Living Again After Growing Old-7


Please read the previous part here ( Living Again After Growing Old-6 ). Now let’s continue

I said “please tell your dad to order dinner from outside because I will not have the energy to cook when I come back”. I was surely not going to tell the real reason for my tiredness anyway.

They nodded in affirmative and I took my house keys and left. Putta’s house was behind mine and a walk around the block would not be more than 200meters.

But today the excitement of meeting him made it look like I was walking 2km. I reached his door by 2pm and even before I could ring the doorbell Putta opened the door.

He was speechless staring at me making me blush like never before. I asked “can I come in Pramod”? He very excitedly held my hand pulling me inside and I was literally on him hugging him.

I quickly pushed away before Radhika or his dad saw us. I said in a low voice “do you want to get us caught? What if your parents saw us like this”? He calmly said “if that is your worry then I can go right now go and tell them everything about us”.

I shrieked “are you mad, I don’t know about you but Radhika will surely kill me”. He closed the door and pushed me against the wall, he gave me a quick kiss on my lips.

In the distance I heard Radhika calling his name so we quickly separated behaving normally. Radhika looked at me and said “wow Sarita, you are looking stunning today. Are you going to attend a special function or coming from one”?

I was unable to contain my blushing because Putta was staring at me all the time, somehow I managed to hide it. I said “nothing like that Radhika, I am wearing this saree after so many years. So I wanted to check if it still fits me”.

We all walked inside and sat on the sofa. Radhika asked “so what brings you here today? Not that you need a reason to come anyway”. I said “I am here to tutor Pramod, today being a Sunday my house is full. So I decided that I will come here instead to spend quality time with him”.

She said “I really owe you big time for all the efforts you have put in to make him succeed in his studies. My only complaint is that you charge me a paltry amount for all the hard work you are putting into this turning Pramod’s performance around”.

I said “I am not doing it for the money, I am doing it for Pramod because I like him a lot and want to see him become something big in life”.

She said “I already know all that, for the turn around he has shown in his grades I am ready to pay you 10 times, 20 times more and that will still not be enough to compensate your efforts. You just need to ask”.

I said “thank you Radhika for the generous offer, I don’t want anything more. As long as Pramod continues to perform the way I expect of him, I will be the happiest person on this planet”.

We had been chit chatting for about 20 minutes and Pramod was getting very restless. So I said “now if you will excuse us Radhika, we have a lot of important things to do”.

She said “oh yes yes, I totally forgot that I am eating into your time. Go ahead and if you need anything just buzz me on the intercom”. I said “thank you Radhika, I will surely ask you if I need anything”.

Both me and Pramod got up and headed to his room upstairs. I was walking in front of him and he placed his hand on my waist. I quickly pushed it off looking behind if Radhika saw it.

She was busy flipping pages of a magazine so I felt relieved. I whispered to Putta “control yourself till we reach your room”. Once we got inside he locked his door and pushed me against the wall.

He was all over me kissing wildly and because I was also equally horny and madly in love with him, I also went wild on him with equal passion. After we became breathless the first word was spoken.

Putta said “munni darling, you are looking so hot today that I became hard at the main door itself”. I naughtily smiled and said “yes I know, I felt it too. But you could have controlled yourself because what if your mom would have noticed it”?

He kissed me and said “if she noticed it then she would be very happy because there is lots of history behind it”. I asked “what”? He said “lets leave that for another day, right now my dick is hurting to get to work”.

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