chodon choti I bought 7 condoms and fucked my younger sister


chodon choti I bought 7 condoms and fucked my younger sister

At first, I and my sister did not introduce each other. My name is Athan, born 2002. Now I own.

My height is 5’7”. Body weight is normal. My nunur size will be 7” and 3-4 inches thick. My sister name is Lippi, born 2004.

Sister’s height is 5’2”, fair complexion. The body is not that much. The two small breasts will be 32 and the ass will be 34.

Now let’s come to the real story. We were very young when it happened. The sister’s breasts were not so big and her pussy was not so hairy.

It was rainy season and we lived in the village. Due to the monsoon, the water is splashing all around. So father went to buy nets for fishing and mother was not at home. So we were playing brother and sister.

While playing I found a piece of wood with anal holes and I thought I was playing with my penis inside the hole of the piece of wood.

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And seeing that, my sister Lippi said, Grandpa, there is a hole like this in my gold, so don’t put your finger inside this wooden hole and enter my hole (she didn’t know anything about cheating even then).

After listening to her, I took off my sister’s panty and placed it on my lap and set my nipples on my sister’s golden hole. Then slowly I started to push with the nipple.

My nipples were not as big and fat as they are now, they were thin. The nun got a little tight because the sister’s golden hole is also very thin.

As soon as I pushed a little harder, the hand went in but Lippi screamed. I fenced my nunu from his gold and said what happened? chodon choti

Lipi said – Grandpa feels pain. After that I saw blood coming out of his gold. I was so scared.

I took her to the bathroom and saw that the bleeding had stopped. Both bathed and fell asleep.

I woke up in the afternoon and saw mom cooking in the kitchen and Lippi helping mom in cooking. I called the script and as usual the script came.

Me – Did you tell your mother that your gold was bleeding?

Lipi – I didn’t say no. Will I tell my mother?

Me – no no, I am defenseless if mother knows everything.

Lipi – ok dada I won’t say. I work hand in hand with my mother.

After that, nothing happened to him for two months. But after two months, suddenly parents have to go to grandfather’s house. At home we two brothers and sisters alone.

After eating and drinking at night, when we went to the room to sleep, it was 10 pm. We never turned off the lights in the room because we were scared.

As usual we slept. But sleep is not coming. Read 20-25 minutes, I said to Lipi – are you asleep or not?

Lipi – no, why?

Me – we will enter my nunu tor sona like that day.

Lipi – No Dada, I won’t because I got a lot of pain that day and the blood also increased with my gold.

I – Today will not hurt, because that day was your first time. Now when my nun enters your gold, there will be no more blood, no more pain.

After that I took off my pants and took off her pajama and kameez. No one read anything inside so we both are completely naked now. chodon choti

Lipi – Grandpa, your baby was very small, how did it become so big?

Me – Dad put father’s nunu in my gold and so my nunu has grown.

Lipi – parents do this?

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I – If they don’t do this, where did we come from? And doing these gives a lot of comfort and so everyone does.

Lippi – Ok if I get comfortable then we will always do the same.

After that I laid him down and told him to hold your gold. Sister held my own cock and I set my cock on her cock and pushed it slowly from below.

After a while, Lipi said, “Grandpa, I’m in pain, take care of me.” I fenced my salt like her from her gold.

Then I lay on the bed and told her sit on top of me and I opened her bed and gently placed her on top of my nunu.

After that I told Lipi to get up to kiss and she slowly got up to kiss like me, my nun went into her vagina a lot.

After we did this for about 1 hour, my sister fell asleep on my chest while my salt was filled with gold.

I wake up in the morning and find Lipi lying on my chest and my nose is full of Lipi’s gold.

I went to bar the salt and saw that it was not coming out. So I woke Lipi up. Then both of us tried together but Nunu is not coming out of Sona. And seeing that Lipi started crying.

I consoled her and said don’t cry I am on my way. I took her to the bathroom in my arms.

After that, I poured water on the junction of gold and nunu and slowly pulled the nunu out of her gold.

We both took a bath together and came out of the bathroom. Then both of them had breakfast and I left for my school.

I went to a bookstore with a friend of mine and my friend bought two books but didn’t show me and took them in her bag early in the morning. chodon choti

Walking along the road, I asked – what book did you buy?

Friend: I can’t show you.

Me – why?

Friend: You have not seen this book before, so when you see it, you will tell everyone. So I won’t show it.

Me – No, I won’t tell anyone, I promise, please don’t see.

After that we entered a garden together with two friends. Bandhuta then took out the books from the bag and showed them. I was a little surprised to see the books because there are pictures of various heroes and heroines in the books.

Seeing the books, I couldn’t handle the greed and said to my friend – you can’t read two books at the same time. I will take one and return it to you tomorrow.

At first, I was not agreeing because I was afraid that someone would see the books. Then after much dibbing when I told him that me and my sister sleep in a separate room and so no one can see the book.

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After that he gave me a book and I gave him 25 taka in return. I put the book in my bag and went home and carefully hid the book so that no one would notice it easily.

At night I and Lippi started reading the book together.

At night, Lippi and I sat together to read the book.

I – Lippi I have something that you have never seen before. Will you see?

Lipi – What is it, grandpa? I will see

Me – ok first don’t tell anyone where to pay.

Lipi – OK, I won’t tell Kao where I’m giving it, don’t see it, grandpa.

After that I closed the door, opened my box, folded the book and started showing the book to Lippi by turning the pages one by one. The eyes widened at the sight of the script.

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Lipi – Dada, these boys and girls have no Ghenna Pitti how are they gossiping. Nunu is putting salt in that small opening of Hagu. chodon choti

I wince in pain when you insert your penis into my gold and how did they get into that little hole?

Me – If you kiss like that, both of you are very comfortable and we are making new friends. And I saw the new style inserted in Hagu’s hole.

Lipi – From now on you will suck my gold and I will suck your salt and you will put your salt in my vagina.

Me – ok but it will hurt a lot when I put my salt in your vagina.

Lipi – I will get it if I get it but if I get comfort like putting it in gold then what is the point.

Me – Don’t start crying again.

After that I said then let’s start. Both of us became completely naked.

Lipi took my nunu in her mouth and started sucking nunu’s head. Then, like in the pictures, he began to put the cock in his mouth little by little.

After sucking like this for 4-5 minutes, Lippi said – Dada, suck my son. I suck at Lippi’s gold for a long time. Then I set her down and laid her golden hole and pushed my nipple.

went in Today, I don’t know why, more easily than before, my nose entered the golden hole of Lipi. Today feels better than yesterday. I asked him – how do you feel today?

Lipi said – Dada did not suffer so much today and did not get such pain. Dada put your money completely in my golden well. The well seems to be full of water, fill it with your salt and add some water, otherwise it will be difficult.

I slowly inserted my entire nipple into her golden well. Lippi didn’t scream today. Then I entered my sister’s vagina and began to fence.

After 20-25 minutes in this way, I said to my sister – now I will insert your vagina.

Nunuta rose up from Lipi Sona and became like a dog in the seat seen in the book. I set my nipple on her hip and pushed the nipple but it didn’t go in. chodon choti

This time, instead, I was the one who got hurt, so I said to Lipi – No, sister, don’t enter.

Lipi said – Dada please try again and see if they enter because they are human too. Why don’t you enter if they enter?

Then I took Vaseline from the drawer and rubbed some on her nipples and slowly inserted my finger into her nipples. A bit in, I slowly inserted the whole finger. Suddenly he said – Grandpa, I feel pain.

After that I took more Vaseline in my hands and applied it to her nipples and slowly set my nipple and pushed. Nunu slipped a bit and Nunu’s head entered.

I suddenly gave a loud push and Lipi screamed maaaaaa go alle and mother heard that and came to the door and said – what happened?

I said – Mom, nothing happened, Lipi has eaten a little chip on her finger.

Mom – why haven’t you slept yet?

Me – this is the mother, I was going to sleep after packing all the books.

After that mother left and I took my baby and said – I will not do it today, stay till today otherwise mother will understand.

After that we both fell asleep. The next day I woke up and found Lippi sleeping. I got up, took a bath, had breakfast and went to school.

After that nothing happened for about 6 months as Lippi didn’t sleep with me anymore as dad went out for 6 months on business. And we didn’t have any chance to roam around in our house during the day.

After 6 months dad came and lipi started sleeping near me again. During these 6 months my nunu started getting moles and my nunu started growing hair on his head which Lipi didn’t know about.

In between, I have twice trimmed Nunu’s stubborn hair and many times I have shaken or handled Nunu’s property. Lipi and I will sleep together, so I said to him – Why won’t Lipi eat my salt?

Lipi – why not..? I suffered a lot for so long because that day I got a lot of relief and on that day the mother ended everything in the middle of the way. chodon choti

After that I took off my clothes and got naked and made her naked too.

Lipi – Grandfather, where did the hair come from on your nun’s forehead?

Me – I grew up so my hair grew, don’t worry you will too when you grow up. I will show you another new thing today.

Lipi – what grandfather?

Me – you suck my salt and you will understand.

Then Lippi started sucking my nipple. After 5 minutes of sucking I poured my salty juice in her mouth. He took all the juices out of his mouth and said – Grandpa, why did you put it in my mouth?

Me – Nare Gadhi These are not muta, this is the juice of Nunu. If these girls play, the glamor of the girls increases and when you grow up, you will pour such juice with your gold.

And if the golden juice of the girls and the salty juice of the boys get together, then a child is born.

Lipi – Oh yes, then I will drink your salt water. And yes, when the juice comes to my gold, you will also have to eat that juice, but remember. So from now on, you can’t put your salt in my gold, right, grandpa?

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I – ok kahab your golden juice … but why can’t insert?

Lipi – Your juice will enter my vagina and I will have a baby.

Me – hmm then I’ll fuck like them with a cap on my nunu so that the juices get stuck in the cap, no worries.

Lipi – Nunu’s hat where can be found?

Me – from the drug store.

Lipi – when will you bring it?

Me – I bought 6 hats today.

Lipi – Well done 7 hours in 7 days. chodon choti

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