mooning padma i love you i to love you my brother are you happy brother yes my sister i am happy and she started sucking my balls i was feeling very happy padma do you watch porn yes i watch she was sucking my ass also i was in heaven padma you are my bitch i will fuck you ok brother fuck my pussy and i touched my sister pussy her pussy was wet and i started jerking her pussy she was mooning sssss ssssz haaaa haaa ssss haaa brother do it dont stop and i pushed my fingers into my sister pussy brother do it do it so nice and i started licking her pussy she was mooning and enjoying and i licked her ass also i was enjoying a lot she said fuck me and i took my cock and entered my cock in her pussy and started fucking her she was enjoying my fuck brother fuck me fuck me harder more harder dont stop fuck fuck your sister i was also enjoying and fucking my sister hard we were mooning each other and i fucked her in doggy position and i said i am cumming she said cum in my pussy i want to feel your sperm in my pussy ok sister i started fucking her hard and cummed my sperm inside my sister pussy and slept on her and we had sex 4times so this is my story friends pls comment me friends if you like my story

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