Sex with my Software Colleague in Bangalore


Hello everyone, I am your Praveen. This is my first story.

I am working for a multinational IT company in Bangalore. The heroine of the story is my dream girl; her name is Aishwarya. Aishwarya is my colleague and office friend. She is endowed with all the ‘wealth’ that befits her name. She looks like the Tamil actress Janani Iyer.

Her body structure is 32-26-32. She looks a little short, but she looks damn hot with perfect curves. Since I saw her, I wanted to do her anyway, but there was no chance of it. Whenever I got a chance, I enjoyed touching her hands and shoulders. At times, I have even managed to rub her soft breast once.

As the days passed like this, one day the day that I wanted came. Yes, that day came, which turned my office friend into a feast for me. It was a Sunday. Since I work for a multinational company, we had to work on a few Sundays. I had to come to the office that day as I had some work to be done, and so did she.

On that day, she came wearing a black saree without a dupatta. Her body parts were exposed. Since it was a Sunday, there were very few people in the office. My chance was waiting for me when I came. I finished my work and went to her place to see what she was doing.

Meanwhile, she had finished her work and was looking for something on her mobile. She had kept one hand between her thighs. She didn’t turn back and notice me, so I went to my cabin, called her mobile, and asked her if she was coming for a tea break. She said she would come in 5 minutes.

We were on the 7th floor, so when the lift came down, I asked her what she was doing inside. She answered smiling, “Nothing, just working.” There was a little nervousness on her face. I said, “Don’t lie, I came to your cabin before I called.”

I saw her facial expressions changing and without giving her time to think, I leaned her against the wall of the lift, kissed her on the lips, squeezed her breasts, and pressed the stop button in the lift with my other hand!

At first, my colleague resisted, but then she started enjoying the warmth of my lips and my bold behavior. After lip-kissing, I inserted my hand inside her top from below and squeezed her breasts. At that time, we moved away out of fear that someone might restart the lift.

Then we both got out of the lift. We didn’t face each other while sitting in the tea shop and drinking tea. After some time, she started the conversation –

Aishu: Why did you do that?

Me: What?

Aishu: Don’t act like you don’t know.

I pretended like I didn’t really know.

Aishu: Why did you do that in a lift?

Me: Why were you self-pleasuring alone in the cabin? I just thought of helping you. (I winked at her.)

She gave me a stare.

Then there was silence, and I started.

Me: Did you like it?

Aishu: Which one?

Me: What did I do in the lift?

Aishu: What did you do?

I asked her if I should repeat what I had done and she immediately abused me, saying “Poruki” and sat next to me and beat me.

After having tea, we got into the lift to go to the office. This time, she leaned me against the lift wall and stopped the lift! This time, I cupped her cheek, put my tongue in her mouth, played with her tongue, and drank all her saliva.

With our lips locked, I stroked her hair and pinched my office friend’s nipple over the dress. She stopped. I asked her what happened and she said that it would become a problem if someone saw us. I said okay and asked if she could come to my house. She asked what would happen if someone came.

Me: You know that I have taken the house alone

She was hesitating for a moment. Finally, she said okay.

I told her to sit on my bike and then we went to my house. I bought a packet of condoms at the medical store along the way.

We reached home in the next 10 minutes. My house was on the 5th floor. While going in the lift, I placed my hand on her waist, pulled her towards me, and kissed her on the lips. The lift reached the 5th floor and I entered the house.

When I reached the door, I pulled her and kissed her all over her face. She also started feeling hot all over her body. I took off my t-shirt and pants and hugged her only briefly and kissed her. After kissing her, I picked her up and put her on my bed. I went near her and blessed her whole body with kisses, starting from the forehead.

First, I gave my colleague a kiss on her forehead and then came to her two eyelids and then came to her cheeks. Her cheeks became very red. I blew air on her cheeks; she made a smile with a cute dimple. I put my tongue on it and kissed her cheek.

Then I went near her ear and asked, “Aishu, do you like it?” and she let out a soft “hmm” and closed her eyes. I kissed her ear, nibbled, and licked her earlobes. She hugged me tighter and held me to be with her.

Then I saw her face. She was very happy and excited to see what I was going to do. I pecked her sweet lips, stroked them with my finger, and gently brushed her lips with mine. She was completely overwhelmed with lust.

Then I came down. There were some beads of sweat on my colleague girl’s neck. I licked it with the tip of my tongue. It tasted luscious and sweet. Then I moved closer to her neck, with the tip of my tongue kissing her neck and drawing close to her top lining.

I again went up and asked, “Aishu, can I undress you?” and she shyly said yes.

I woke her up and took off her leggings and top. She was in just s bra and panty. I have to say this: she had no tan lines, her body was so smooth, and her covered skin had a silky texture. I couldn’t control seeing a girl half-naked.

I started rubbing and feeling her skin. (I could feel the softness of it even while typing this.) I rubbed and felt her body until she stopped getting a ticklish feel.

I came down, kissed her neck, kissed the cleavage visible above her bra, and kept it on. She immediately hugged me. I came down and started kissing her along with her bra. She was enjoying it, shivering and twisting. I put my mouth on the breast along with the bra. The nipples were firm and erect. Then I removed the bra and freed her breast. The dark brown nipple on the white breast was wonderful.

I stroked her breast with my tongue and gently stroked her nipples. I bit her nipples and started drinking milk. She hugged my face with her breast. Her body was hot and throbbing with lust. I moved my hand down, caressed her beautiful navel, and gently tickled her belly button.

Then I left her and went to the kitchen. She looked curious. When she came, I brought ice cubes in a bowl. I put her on the bed and kissed her on the lips. Then I put the ice on her mouth, put my mouth on her mouth, and kissed her with the ice cube melting in the heat. Then I took the ice, brought it through her neck, and placed the ice on her navel. She was shivering in the cold. So I put ice on her navel. She continued to throb.

Then she came down and sat in the middle of her leg, gave the first kiss to her feet near her ankle, came up her leg, knee, and thigh, and finally reached her central (mysterious) region. Her pants were wet as a result of all the foreplay. I kissed it and smelled it. She brushed my hair and held my hair in the palm.

Then I removed her pants, and my colleague resisted. I went up and kissed her and removed her pants with one hand. She covered her vagina. I got up and looked at her in awe. Such a beauty! What a lucky day I was having in my life!

She covered her body with her hands. Then I took off my inners. When she saw it, her eyes widened and narrowed. I got a decent-looking 5-inch erect penis. Then I went near her mouth after rubbing my penis with my hand. She said, “No, I won’t do it by mouth.” I accepted but I convinced her for the 69 position.

After that, I lied down in the 69 position and played with my office friend’s pussy. She got excited, played with my penis, and gave me a peck (kiss). We played like that for 15 minutes. Her vagina oozed nectar. Then I put her on the bed, went between her legs, and rubbed my penis tip on her. She started moaning, asking me to push in. I wore a condom.

I slowly let the penis in. At first, it was very difficult, and she started throbbing on the way. It didn’t even go halfway, so I took it out. Then again I put saliva in her pussy opening and penis tip, and again I inserted the penis. This time, I entered it faster, and three-quarters of the penis went in one stroke. She started enjoying the pleasure. She throbbed a lot on the way; I stayed still, then I kept the hand on the nipple and kissed her on the lips.

After a 2-minute kiss, I moved my upper hips and started moaning, and this time the pain lessened a bit, and she started enjoying the pleasure.

I started with slow strokes. Time and time, I increased the speed and started hitting her, and the pain went away from her. She started enjoying the pleasure of lust. The whole room was filled with only her voice. “Hmmm….aaaahhh… ssshhhhhssss..” She scratched my neck and back while moaning.

I got excited by hearing my colleague’s moan. My penis picked up speed and soon, I felt her vagina contracting and squeezing my movements. She hugged me and bit my neck. Suddenly, she climaxed “Ahhhhhhhhhhh” and hugged me. I also reached climax and shot out my load of semen.

We both hugged and lay down. Then we both went to the bathroom. We had a cuddling session with water dripping. After that, we left her at her house and returned home. We messaged on WhatsApp and talked about what happened today. We both were happy, shared our lust, and tried out some fantasies.

The end.

Please share your feedback! If you are interested and looking for a non-judgmental and trustworthy friend to share your stories and fantasy, connect me on Gmail or Google Chat [email protected] or telegram @PraveenPandu

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