virgin meye choda Virginity ends in first kiss


virgin meye choda Virginity ends in first kiss

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bangla choti uk

My love relationship with him was 2 years. We never imagined having sex before marriage. But I don’t understand how it all happened.

That day was a rainy night and I had just arrived from Chittagong at Kamalapur at 9.30 pm and I and my girlfriend Priya went to receive him.

From there we went straight to Rain’s house, everything was already planned. His parents were not at home, so I managed to use this opportunity and somehow managed to get permission to stay out at night. virgin meye choda Virginity ends in first kiss

I have not introduced myself before that. I am Samia, I am 20 years old and figure size is 32-28-32.

Her name is Mahin, she is 24 years old and go see, what more can I say that any girl who sees her will not be able to control herself at least once in her mind, lust will arise to get her closer.

Just like her body, her gaze look at her eyes, it seems to swallow whole with her eyes, more beautiful than that, her lips make me want to bite. bangla choti uk

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This time, let’s come to the real story, that day I had my first sex with her. I still remember that night.

We went to my friend’s house and got fresh. After eating and drinking at night, Priya told us tora rest, I went to my room. virgin meye choda Virginity ends in first kiss

Now only me and Mahin in the room, I’m a little scared… I’m also a little shy, I don’t know what’s going to happen today.

Mahin closed the door after Priya left and then he came in front of me and held me tightly and I was also pressed against his chest.

After holding me for a long time, he picked me up in his lap and laid me on the bed and then started kissing me.

Kissing my forehead, eyes, lips. The lips are sucking as if they are going to burst. He is driving me crazy by kissing neck, neck, chest. bangla choti uk

Then she sat me down and removed my clothes I am wearing a light pink color bra over that bra she started squeezing milk and rubbing her mouth.

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After removing the bra, she jumped on my milk with one hand pressing the milk and sucking the other milk with her mouth, as if to spill the milk.

After sucking milk for a long time, this time it started going down, filling my chest, belly, navel with kisses.

On the other hand, there is water in my stomach, which is called the juice of youth, what is slippery and thick, it seems as if it will burst and all the juice will come out.

I opened her shirt, pant, wow, what is her body, light hair on her chest, my head is completely lost seeing her.

He took off my pajama and put his hand over the pen.
I got a little shiver. virgin meye choda Virginity ends in first kiss

Then he inserted his fingers and began to stir. Bhonda put his finger in Bhondar’s mouth. I gasped in a bit of pain, squirming in excitement. bangla choti uk

He says, if you get sick with this, know what to do when I insert my fat dhon.

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I noticed…
Her 6 inch penis wants to come out through the underwear.

I couldn’t bear it anymore as soon as I put my hand on her vagina for sucking it became more swollen and hard….. Without waiting even a second I started sucking her cock.

Oh what a hot dish!!! With a slightly salty mouthful of test, I shoved the whole dhon down my throat.

This time I am sucking the cock inside the mouth up and down.

He holds my hair with one hand and squeezes my milk with the other hand. He was enjoying very much…. It is clear from his face.

After 5 minutes of sucking, she laid me down

Kissing on the tip of the pen and tickling with the fingers. He asked me, can I insert tongue in your mouth? virgin meye choda Virginity ends in first kiss

I said do whatever you want today, no restrictions. bangla choti uk

As soon as the pen was opened, it fell into the pot. Bhondar is trying to insert the whole finger in the hole. I said, it won’t be like this, you have to insert the machine… and he laughed

After seeing the juice, his head went completely wrong. And without waiting a bit, Bhonda started licking with his tongue. Slippery licks up all the juices.

I started making ah-uh sounds in excitement. I spread my legs and he wants to eat my whole ass.
I press her head against my cock like I’m going to put her inside now.

Sucked the bhonda so much that after 5/6 minutes more slippery juice came out of the bhonda. I poured Bhondar cum juice in her mouth. He licked them and ate them.

Asking me, know how you feel!!!

I blushed and gave a small smile.

He grabbed me again. He said, know you are ready?
I said, know if I get pain and bleeding. He said, no honey, I will not hurt you.
Don’t be afraid, I’m here.

This time he sat between my legs. His 6 inch thick cock is set on my chubby face and rubbing it. Ah uh ah what a relief!!! Feeling tickled.

I said, know I can’t anymore. bangla choti uk

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Please put it in, put it in and crack it. Now slowly began to press.

Nothing was going into my tight vagina. virgin meye choda Virginity ends in first kiss

He gave a sudden and strong push and the entire dhon entered my vagina. I screamed Omago, ugh, that hurts.

He started kissing me on the lips. I felt like my jaw was broken.

After that, I saw blood coming out of the mouth. I got scared and started crying.
He said, it is not known at first, it happens to everyone.

I went to the bathroom and washed off the blood. After coming, I slept again. This time he put a pillow under my waist. Then sitting between my legs, he set the dhon again and slowly started to insert it inside the bhonda.

At first it began to throb a little slowly. I said, know more and more and more hard cud know cud crack my cock.

He started fucking me hard like that. I started screaming ah uh ah.
He says, how do you feel? bangla choti uk
I said, I never got so much happiness in my life, you know the happiness you gave me today. I didn’t know that cud is so much fun.

He is fucking me and squeezing milk with his hands. First time after 6/7 minutes his goods were bared. He threw them on my chest. Then held me and lay down.

After a while, the money was raised again. I sucked his treasure again and tightened it. This time he is saying, doggy style to sleep lying on his ass.

I lay down like that and knelt backwards and gave Dhon a thump in the groin…Ah what happiness!!! The sound of rotting is from the rubbing of dhon and bhondar. virgin meye choda Virginity ends in first kiss

He seems to have gone mad this time, just as a tiger goes mad when it sees its prey. Knocking loudly. I am oohing and ahhing with excitement. It hurts a little but it’s still fun to fuck her.

Then he says that he will put the rice in the pot. I said that I do not agree to anything, the pain I got when I put it in the bottle and if I put it here, I will faint.

He says, “Betha will not get it. I have arranged everything. After that, he is applying a gel on the penis, a gel for sliding…

Then he tried to put pressure on my vagina and put it in, but nothing was going in. I want to move again and again. But he will give it…hebi stubborn.

Then at one point he gave a strong pressure, half of the money went into the putki… I was half in pain. Omago I’m dead…hurry up please I started screaming.
He says, bear with me, you will have fun after a while. bangla choti uk

Slowly trying to insert the whole dhon and pushing little by little. After a while I started to like it too. By that time, the whole Dhon has entered like a place. I told him, you shouldn’t have forced it here.
I couldn’t understand the fun of it, Jan.

After beating for 3/4 minutes, remove the rice from there and put it in the pot again.

My pussy likes your long cock fucking

He says, do you feel good?

I said, after everything, give me peace first, take peace yourself, crack it.

After a lot of sex, her goods came out. I took her cock in my mouth and sucked it.

And then he was doing ah-uhh with his hands. We both hugged each other and gave a satisfied smile. In this way we had sex 5/6 times in total throughout the night.

After sex we went to shower. I stood there again and had sex once. That night is never to be forgotten bangla choti uk

The first man in my life who took my virginity was Mahin. Since then we used to have sex often. virgin meye choda Virginity ends in first kiss

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