Servant is for Mom and mom is for son part-9


Hi users this is the continuation of Servant is for Mom and Mom is for Son series, to understand the story better I insist you to read my previous stories.

Now aunt and mom were ready to make a move, aunt was now overwhelmed by the fact that my mom is going to seduce me and if possible have sex with me.

Mom: Ok Munni, just make sure that you are around me and if anything happens you will handle the situation.

Aunt: Don’t worry sis, get ready and go to your son’s room. You are making me crazy just to the fact that you are going to seduce your son to have sex.

Mom then removed her salwar kameez and wore the sheer gown. After she wore the dress she once showed the dress to aunt and ramped towards my bedroom. but before coming into my bedroom aunt stopped mom once and handed her the shawl to cover herself just incase, I quickly went to my bed and acted like sleeping.

Mom then came inside my room and called me, announcing her presence in my bedroom, trying to wake me.

Mom: Hey son, are you awake. Heyy.

I opened my eyes and acted as if I slept.

Me: Yes mom, what is it.

Mom: I just came hear to know something, if you would care to give me your opinion.

Me: My opinion, What do you need my opinion for mom .

Mom: It’s just I want to get your opinion on a dress.

Me: Ok, where is the dress.

Mom: I am wearing the dress, just don’t be surprised and give me your actual opinion.

Me: Ok mom show me the dress.

Mom just removed the shawl from her body and dropped it to the floor and showed me her body wrapped in my gifted dress. I acted in surprised way as I was excited knowing my aunt was watching us. I just kept quite for sometime and looked at mom’s inspiring body.

Mom: What happened son, just stop looking at me and tell me how is it.

Me: Mom don’t take me wrong but you look hot as hell in this dress. Just like a sexy MILF.

Mom: What you say a MILF.

Me: I just mean to say you look hot and sexy in this dress mom.

Mom: I know what a MILF means son. So this is what you think looking at your mom, a MILF.

Me: Mom I did not mean to say that but yeah you look like a hot MILF.

Mom: Now I understand your taste when you mean to say a mature lady, so you are into MILFS. So what do you think about you mom, do I really look like a hot MILF.

Me: Yes sure mom you do, you really are looking a hot MILF. I will be frank with you, not only in this dress but you really are a hot MILF.

Mom: Why son, what is it that you think I am a hot MILF? What is that attract you towards mature women?

Me: Mom are you really asking me, I mean you have everything that attracts. You are complete MILF package.

Mom: What do you mean by complete MILF package son.

Me: I mean you are good looking, you have a good figure, your front and back is good.

Mom: Oh come on son don’t be shy, you can share everything with your mom, as you shared me about how you like mature women. Be open to your momma, just as I am to you.

Me: Ok mom, as you say I will be open with you. Yes you look hot in this sheer dress, you look like hot sexy MILF. You have the complete package that attracts men, your pretty face, big boobs and huge ass with long hairs.

Mom: Do you really think I am that much attractive, that I have everything the men wants.

Me: Yes mom you have everything that men wants.

Speaking to mom in this manner when aunt was watching made my cock hard under the blanket. Mom took a step on bed, just inches from me. My cock was rising under the blanket and popped hard making it appear clear to our eyes.

Mom: You look uncomfortable son, be comfortable . Looks like you are hiding something under the blanket, is it because me, your mom.

Me: Ok mom as you say I will be comfortable, just this type of talk between us feels wierd. Any man will have this wierd feeling when such a hot and sexy women is beside him wearing such sexy dress.

Mom: Ohhh so it really is because of me, I can understand that son. But do you really think I am that attractive, but how come your father doesn’t get attracted to me.

Me: Mom as you say if someone have something that is more than worth then he will not have the value. Same is with dad, he have you and he knows you aren’t going anywhere so he doesn’t have that feel.

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