Living Again After Growing Old-6


Please read the previous part here ( Living Again After Growing Old-5 ). Now let’s continue

I drank lots of water and offered it to him, Putta said “Munni darling, I will drink the water from you only”. I thought he wanted me to hold the glass to help him drink it so I brought the glass to his lips but he again refused.

He said “Munni darling, I will only drink it from you”. Totally puzzled I said “I am giving you water to drink but you refuse it, how else should I make you drink it”?

He said “give it to me from your lips”. Unable to make sense I asked “and how am I supposed to give it from my lips”? He said “Darling sip some water, hold it in your mouth and then kiss me and I will drink it.

I exclaimed “Putta you are totally crazy to get such weird ideas”. He said “yes Munni darling, I am totally crazy about you. Now do it quickly, I am very thirsty”.

My face had turned tomato red now due to shyness and embarrassment listening to his crazy wants, I was quickly thinking of some way to avoid this when he repeated himself in a more demanding tone.

Even though I was internally dying with embarrassment, I gave in because his happiness is paramount for me so I took the first sip, he put his lips to mine and sucked the water from my mouth also kissing me after.

We repeated this till the glass was empty. Putta was holding me to him while drinking from my lips also making sure each time we smooched before separating our lips.

This was his crazy idea but half way thru it I was enjoying it too. This also resulted in repeated body to body rubbing sending my previous state of arousal to newer heights.

All my tiredness and fatigue was long forgotten now, I wanted him badly again. I wanted him to take me right now and do whatever he pleases. I wanted to feel his big dick pumping inside me ASAP.

I saw the time, we had a little over half hour left, I looked below and his dick was semi hard. I said “my darling hubby, do you think we can do once more quickly”?

His face lit up like a light bulb, he hugged me and sealed my lips with his giving me his answer. We both rushed to my bedroom and got on the bed with me under him.

Putta put his mouth to my pussy and ate me till I was dripping wet like a leaking tap. Then he pushed his big dick inside very slowly and smoothly and started pumping me the way he always does.

Both of us were basking in the heat of our passionate lovemaking and kissing each other wildly wherever our mouths could reach. I saw the time and we were down to 20mins now, I said “darling hurry up, we are running out of time”.

Putta increased his speed significantly while still playing with my body with his hands and mouth. I too had opened my legs wide and put them around his torso pulling him deeper into me.

I don’t remember how many orgasms he gave me but another one was quickly on the way. Soon I felt Putta slowing down giving me really hard shots with his big dick rocking my full body and filling me with his priceless deposit.

Just before he came to a halt making his full deposit inside me, my orgasm also burst thru my body making me shake like crazy. We took a few moments relishing our passionate and tiring love making and then went to the bathroom.

We cleaned up and got dressed. I took one of my regular nighties and wore it because I wanted to keep the red nighty for Putta only. Putta collected his stuff and then turned to me before I unlocked the main door.

We hugged and kissed once more, he said “I will never forget this day Munni darling”. I kissed him again and said “I too will never forget today my hubby darling, you made my first night truly memorable”.

He naughtily smiled and asked “so Munni are you coming to my house tomorrow”? I excitedly said “definitely without doubt darling, if possible I will come even earlier than 2.30 and make sure we can enjoy till 8pm at least”.

Putta nudged me and asked “should I keep the energy drinks ready then”? I blushed and nodded in affirmative. He asked “what will you wear tomorrow Munni darling”?

I said “you are my husband now, so you tell me what you want me to wear”? Putta said “Munni wear something special because I will also have a big surprise waiting for you”.

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