Baudi’s big ass is fucked and licked with tongue


Baudi’s big ass is fucked and licked with tongue

How did my body feel? I ran to the bathroom. I didn’t notice that Boudi was in the bathroom. I pushed the door and saw Boudi standing in the shower. My body was not doing well for several days. I was alone that day.

And there was Boudi. It was noon. Boudi went to take a bath. There is not even a thread on the body. Boudi’s pussy is full, clean. There is not even a single hair there. Seeing me suddenly, Boudi could not understand what to do and covered her chest with her two hands.

And that’s when I noticed Boudi’s fair pussy.

On the other hand my Dhon has become erect. Baudi saw it in his eyes. The pajama is getting higher and higher. Seeing that, Boudi tried to cover her pussy with one hand from her chest in shame.

And crossed one hand and tried to somehow cover the milk.

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When Boudi’s hand went to cover her banged chest, the milk drops came out through the gap.

What can I say, the gorgeous red drop is like a cherry! I couldn’t stay any longer, I hugged Boudi in that state.

Boudi was then soaked in shower water, but the pieces were boiling like a burning game. ma ke choda

I showed Boudi’s face. Then my mother-in-law blushed. Forcefully turning away again and again.

At the end, I held my mouth with both hands and dipped my lips on Boudi’s lips. Baudi’s big ass is fucked and licked with tongue

Ugh………… What taste is that? I put my tongue in Boudi’s mouth.

Boudi also began to respond little by little.

He tried to push his body in my mouth.

I can’t say how long this went on. We continued to eat each other’s saliva like this.

My hands went around Boudi’s back, hips and reached her milk.

I am shaking two drops of Boudi with both hands. And Boudi is pulling my clothes with her hands.

Like goala. My cucumbers were about nine inches tall by then. On the other hand, Boudi began to shake my bichi with her right hand. I understood that if I continue in this way, it will not take much time for my goods to come out.

I went down, kissing her cheeks, milk, stomach, and stuck my tongue in her shaved pussy. Phew…………. I have never found such a fragrance anywhere.

I continued to insert my tongue again and again in the clitoris gap of Boudi’s pussy. Boudi pressed against the wall in my excitement. I kept going up and down with my whole tongue inside Boudi’s pussy.

In extreme excitement Boudi raised my right shoulder or leg and held my head in her pussy with her right hand and kept pressing her milk with her left hand. Housewife’s story

In this way I licked Boudi’s pussy for 10 minutes, then turned Boudi and tried to insert my tongue inside her ass.

But the tongue didn’t go because the lady’s ass was very hollow, then I grabbed the ass with both hands and rubbed my face, it smelled strange, put my mouth inside the lady’s ass and started moving my tongue from right to left.

And taking both hands up, I continued to shake the milk of the mother-in-law. Baudi’s big ass is fucked and licked with tongue

Boudi excitedly pushed herself against the wall and put her full weight on me, this time I stood up and took Boudi to bed in the bedroom.

Both have water on them. I took the bottle of honey placed on the table next to the bed and poured two milks and honey into the vagina. This is the first time that the grandmother spoke.

‘Hey what are you doing? Why are you pouring honey?’ I said, ‘I will eat you.’ Boudi laughed at Askara’s smile and said, ‘

Look, keep something alive for your grandfather.’ I licked the honey of the grandmother’s drops and said, ‘I will eat first, then grandfather will eat it if he survives.

The sister’s face got great relief

Saying this, I spread both hands of my mother-in-law and started licking honey from her breasts. Indeed, my mother-in-law’s breasts are fair, which look sweet.

The drops like red cherries of fair milk were sweeter with honey. I was eating one drop and another drop.

At the end, Boudi said, ‘How many more will you eat those two!? Leave this time.’

I then started kissing near the navel of Boudi. Boudi’s stomach started shaking with excitement. I understand, around the navel is the weak point of Boudi.

I wanted to put my hot breath around Boudi’s navel. Boudi gripped the bed sheet in excitement. Mother and son fucking story

I went down further this time. My hot breath caused the lips of the lady’s pussy to gape again and again.

Boudi couldn’t stay any longer and said, ‘Chat, chat, chat, chat……….

It was not possible for me to submit that application. I licked the honeyed salty pussy and continued to comfort Boudi.

After about 15 minutes of pussy licking, Boudi bent her body and got cold, then cum out in my mouth. I licked the salty water of Boudi’s pussy and cleaned it.

Boudi jokingly said ‘Modi’s Swachh Bharat are you doing it or not?’

I hit a yorkie and bit the petals of Boudi’s pussy upside down and said, Modi’s Swachh Bharat is not, I am making my Boudi’s pussy clean. Boudi beckoned me up, I went up now.

Boudi kiss my lips and say ‘

This time it’s my turn.’ He said, kissing my chest and stomach, crossed the navel and grabbed my penis.

First of all, when I put my tongue down on the skin, my whole body turned up!

I grabbed Boudi’s hair and lifted her up and kissed her on the lips and neck. Boudi started rubbing my cock up and down.

After going like this for 2 minutes, Boudi went down again and took my entire cock in her mouth this time.

It was like I was getting a heavenly feeling. Slowly, my cock went into the morning.

Boudi is eating my dick like a lollipop on one side, on the other side my dick is shaking in different ways. As a result, my excitement started to increase.

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I jokingly said to Boudi, ‘Doesn’t you have grandfather? Or does grandpa not let you eat?’ Boudi stopped my lollipop sucking and said ‘Eating and eating fun.

Your grandfather only feeds, does not eat. So it’s not fun.’ I then said, ‘Let’s eat together’ Boudi also smiled and agreed. Baudi’s big ass is fucked and licked with tongue

I called Boudi. Boudi came to me and motioned to turn around.

Now I was down and Boudi was up facing each other. I mean now we are in the ‘sixty nine’ position. I have never seen or eaten any pussy so close in my life.

I began to eat the sweet juice of every corner of Boudi’s pussy.

Boudi continued to suck my cock in different ways.

After sucking like that, my stuff came out after some time.

Boudi licked my whole load, took some in her mouth and poured it in my mouth too. This is the first time in my life that I play with my own goods, that’s Baudi’s Etho!

After eating like this, it took 15 minutes to kiss and chat. On the other hand, my thoughts will slowly wake up again.

Boudi now sat on top of me and held her pussy close to my face. I started licking Boudi’s pussy again. Boudi’s pussy is slowly rising again. Girlfriend Chodar Bangla Chatty Story

Boudi went down to Yaba and held my cock between her huge milk and continued to shake both milks up and down and my cock took shape again after touching Boudi’s milk.

If he said, “Take it now, satisfy my hunger.”

Lying on the bed, Boudi’s legs were spread apart, I got up and put my cock on it, and Boudi also spat on her pussy and spread the pussy.

As I moved my cock head several times on Boudi’s Bhoda, Boudi pulled it into her pussy.

The pussy was already full of juice, so my laora easily entered. I also slowly increased the pace, Boudi also kept matching my rhythm.

After doing this missionary pose for a long time, Boudi put her left thigh on my shoulder and lifted it straight up.

I also poked and poked Boudi. The bed also started moving due to the injury of our penis.

The sound of the bed creaking-creaking-creaking-creaking and Boudi’s ‘ah-ahh-woof-weema-umh-um-ahh’ sound is going around in the whole room. Even if I cover her face with my hand, Boudi can’t be silenced.

I took the cock out of the vagina and put it in Boudi’s mouth, Boudi was almost swallowing it, not to mention my feelings at that time! How much I have once thought of this lady!

Today he is sucking my dick! Today I am feeding her pussy juice with my dick in her pussy!

While thinking about these things, I did not notice that Boudi was engrossed in sucking my cock. As soon as I noticed, I said, “Leave it, it will perish!” I took the bull away from the mouth of Boudi, Bhoda Choda.

Then I pushed Boudi’s hips and turned her over. Turning over, Boudi spread her legs and raised her waist.

I put my right knee on the bed and put my left foot on the ground and inserted my cock into her pussy from behind.

As soon as the spittle-filled ram sinks into the anus, my ‘Omago ……….. I die! Aw: ………… isssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss He said coldly.

I also started pressing Boudi’s nipples forcefully.

Boudi turned her head in excitement and puckered her lips at me.

I also extended my lips to Boudi. After about 10 minutes of fucking in doggy pose, Boudi released her hot material and my material came out by the touch of her hot material!

My wife’s pussy went in the morning with a gasp. The material ran down baudi’s legs, I took my cock out of baudi’s pussy and applied some material to baudi’s milk.

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Then when he put the cock in his mouth, Boudi licked it clean. Then I licked my booty which was sticking to two breasts of Baudi

I licked the color of Boudi’s feet and cleaned them. We spent the whole day caressing each other.

A few months later, Boudi’s swadh was held with much fanfare at home. Everyone in the house is very happy. Grandpa is going to be a father!

When someone says this in front of me, Boudi looks at me and smiles.

Which means only me and my mother-in-law know. Baudi’s big ass is fucked and licked with tongue

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