Chatty story of getting married to a lover and having sex at night


Chatty story of getting married to a lover and having sex at night

He did not introduce us at first. My name is Niloy and my wife affectionately calls me Janu. I am 25. I am 5 feet 11 in height. It is 7 inches long if the growth is not so thick.

My wife’s name is Noor Jahan. I affectionately call her Tuhu. Tuhu’s age is 24. The two are almost the same age.

Tuhu has a sexy figure. Even though he is 4 feet 9 in height, he is hot on that level. So hot that walking past me makes my cock stand up.

Now let’s come to the real story. My relationship with Tuhu started from college. Both studied in the same college. Although I was a batch senior to him.

He met her by helping a friend in admissions and at one point our relationship turned into love.

As I passed out from a college, I used to roam around the college regularly. We used to meet often.

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1st 1st with each other I couldn’t say any words out of shame. We used to meet somewhere around college in the 1st.

Later one day I asked her to meet her on a bridge and there 1st hold her hand and hug her. I kissed her 1st on that bridge and later one day while meeting I asked her to come without bra and on that day 1st I took the size of her mother.

Her tits were very soft and I realized her nipples were erect. That day I pressed her breasts a few times and later went to a restaurant to meet.

We were both sensual. When we went to the restaurant, we used to kiss on the lips. Our kisses continued until one was exhausted.

And Tuhu used to hold my cock or massage it on my pant while kissing. It’s been a long time since he’s been taking stuff out while massaging my cock.

Again I am kissing her and taking out her bhodha juice. But during love we never had sex. Chatty story of getting married to a lover and having sex at night

And Tuhu was quite simple. Since getting into a relationship with me, he became a bit more sensual. What if I can’t fuck her before marriage, but I fucked her many times through messages.

We had a lot of talks about how to kiss each other after marriage. When I passed Master’s in Chodachudi, Tuhu was raw.

He didn’t even know what style to secrete. I used to teach him almost everything through chat. How and how to fuck.

What is lust!! We used to discuss these issues regularly. It’s been a long time since we chatted in the morning and evening and both of us have gone out.

Too many times Tuhu ruined my lungi through sex chat. And I also wet his pants many times. We were both very sensual when it came to sex.

We would fuck in messages so it felt like we were doing it in real life. 1st when I took Tuhu to the restaurant and kissed her, I made her lips swell.

I was always wondering when I would dip this fast into the Tuhur Bhoda. That day was not left.

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After informing the family about our relationship, the family agreed to get married. We got married according to the rules.

Finally, after all the preparations, the night of our house came. We both were very excited to see when the night would come.

Basar night

Yes, not a word was said, but Tuhu told me earlier not to fuck her at Basar night. He has a lot of hobbies that will scream when he fucks me.

So he told her to take the 1st sex to a hotel. When I looked in the room, I saw my beautiful wife sitting for me. I went and sat next to him.

Just sitting and looking at him. I saw him very well. He said what do you see like this? I said you look amazing today.

He passed the glass of milk towards me. I ate some and gave it to him and he ate the rest. I got lost in some fascination.

What an amazing beauty she is! She said she felt very uncomfortable because the jewelry was falling. I told him to open everything. Chatty story of getting married to a lover and having sex at night

She took off all the jewelery one by one and went to the washroom to change the saree. He left the bathroom behind a pink color. I am just staring at him.

He looked so hot. When he came to bed he turned off the lamp and lit the dream light and sat on the bed. And we talked about different things.

Looking at the clock, it has already struck one. I asked if I could fuck him! He said don’t be naughty.

I said ok. We can’t do anything else. As soon as he said that, Tuhu started kissing me.

After being kissed for about five minutes, my penis started to puss. And I am pressing Tuhu’s breasts. I was very comfortable pressing her breasts. Her breasts did not want to be in my hands.

However, I twisted and twisted the breasts as much as I could. And I said if you don’t let me fuck your pussy then give me a little blow job.

She said I can give a blowjob if I want the whole nang. Immediately I took off all my clothes. When he took it in his mouth what a relief I got.

He slowly took my cock up to his throat. It’s time for my goods to come out. Just when I was going to talk about the goods coming out, he stopped me with a gesture and did not let me say anything.

He started kissing me with all the juice of my cock inside his mouth. At one point, both of us fell asleep.

Then one day the people of his father’s house took him away. After about 7 days he came back. I had already made all arrangements to go to Cox’s Bazar.

We went to Cox’s Bazar and stayed in a five star hotel. No sound can escape from the room and no outside sound can be heard inside the room.

I managed the room with great difficulty. As we arrived around noon, we went for a beach walk in the afternoon. And in the beach we kissed each other well.

We went into the room before evening. Later in the evening I couldn’t hold myself anymore. Yes, I lit all the candles around and turned off the lights.

An exciting atmosphere was created. Tuhu was trailing a blue three. He looked like that. To kiss Tuhu I took off her shirt and pant. bangladeshi choti golpo

She was wearing only bra and panty. He took off my pants and t-shirt in one fell swoop and stripped me all over. Chatty story of getting married to a lover and having sex at night

I told Tuhu that we are waiting for this day! Tuhu started kissing me ummmmmm…aaaaaaaaaa….ooooooo.

One time I made him crazy by kissing his neck. And my Dhon Babaji himself is standing and saluting. I opened Tuhu’s panty and started sucking her pussy.

She screamed in her mouth aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

The more she screams the harder I suck her pussy. He continues to praise Ahlad. And sometimes I was sticking my tongue inside her pussy.

In this way, he dropped the goods once. I stood up and held my cock in front of her mouth and she licked it very well.

My cock plunged all the way inside her mouth. I was tolerating the comfort of his licking with my eyes.

After licking for a while, he said, “Don’t fuck me!” I said fuck. Saying this, I took the cock out of his mouth and laid him down. I said to separate the legs.

He spread his legs like I said. Before entering the room, I was using a condom. I put on the condom.

I put on the condom and started rubbing my cock with her pussy. I said that today I will own your pussy.

Only my kingdom will run here. Saying this, I saw Tuhu turning red with shame. I gave a light pressure on her gold.

And Mago oooooooooooooooo……..I’m dead Reaaaaaaaaaaaaa screamed. I immediately hit another ram and jumped half-raised. He started screaming at that

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Without saying these things, I took another plunge. He screamed

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Says Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I realized that the curtain of his identity was torn.

I wondered if I could fuck my lucky wife this time? She said hmm..I laid her down and started beating her.

আর ওআআআআআআআআআআআআআআআআআ…….হুমমমমমমমমমমমমমম…..ওওওওওওওওওওওওওও।উফফফফফফফফফফফফফফফফফফফফফফফফ বলে বলে চিৎকার করতে লাগলো।

His whistle filled the whole room. It’s time for my juices to slowly come out. I took the cock out of the vagina and threw it inside her mouth. That night I fucked her 3 more times. Chatty story of getting married to a lover and having sex at night

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