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chuda chudir golpo play boy call boy sex service

I’m going to write a story here, I don’t know if it actually exists! May be again. Because Playboy means there are male whores, you know.

Two friends of Samar and Adhi searched the net. All those video footage will be watched. Both have passed sixteen to seventeen.

After that, they see something on the net. How many phone numbers are there? And the names of girls, there are also foreign names. It is written, pregnancy is transmitted through intercourse without IVP.

A man who can get embryo transfer will call this number. There are several female names. And phone number. Samar said, wait, call someone and see if you catch it! Samar calls the number of a girl named Seema.

Once the ring is cut. Didn’t catch it, got it on the second try. Female voice from the other side of the phone. He said, tell me who is speaking?

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I’m Samar, I’m interested in it, what to do? If you say Ask what is your name? Samar said, my name is Samar, what is your name? My name limit?

Seema said what to do? In a word, you have to fuck your stomach. can Samar said, I haven’t done anyone’s stomach now but I can. Seema said how old?

Samar said this eighteen years. Samar lied. You know when you have a stomachache. She said yes, if you do it every day for a week and ten days after that period, you will get a baby.

Seema said and then you know. Seema told her address and said come here then rest will be done. ok i will leave phone off Adhir said you are going to fuck an unknown girl, can she have a groom?

There may be another case. can hang you. Samar said far magi chudab is so much it seems like a prostitute who is chuding Narlo. I’ll go whatever happens. chuda chudir golpo play boy call boy sex service

If you want to have so many numbers, don’t call. Adhir says you come back after that. Adhir and Samar noted down the names and phone numbers on that site.

Now Seema calls and says come today as her period has ended till yesterday. You come home but don’t come back for four or five days.

Samar says ok I am going out now it is nine in the morning. I’m going out. The phone rang. Adhir said best of luck.

I’ll see you later if you come back well. He left Adhir’s house. He went home and told the truth to his mother, he does not lie to his mother.

Because he has read that a mother can go to hell to save her child. So she told the truth but she didn’t say she was going to fuck.

He told his mother where he was going and said to his father who will tell him that I am going on a college tour. He ate a little, packed his college bag and went out.

Leaving home at ten o’clock, it was one o’clock in the afternoon when he reached the house by train. Seema took him home and made him sit in the room. Seema saw a young boy Samar.

Seema said it’s been seven years and I haven’t had any child yet. And we don’t have enough money to take that state tube baby.

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Or put another’s sperm in my uterus to conceive a child. That’s why I look at that site and advertise there with the phone number. Actually today I gave the phone number for almost a year and a few people called.

I called and met at another place and saw that all of them were married, not to mention that one of them fucked me many times and nothing happened.

My husband did not know this. Finally, three months ago, the groom said by himself, I have no money and am not willing to adopt. I don’t mind being a mother any way you want.

If you called me today, I didn’t delay. Listen now I’ll give you some money and if you can stomach it, I’ll give you the rest.

Samar said, how old are you? I am twenty eight years old. Samar took off his clothes and got clean. Now both of them ate and drank.

Soma asks did you fuck magi before? I didn’t fuck like that. Samar said I am a sixteen year old boy who has just joined college.

However, if the limit was said to be eighteen, it was said on the site that no one below eighteen will be contacted. Seema said then I understand that you could not get your love for cunt in any way.

Samar said, I got it under the cover of Abdal. Seema says my groom is late, he knows everything, won’t tell you anything. We will stay in the next room.

I will introduce you when you come at night. But don’t say you’re a sixteen-year-old college student. You good boy really spoke for that. chuda chudir golpo play boy call boy sex service

Your parents know you are here. Mom knows, I really tell mom. Seema patted her head. The meal is over.

After resting a bit, both of them went to the next room. Beautifully decorated house. Samar has been waiting for a long time to see God’s best creation called Gud for the first time.

It’s no use thinking about it, he can’t dare to lay hands on it. All the rooms are closed. Seema wants to lie next to him and see how? Samar hugged him now.

Kissed him, his cock was erect. Seema kissed her cheek. He said quite big and tall. Seema took off his nightie and threw it away. He took off the dhoti he had folded and thrown away.

Both are Langto Hall. Seema said I can’t stay. Put your ram in. He put his cock in his pussy. Samar said he will tap slowly.

It will beat intermittently, so that it takes a long time. The battle did not last long. Seema says first then it will be better. All the fuss started.

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Kissing, fingering, rubbing the cock’s pussy, Samar’s cock became erect within half an hour. This time Seema is extremely excited, her pussy is wet with juice.

Samar is slowly filling the cock’s pussy and thrusting. Seema said not so hard thrust slowly, thrust three or four times and stop

Give it another tap, and you’ll find a God-given tap in the bull’s gut. The ram will move inside. I feel your big cock, if you stroke it hard.

You keep it, stir it and give it a pat once in between. That will also make it very slow. Your penis is very long and seems to reach your navel.

Samar says ok that will happen. In that way, the material will not increase easily. Samar is tapping slowly, so as not to cause pain. For about an hour, Cude Gude poured the material.

It was four o’clock. Seema hugged her. He kissed her. The ram came out. He kissed the ram and said. I will enter again later, now leave. As if the rooster could talk.

And you did great. Samar has not left. But he says leave it. Samar is also hugging him. No, you fucked the first time, but you fucked very well.

He said that this time it will be free in the afternoon after having some tea and food in the evening and then again. He put on his nightie and left, giving her a kiss on the cheek and a little lick on her pussy.

Samar said why wear it? Everything will be closed, don’t be langto who will come. Seema says ok you open everything. Samar took off Seema’s nightie, hugged and kissed her. chuda chudir golpo play boy call boy sex service

Seema said now let’s cook some food. Samar gave up. Straight into kitchen with dining area. She was kneading the dough and saw Samar standing, she said let me help a little.

Samar Luchi Bale. Seema fried. The potatoes were suffocating. Allow to warm from fizz. Samar has already hugged her from behind.

His erect cock is behind the boundary. I understand you, ok let’s go to bed. Samar lay on the bed with Seema and filled his erect cock with spit.

This time it is slowly beating like before. This time she had sex for over an hour. It was six twenty when the goods poured. Seema said about an hour and fifteen minutes in Thapala.

I feel so happy to run away with you. But there is no way, groom said one thing you can be mother as you can I don’t mind but won’t leave me.

Samar or your husband has given you freedom. Far freedom is just to be a mother. The limit rose and the evening came. The evening passed. Both ate together.

Seema said, do one thing, it’s time for the groom to come, wear some dhoti. I wear nightie. Both stood up and hugged each other.

Samar does not want to leave far. When is your groom coming? Seema said around eight thirty. And this will be done at half past seven. Let’s put it in once.

Seema said that this naughty pussy doesn’t want to leave. Do not want to rest the vagina. If not, like, your age is less erect. Samar says don’t tell Lakshi, give it once and then don’t tell it again.

O my funny city, let’s settle your seriousness. Seema is being fucked again, almost an hour has passed and now the calling bell rings. Seema said I was told to rest.

Take it now, there is nothing to do. Samar raised the ram. Seema put on the nightie and put on the cloth as it was folded.

Now Samar is afraid that if the bridegroom says something, he will not be able to return home this night. Seema has forbidden him to leave that room. There seems to be some difficulty.

Thinking about this, then Seema called and said let’s eat together in the dining room. After eating, her husband washed his hands and left, saying that he can do it. Yes, it will become a young boy.

He said I am going home at least come to me once. Seema says I will go after eating. Samar washed his face and brushed his teeth and went to the next room.

On the other hand, Seema approached the bridegroom, and the bridegroom kissed her. Yes, the groom can’t last long. chuda chudir golpo play boy call boy sex service

After fifteen minutes, the material was poured. Hugging him and lying down. He said call the boy here and fuck him here. I will feel bad not even you.

No I mean if I need to. Oh well, I’ll keep the door open and you can go. Seema said I am coming and eleven o’clock continued. Her groom said ok go young boy good fuck hope your wish will come true.

Seema went to the next room. He slept with the door ajar. Samar’s ram was erect. When he found him, he started beating him.

Just said I thought and I don’t think so. Seema said if you don’t come far, she slowly taps her lips and kisses them.

Seema is caressing him, lying down for forty-five minutes. Seema hugged her. It was half past one o’clock in the night and two or three thumps were heard.

Seema said increase it once, my husband will insert it once. Samar couldn’t see because there were feet towards the door. saw the limit. The bridegroom enters with a standing ram. However, Samar is down.

Now her bridegroom will be 20 minutes away and is lying next to him. Now Seema Samar said take it and put it in.

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Samar rubbed the cock, which was slightly bent, in the pussy and took it hard and inserted it. After that, her groom is watching slowly. At two o’clock in the night, he poured the goods into the chest.

Seema caressed him in front of the groom and said, “My second groom, I will not ask you to go home.” Thus till the next morning Seema K Chude left for home in the afternoon.

Don’t leave the limit. He said you stay today at least. Samar will happen again one day later. Phone number provided. Address given.

However, Seema gave two thousand rupees to Samar. Samar is coming home and Adhir says I was calling someone

Two people will come there and pay ten to twenty thousand rupees if they like. Samar said you took the address, I am coming back and we will talk. chuda chudir golpo play boy call boy sex service

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