The Goodnight Kiss – erotic story


I watch you getting ready for bed, enjoying the nearness of you – the
closeness of this space we share.

With a tired sigh, you crawl beneath the covers and I stretch out next to
you, my body hungry for the comforting warmth I know I will find in your

“God, I am beat–” you manage between yawns and I smile inwardly at your
words as teasing ideas float through my mind.

“You should get some rest–” I murmur softly, leaning over to touch my lips
gently to yours. “It’s been a long day for you.”

I relax into the kiss with a contented sigh, feeling your lips moving
gently against mine, and as your arms wrap around me to pull me into your
embrace, I deepen the kiss, thrilling to your moan of approval.

I move from your lips, to your chin, to your neck, planting tiny kisses
everywhere my lips touch and I smile wickedly against your skin as my hands
slowly snake their way to the back of your neck, entwining themselves in
the soft curls there.

Softly, rhythmically, I begin to caress you, my fingers dancing over your
skin and through your hair, seducing the sweet spot I have come to know so

I have to fight not to laugh out loud as I hear your sharp intake of breath
and watch your eyes fly open to capture my gaze.

I widen my eyes, batting them innocently and put on my best ‘Is there
something wrong?’ look – trying desperately to maintain a straight face but
knowing you can read me like a book.

“I’m really, really tired, kitten–” you murmur softly, almost accusingly,
as my hands continue their seductive ministrations and I watch you fight
not to give in to the wonderful sensations that beckon you.

I giggle softly, unable to help myself, and lean down to brush a gentle
kiss against your forehead, all the while increasing the tempo and caresses
of my fingers.

“Then I think you should go to sleep, babe–” I whisper next to your ear,
enjoying this tease, this show of affection that I have started. “Just
relax and close your eyes.”

My lips rain soft kisses down upon your face, tracing a path to your other
ear and I feel my heartbeat quicken at the sound of your quiet moans.

My hands, insistent in their quest for your pleasure, dance across the nape
of your neck in unrelenting caresses. A rippling of goosebumps follows
wherever my fingers touch and I cannot resist a smug smile as I realize *I*
have done this to you.

I move to whisper soft words of loving in your ear and as I bend down I am
suddenly aware of your gaze upon me– piercing in its intensity and

Too late, I realize I am no longer the stalker, but the prey and within the
space of a heartbeat I feel your hands gently close on my wrists as you
roll me over and pin me beneath you, a teasing smile of your own framing
your lips.

Breathlessly, I gaze up at you, falling into the bottomless depths of your
eyes and I am once again struck by my love for you – this love that we
share. I watch your eyes darken with promise and I feel the familiar
wetness begin to pool at my core.

I lick my lips in excited anticipation and against my thigh I feel the
heavy heat of your arousal. Impatiently, I shift my hips against you and
try to raise my arms, straining against your hands to touch you, but you
hold fast to my wrists and shake your head with a smile.

“You wanted to tease, kitten–” you chuckle softly. “I’m just going to
help you out.”

I watch, fascinated, as you lower your lips to mine and my mouth opens
hungrily to you, begging your tongue to enter and I moan my satisfaction
into your mouth.

Your hips circle against my thigh, once, twice, pressing your hardness
against me, as though to remind us both of pleasures yet to come. I cannot
help but whimper my frustration and my hips rise toward you again,
seeking– searching–

“Not yet–” you whisper softly as I feel your lips being to move with
tantalizing slowness down to my neck and throat. “First things first–”

I know where you are headed, know what is coming and I am helpless to do
anything but close my eyes in delicious anticipation, feeling the wetness
between my legs growing with every sweet touch of your lips.

Your breath, hot and moist against my bare skin, moves gently over me and I
ache with the closeness of you. I feel your lips, warm and wet, close
teasingly over one breast and I am gone – flashes of light dancing behind
my closed eyes.

“Oh, please baby–” It is a plea, a request, a prayer– fueled by the
sweet flow of ecstasy coursing through my veins and I know you understand.

“Please what, kitten?” I hear you murmur. “Tell me what you want– tell

I struggle to form the words but nothing makes sense. Your lips and tongue
have chased all coherent thought from my mind. I can only focus on the
pleasure of your touch and as I feel your mouth moving against me, loving
me, the heat uncoils in my center and I arch up toward you with a cry,
sobbing my pleasure as I come.

I feel your mouth still loving me, nuzzling me gently as I float back down
and I struggle to return to myself, seeking out your gaze with a tremulous
smile. You smile back, as though understanding this magical place that I
have been to and I reach out my arms to you, pulling you into my embrace.

“I want you *now*–” I whisper as our bodies slide intimately against one
another. “Please Michael– I need you–”

I feel you move softly between my legs and as you enter me with a gentle
thrust I feel my hips rise off the bed to meet you, groaning with the sheer
heaven of having you inside me.

I look up into your smiling face and reach up to bring your lips to mine.
Tongues duel as bodies dance and as I feel our bodies rising together,
stroking and urging each other on, I am filled with a deep love and
satisfaction unlike any I have ever known.

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