bondhur bon choda girlfriend’s sister is sexy Mairi


bondhur bon choda girlfriend’s sister is sexy Mairi

The story I will write is a story of oppression. For 12 years that has repeatedly diverted my thought world. It may seem like a pauper’s story.

But recently I found out – there is no such thing as a pervert. Any sexual behavior is normal. So I am not here to discuss psychoanalytical theory again.

Because I have no desire to teach people about this. I want to tell a story of oppression. And it’s presented as eloquently as possible.

Because, at times, as much as I wanted to write a story with raggar – a self-censorship from within stopped me. So I could never write the original story.

I was constrained by the moral dictionary built in my head. So I am forced to write in the language of polite people.

But later I realized – I have a rude person inside me. That is very ugly. Let’s start the story.

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The reason why I didn’t marry Tahura after almost 12 years of love is her sister. Besides, there was no problem between us. I have loved for a long time, I have taken many risks.

I dragged a relationship for 12 years straight. Jobs are also almost managed. At this time I felt that if I marry Tahura, I will never be happy with her.

Of course, I told Tahura about this problem many times. Simply put – I often dream of making love with you.

But your sister keeps coming. I had a lot of fun in the dream but felt uncomfortable afterwards. However, this problem first started when our relationship was 4 years old.

Once after going to a friend’s house and drinking alcohol, I called Tahura and tried to get excited. But not being able to do that, I said in a glass of wine – I want to touch your sister very much. I feel like saying something more. But the line is cut.

The next day, however, I apologize a lot. But from that day onwards the matter started to increase. My fantasy around Tahura’s sister continued to grow. bondhur bon choda girlfriend’s sister is sexy Mairi

It once went to a fatal stage. I try to feel excited just thinking about Tahura’s sister. I remember the memories of long ago. Some memories are like this-

I first met Tahura’s sister while studying at Inter. Came to meet Tahura and met her sister. Love with Tahura. But still his chest did not rise.

But her sister is quite chubby. Honors in National College. Fourth year. At first glance, I understood the simple girl of Mofswal. Not yet love-treme.

No one’s hand fell on the chest. So that day we got into the rickshaw together. I studied in boys college. I have never sat so close to anyone.

Tahura’s sister’s wings came. felt cold I didn’t understand that much that day. Later, when I thought about it, I saw that there has been a repression in my mind since that day.

I kept looking for opportunities how to go to her house. After a few days there was an opportunity to go home for work. However, his father died a few months ago.

The family was helpless. Little brother, mother, Tahura and her sister Tanya live in one house. The younger brother reads in five. Don’t understand much.

Goes to Seva’s house with some fruits. I was introduced by a friend earlier. So there is no difficulty in getting entry. I went and heard Tahura out with his brother.

Tanya and her mother are the only ones at home. I thought – now the girl can be seen with a little ease of eyes. domestic environment I roam free.

Aunt Tanya gets busy seeing me. Thinking about what to do, what to eat. Makes syrup. Later I sat down to cut the apple that was missing. I look around like a good boy.

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Suddenly I saw Aunt Tanya bending down to cut apples. Tanya’s cleavage was visible as she bent down. Khati in Bengali means milk gap. I get dizzy.

Earlier, when I was riding in a rickshaw, the veil came off while getting down. I didn’t realize it was so big. Aunt Tanya is cutting apples and I am looking here and there and looking at my chest.

Suddenly, a big part of the milk has come out. And the stripe of the brown color bra is out. Not paying attention to that. bondhur bon choda girlfriend’s sister is sexy Mairi

After cutting the apple, he said – you keep eating them. I haven’t showered yet. Saying this he went to bath. I continue to eat apples in good spirits.

After a while he came out and pressed my toilet. Or want to go to the toilet. I went and saw the bra unbuttoned in the wet cloth and a black panty with it. Wash with wheel. I sit on the toilet and kiss the bra a few times. I think I am kissing Tanya’s whole chest.

After that day, I went to Tahurad’s house to see Tanya Apu more often. This also increases the closeness with Aunt Tanya. with Fantasia.

One day an opportunity comes. At that time Aunt Tanya was looking for a job. no father The house will have to catch up.

A cantonment school has a recruitment for the post of physical teacher. I tell this news to Tanya. And let’s say that – there needs to be given a detail about body size.

Aunty says – you help him a little. That day I got to know with various information – Tanya’s chest size is 38.

Since Bhaiba and the health examination will be in Dhaka, and there is no one to take Tanya Apu to their house, I agreed to go along. Inter is over. I also have free time.

Depart Dhaka with a single cabin. Tanya Apu was a little uncomfortable at first. Later I clear – Apu, I will sleep on the cabin floor.

You sleep upstairs. Still a relationship of respect. I don’t understand what is going on inside me. I took sleeping medicine with me while boarding the launch.

Intention was – I will eat if I don’t sleep. I did not sleep until many nights. I see Tanya is not awake. In the middle of the night I said – Sister, there is good sleep medicine.

eat and sleep Tomorrow morning bro. It won’t be good if you don’t sleep today. I saw – Aunt Tanya agreed to take medicine.

After eating, he said with a light sigh – I’m getting sleepy. And you don’t lie down. It will be cold. Show on the side. Brother is mine. I politely said no at first but later agreed. This is exactly what I wanted.

After a while I saw Tanya Apu sleeping comfortably. He just said once in his sleep – turn off the light. And call in the morning.

Call actually went out and spoke. Of course, the phone will come immediately. he knew come on I assured Tahura that we are going well. no problem He and his mother were very grateful to me.

I am lying in bed. can’t sleep The launch bed is also small. I see Tanya Apu lying in a crooked position. It looked like he was sleeping very well. bondhur bon choda girlfriend’s sister is sexy Mairi

I did this a few times that day under the pretext of movement. Purpose – to feel a little touch on his body. It took a few times. Little at first.

Later often. I tested whether he said anything. A few seconds the first few times. Then I stayed for a few minutes. He yawned a few times.

And once he said perhaps – you should relax. don’t bother I was more impressed by Tanya’s good nature. He is a good person.

The character is also good. In between, I came back from the toilet 2 times. winter night It’s cold outside. A small coating.

When I came from outside and went inside again, I saw Tanya’s sleeping condition again. Of course, high-powered medicine.

I believed that he would sleep unconsciously. In between, he turned from one side to the other. This time the cleavage is more clear.

I deliberately put my hands around that day and finally put my hands on his right run. I see no sense. Don’t even tell Sarai.

When I got a chance, I slowly brought my hand up from the top of the run. I still don’t have the courage to put my hand inside the shirt.

In between he moved twice. He said in a weak voice – sit down a little. I’m a bit simple. Later I put my hand again.

I saw that he is not saying anything now. On the run, I slowly took my hand on the ass. I was scared then.

I saw no re-action. I put my hands on the back of the ass well. My main purpose is actually to touch the chest.

Even then I did not dare to lie there and sleep. At the same time, the bra’s stripe started with the hand on the back. By then my lower back was very tight.

Somehow managed myself. Meanwhile, Tahura’s phone calls are coming again and again. I also feel bad in myself. This is what I still feel as I write.

After a while Tanya returned here again. I slowly took my hand to my chest. I think Tanya sensed it in her sleep. kolkata bangla choti golpo

He said – where to hand? I said – I did not see in the dark, sister. I was silent for 20 minutes. Suddenly there was a jolt in the launch.

This opportunity I directly touched Tanya’s milk. There was pressure. Aunt Tanya just said uh once and started to sleep again. bondhur bon choda girlfriend’s sister is sexy Mairi

After understanding the attitude, I started shaking my head. This time it’s spontaneous. Aunt Tanya does not say anything. He said only once – don’t do mischief Sabbir.

I said – no sister. It’s cold. I warm my hands a little. Aunt Tanya said – do it, then. Don’t do anything else. I said – no sister.

Just hold your hand. Your body is hot. Hearing this, he said – do what you like. But don’t do too much. Saying this he fell asleep again.

I slowly put my hand inside the shirt and sat with my hand on the navel. Then I slowly went down.

Anklets in pajamas. I could not put my hand in. I put my hands on the chama. The bark is barking. I said – Sister, did not cut? No medical tomorrow. He said – Uhu. no what do you do

I said – a little hand. I waved my hand on the chama. long time Tanya Apu started humming. I suddenly pulled the rope of the pajama and said – Sis, I will suck. Suck it, sister.

Aunt Tanya said – do what you like. Immediately I got courage. I said – Sister, I will drink your milk first. Aunt Tanya, come on. I gave my hand to the milk.

The half that I saw while cutting the apple that day, I wanted to see the whole of it today. I opened the shirt with pull.

Aunt Tanya was only wearing a bra. I turned on the mobile light. A cheap bra. the black But it’s too tight. I said – sister, eat.

Aunt Tanya said – slowly. Bra strap was opened and milk came out. So beautiful bota! I said – Apu, you are making bota josh by studying botany.

I just licked Tanya that night. I forgot about Tahura. I started kissing Tanya alternately. I continued to rub the skin with my hands. I scratched the skin with my hand.

He wanted to enter too much. I said – sister, I want to. Aunt Tanya said – Uhu. no Please, don’t do it. Sleepy voice.

Unable to control myself, I inserted my middle finger into Tanya’s foreskin. Pressing continuous milk with other hand.

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Tanya Apu got very excited. Stepped and grabbed my penis. I got up a little and put it in his mouth.

I saw him start sucking loudly. I said – don’t cut your hair for how many days? Do you have medical? (I descended from you to you). Tanya said – I don’t have time.

I am in a hurry. I said – cut? Comes with razor and foam. By that time, Tanya’s sleep had passed. Shame too. He said – give it.

Do not turn on the butt light. I took the foam out of the bag. I gently rubbed it on Tanya’s forehead. Even when I went to turn on the light, I did not turn it on. Tanya said – I will cut it in the dark. bondhur bon choda girlfriend’s sister is sexy Mairi

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