Your quickie – analsex and french kiss with a hotwife


You get to the party at 9:45 PM, and started mingling, looking for friends or
someone you knew. Since it was one of your coworkers house, your found a couple
of buddies near the pool table where I was. You saw me, and remembered you had
seen me before. You saw me on the New Year’s party at the office, and on the
office Beach Party last summer. Yes, that’s the one you remember me the most
from, right? You couldn’t stop checking me out on my bikini. Then you remember
that I must have been there with my husband, since he’s your friend and
coworker. You looked around and found him, still ignoring me, talking to his
buddies. Your eyes find mine again and your mouth says “Hi”. You see me smile
and wave back. You go back to talking to your friends for a while and when you
look back I’m not there anymore. You find me talking another of your coworkers
near the bathroom. You walk towards us, checking me out, thinking about the
bikini and how good my boobs and ass looked that day at the beach. You see I’m
wearing a short black skirt, black thigh high fishnet stockings, black knee high
boot stilettos, white long sleeve see through blouse, and black lace bra. You’re
thinking, not very far from the truth, that I’m a slut. You shake your
coworker’s hand and say “Hello”. You look surprised when I lean towards you and
kiss you on the cheek very close to your lips. You can smell the alcohol on my
breath when I whisper “Hello” still very close to your face. Your friend starts
talking to you, but you can’t keep your eyes off me. You see me put my right
foot on a nearby chair and say out loud “My feet are killing me” as I bend over
and start caressing my foot through my boot. You can now easily see that I’m
wearing a black thong.

You have to move a bit when the bathroom door opens and your coworker’s wife
comes out. You tell them it was nice seeing them, and then your eyes go back to
me. You hold the door open for me leaving a small space between you and the
door. You see me smile as I move towards the bathroom, turn around to go through
the door making my ass rub against your crotch. You put a hand on my hips but I
turn around and say “I left my purse”. You feel my tits against your chest. You
see me go to a chair and get my purse and open it. You watch closely as I put my
hand in it and take a condom out. You look at me straight in the eyes when I
pass again, rubbing my tits against your chest and I say “Ooops, I dropped
something”. Then you see me go into the bathroom and almost close the door. You
pick up the condom and watch me through the barely open door as I, looking back
at you, pull my skirt up and thong down and bend over the toilet. You can see my
hairless cunt is already wet. I open my legs and start rubbing my slit with one,
then two fingers. Your cock is already hard. You decide that you’ve seen
enough, come inside and close the door. You see me smile as you start to get
your pants down. You pull down your underwear and start fumbling with the condom
package. You finally open it and put it on. You can see I’m a bit desperate. You
put the tip of your cock in my wet pussy and with one push, you get all of it
in. You’re balls deep inside my hot and wet cunt. You pull out, and then fuck it
all in again. You hear me moan. You repeat the process again, pulling out
completely and then shoving your big cock inside me. You get worried when my
moans get louder and louder. You take a hand towel and shove it in my mouth,
then grab my hips and start fucking me hard and fast. You keep looking as my ass
cheeks as they shake with every thrust. You love the sound your dick makes as it
fucks my soaking wet pussy. You can hear my muffled cries of pleasure as your
hard fucking continues. You feel your balls slapping my pussy with every thrust.
You hear me cry and feel me tense up when my orgasm hit me. You feel my pussy
trying to milk your cock as I cum from the good hard fucking your giving me. You
slow down when my orgasm fades. You see me put my hands on my ass cheeks and
pull them apart, offering my asshole. You accept the invite and pull out. Then
you put your slippery and still rock hard cock in my ass and start pushing. You
put the head in, and then, inch by inch you put your big cock in my tight ass.
Soon enough you start fucking my ass with the same intensity as you fucked my
pussy. You notice that my moans of pleasure were replaced with grunts. You feel
me fucking you back. You see me pull the towel out of my mouth and say between
thrusts “tell… me… when… you’re… cumming…”, and you say “getting
there”. You start fucking me harder and faster and then almost yell “Now”. You
see me turn around, sit on the toilet and take your condom off. You grab my head
and pull me to your cock. You put your cock in my open mouth and start cumming
as soon as I start sucking on it. You dump a huge load in my mouth, and after
keeping it for a while to get the full taste of it, I swallow it. You’re still
twitching from your intense orgasm when I start licking and sucking your dick
and balls to get them clean. You start putting your cock in your pants as soon
as I let it go. You keep looking at me, not believing what just happened when I
point to the door and say “I need to pee, do you mind?”. You just turned around,
left the bathroom and went back to drinking with some friends.

The next time you see me I am, well knowing that you are watching me, french
kissing my husband, and you start thinking if he can taste your cum in my mouth.

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