A couple finds all the action at the adult theatre is not on the screen


You met me in one of the private booths in back. The screen came
on and rolled the movie I had selected. It was a story about a massage
parlor, and when the housewife went in and was surprised to get a woman
to serve her, I wrapped my arms around you and cupped your breasts,
hefting them and letting my fingers define their contours. Your
breathing got slow as you watched the housewife slowly strip, and I
lifted the front of your skirt to run my hand down and up your leg,
ending at your panties, which were already damp.

The woman doing the massage was rubbing and kissing the
housewife’s perky bottom now, and I matched her motions by kissing your
neck while I leaned you back against me so I could work my finger into
your panties and your hot slit. I rubbed my finger up, down, sometimes
in just a little, and you started writhing from side to side. By this
time the woman in the movie had the housewife’s legs over her shoulder
and she was tonguing the woman until she cried out and pounded her
hands against the massage table. You took my other hand off your
breast and pressed it to your mouth, muffling your own cries as your
other hand pushed mine so I was slicking my finger down and rubbing my
palm against your clit. You shook hard several times and bit my palm a

You wiggled in my lap as my finger swirled in your soppy slit. The
movie had changed scenes without our paying strict attention and now
there were three women in the massage room. The housewife was on her
back and one woman was squeezing her breasts while the other was
sliding a large grey dildo in and out of her. The housewife was moaning
loud, and I slipped my finger fully inside you, moving it in and out in
rhythm with the action on the screen. You finished unbuttoning your
blouse and slid your bra cups up and off to caress your own breasts as
I did this.

The woman with the dildo pressed it deep inside the housewife and
leaned down to suck her clit, while at the other end the woman
massaging the housewife’s breasts climbed up on the table and lowered
her crotch to receive the housewife’s tongue. I could hear your breath
coming in short pants, and I worked a second finger in between your
legs. You began rhythmically squeezing your legs around my hand, tight
then loose, tighter then loose, and when the woman on the table started
shaking all over you grabbed my hand and moved it in and out fast. You
shook once, twice, then rubbed your ass hard from side to side against
my crotch as you came, quietly, breathing hard…

You sat in my lap, leaning back against me as your breath returned
to normal. On the screen the two women had tied the housewife’s arms
onto the table and were tickling her with feathers. I watched the
scene as you got up and asked me to trade places. When I stood, you
quickly undid my belt and zipper, and tugged my pants down before
letting my sit on the bench in front of you. You slid your cool hands
into my briefs, moving your fingers down to play with each of my
testicles. I was already hard, and the visual stimulation on the
screen only enhanced the tactile stimulation of your fingers.

You left one hand casually stroking the bottom of my ball sac as
you withdrew the other one. I watched the women on the screen lift the
housewife’s legs, wondering, when your hand returned to the inside of
my briefs, warm and sticky-wet. You clasped me, making a loose fist,
and started moving your grip down and up my shaft, coming almost all
the way off the head on the upstroke. I opened my legs wider and
breathed a low “aaahhhhh” as my erection grew. You took advantage of
my spread legs to wiggle your fingers down to the soft spot between my
balls and my ass, and I lifted my hips involuntarily when you teased me
there with a sharp fingernail.

Your fingers and palms were working me quickly into a lather, and
when I opened my eyes again I gasped at the scene on the screen. One
woman had her face and tongue nestled between the housewife’s nether
globes while the other was slowly working an extremely large dildo in
and out of the housewife’s pussy. The camera zoomed and I could see
her labia stretched and tugging as the woman would pull it out. That
was the last straw, as I groaned and said “ohmy… ohhh I’m…

“I know,” you said, and you started lightly squeezing my balls
with one hand as you slid your other hand up and down. My groin
muscles spasmed and I jerked my hips, thrusting up and back at your
hand, sending wave after wave of sticky hot semen up onto your wrist
and hand, soaking my briefs (good thing you took down my pants) and
dripping down inside where your other hand rubbed the creamy stuff into
my balls. I closed my eyes as my jerks slowly grew farther between and
slower, less intense. Finally we sat there, your right hand lightly
stroking my balls as the movie came to an end and I heard you say, “So
what’s the second feature?”

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