bou chodar golpo love sex with new wife


bou chodar golpo love sex with new wife

Taher was half asleep on the bed watching the season. His beloved wife Maushun. It’s only been a month since the wedding. Taher is twenty four.

And season twenty two. Taher works in a private firm. Season is a housewife. There is no one in their three clans. Taher managed three days of vacation and came to this hill with his wife for honeymoon.

It arrived at noon today. Not finding a place in any hotel, finally at this stay home. The place is quite secluded. so be it Taher and Moushun liked the guest house very much.

Who likes crowds on their honeymoon? Owner Rony Samant. Quite a wide massive look. But very gentlemanly. He gave this room on the second floor as he liked. quite cold

But this room has room heater. And at this moment, at eight o’clock in the night, there is the body heat of two naked men and women. It was long ago. Taher looks good too.

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bou chodar golpo love sex with new wife

Hard working beautiful body structure. a little black But the chest is wide. compressed stomach Thigh like a thama. Grow beautiful and healthy. No fur anywhere. Clean shaven armpits and penis.

The growth is very tight now. After wrapping the skin, the bright red mundita came out. Not very big. Five and a half inches long and five inches thick, the shiny black haired mane is wet with sweat. He was looking at his wife half asleep.

Moushum was standing in front of Aymana and was languishing himself. Salwar kameez bra is all revealing. But was too shy to open the panty.

It’s a shame to be a complete langto in front of an unknown stranger. Taher has hugged her many times in this month. He rubbed his face on his chest.

Being a langto himself has tried to langto the season many times. But the season has repeatedly been avoided in various ways.

By caressing and massaging Taher in various ways, she has made him dull. Taher already sold out very quickly.

On top of that, the new wife scolded him and took out the goods faster. It’s been a month and he still hasn’t seen his wife’s pussy. Didn’t see the ass. Neither could suck milk well. Can you think?

The season is realizing that there is no escape today. Today Taher will crack her tight pussy. Little by little he was undressing himself.

And she was watching Taher on the bed through the mirror. Oof, what is his cock! Gorgeous redhead. He knows that Taher will say suck today. His pussy swelled just thinking about it.

Then he will use it to crack her pussy and fill the whole thing inside. Moushum could feel her prickly pussy oozing with sexual juices, soaking her panty.

Taher couldn’t bear it anymore. He came up and hugged Moushum from behind and started rubbing his hot manly lips on her ear, neck and neck.

Both hands started to pinch her breasts. His maddened attack made the entire body of the season on fire. He began to caress like a pet cat.

Taher now sat behind her and removed her panty one by one. The body composition of the season is excellent. As if made with great care. Not a very slim figure. Rather a little nadus nudus. very fair Lips like an orange cow.

The breasts are not as tight as ripe pomegranates. Above it are two large grape-like drops carefully placed on a dark brown round disk.

The stomach is a little bloated. very few It made her sexier. Beneath it is a lush land of beauty. Her clean shaven soft swollen pussy. Fair little.

What is called puffed pusy is absolutely delicious. The bulging flesh on both sides tried hard to hold back the juices.

But even that thick sweet juice dripped out like honey and soaked the pussy. The place smells of strong sex. Two thighs are like two peeled banana trees.

Pa leaves are very clean. Deep color nail polish on nails. And her ass is amazing. To which Taher is rubbing her face like crazy. Licking it with tongue and soaking it in saliva.

Her ass is quite full. soft cheeks Butt groove is obvious. The smell of the freshly bathed wife’s ass was drying by dipping her nose into the gap between the two buttocks.

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Heavy sweet smell. The season was going crazy. Unable to stay, she turned towards Taher and grabbed her wet pussy and her groom’s head.

At first Taher could not understand what to do. The vagina is covered with a soft, fluffy, buttery lump of flesh.

It is full of sexual juices. He started licking like crazy. The season was roaring. Somehow he said, go to bed. Taher picked her up and laid her on the bed.

He spread his legs apart and put his mouth on her pussy and started sucking. Instantly, the sticky juice from the vagina overflowed. Taher began to suck happily.

The season was making noise. happy words His soft body was trembling. Taher’s hair was held in both hands and held in the vagina.

Her breasts were very beautiful. So pulled Taher up and pressed his head against her chest.

Taher understood and started to suck and suck her milk. But Taher’s last condition. He could not control himself.

Thick, hot semen gushed out of his cock. He fell on the chest of the season. The whole body of the season is then on fire.

In that situation, this is the situation of her groom. The season was quite disappointing. Of course, it is not that he has much experience in sex. Even so, he felt a discomfort and dissatisfaction throughout his body.

Taher then got up and was quickly wiping off the thick white material from the season’s feet with a towel. Far from being inserted into the vagina, it was not even touched.

Taher’s face is very criminal. Despite a great discomfort throughout her body, Mausham’s Maya saw her groom’s condition.

It was not understood that the poor man’s goods would be out so soon. He came up and hugged Taher and patted his erect penis and said, Hey, this is the first time.

Don’t worry at all. Everything will be fine. Both of them hugged each other and kissed a lot. After that, the season went into the bathroom to take a bath.

Another person was watching their entire incident. Ronnie is the owner of Home Stay. There are two hidden cameras in this room. One on the mirror and one on the bed.

Another one is in the bathroom. This is his business. Among the husband and wife who come for honeymoon, he gives this room to the girl whose body he likes.

Total four rooms in home stay. This business was opened in this secluded place on purpose. They take videos of sex and sell them outside for a good price. Indian sex is in high demand abroad.

Another arrangement for the girl he likes a lot. After mixing drugs at dinner, he brought the girl to his bed in her sleep.

Fuck that sleeping girl like crazy all night. Everything is videotaped. In the morning, he again lays her next to her groom. So he didn’t keep any staff in the home stay. bou chodar golpo

His season was well received by the reception. Narm Saram is very sexy girl. Roni Samant goes crazy after seeing her chest lips and pussy. So this house allowed them to stay.

A little while ago, when Moushun was standing in front of the mirror and taking off her body one by one, Roni couldn’t control herself anymore.

Looking at the full length, the two seasoned milks were watching her belly wet with her pure juice and she was stroking her seven inch cock.

Ronnie’s face is huge and hairy. So is his growth. Langto saw the season today and decided that he must be picked up today.

As long as the soft and fair body is not able to fill the thigh gap like two fleshy pillars with his cock, he will not be at peace. Now again in gold. He saw his groom took out the goods as soon as it was ready.

Choda couldn’t even talk about love. Taher boy is good looking and his size is good. But it is a disease. The goods are out in a very short time.

In that respect, Ronnie is a master guy. An hour can go comfortably. Now his eyes went to the bathroom camera. The girl is full Langto.

Then Ronnie could not see the ass well. Looked good now. Moushum left the shower and washed the whole body. Aha aha! Absolutely butter.

Ronnie clutched both his legs. He was carrying two loads. His penis is huge. Stands up very firmly. Gorgeous redhead.

The skin is quite thick. Does not want to enter any vagina easily. The vagina is cracked and forced to be inserted. However, it seems that there is no need to crack even if the pulp of the season is achoda.

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The season began to rub soap all over. As soon as the vagina was rubbed with soap, it became warm again. His body still could not recover. The inside of the vagina is hot like fire. He inserted his finger in the vagina.

Oh what comfort! His eyes closed. First one then another….Then he inserted four fingers and started rubbing the coat inside the pussy.

A humming sound came out of his mouth. His condition is bad. There is a strong tremor throughout the body. All the energy of the whole body seems to be concentrated in the vagina. bou chodar golpo

Water gushed out of her pussy with a strong jerk. Another person has the same situation. Ronnie clutched the towel over his taut cock.

The mouth is making noise. And by pulling the skin of the cock and tickling it, thick semen like hot lava is trickling out of his egg-like thick penis. Both people are cold for now. bou chodar golpo love sex with new wife

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