Chudlam a beautiful girl on the bank of the river


Chudlam a beautiful girl on the bank of the river

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bangla choti uk

My conversation with Parna was at a music event. Vijaya Sammehni is in a big housing complex. I am the last artist, have a little name.

The audience now has a habit of clapping after the end of the song.

I stood up in their honor, when a fair-faced young woman ran up and hugged her and took a selfie of kissing her lips on her cheek.

And along with taking a selfie, a few CTs fell from the audience of elite housing. After completing the selfie phase, a few more men and women came to the stage and mingled. Chudlam a beautiful girl on the bank of the river

Coming back now, a gentleman and a lady along with the entrepreneurs came along with that sneaky fair girl. When the young lady came on stage she was wearing a green silk saree and short sleeve blouse bangla choti uk

Now comes in casual jeans and t-shirt.

Sister gave hot bhoda to her younger brother

The talk is that the gentleman lives in Kolkata, a big business man, he gave my honor in this event, I mean sponsored his daughter Abdare, daughter Parna, husband Ranja and he is young.

Well I will talk to them and get in the car Tarun Babu said my daughter is a lecturer in Baharampur college and will go in your car if you don’t mind.

Ranja said now I don’t want to leave the road alone at 10 o’clock at night, he held my hand, Ranja must be 50 years old, urban complexion. Heavy chest starts from throat bangla choti uk

Kaeder blouse is cut to show the notch. I thought that the mother would have been beaten if the daughter did not go. I mean, he used to tap, that’s my vast experience.

Let’s do what else, the bright young lady, the night journey. which joins I will go till Krishnanagar. He will go down on the way.

We both sat side by side in the back seat of the car, thinking that the smell of normal perfume will fill the nose, not that much. Chudlam a beautiful girl on the bank of the river

Parna is speaking very generally, the fascination is like that of the fans. I got such a fan but a college professor and a beautiful and toned looking young woman are traveling together in a car at night.

It will be at least two hours. They gave some snacks, Parna said to eat fish fry, good, electric grill. Dad brought it for me. bangla choti uk

I said with a little hesitation on the face who gives up such an offer. He gave a packet, two fries and a salad. He himself took a packet.

I asked, but your figure is very beautiful despite this eating habit. He said with a smile that you can get more beautiful things.

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After eating fish fries, I am thinking of drinking bottled water, have you given it? Parna finished her fries and took out a two liter cold bottle and took a few sips, I thought it was very polite.

After such hospitality and food, drink water yourself, don’t offer me!! As I thought about it, I smelled apple vodka in my nose. Chudlam a beautiful girl on the bank of the river

I looked at Parna’s face, her hair was all messed up in the wind of the car, she smiled and said it won’t work, I will give another white bottle. bangla choti uk

I took the vodka with my hand, poured a big gulp and when I returned it, I realized that I had killed about 300 ml. Parna saw quite accustomed and poured 200 ml.

Then be quiet. Their car, driver is known to him. A little further Ganga means Bhagirathi falls on the edge, there is a long way to go. The moon has risen, the full moon is gone tomorrow.

If Parna Ashwada was not in a hurry, I would have kept the car by the river, Biren said, keep the car here and eat fish fries, we will come soon. bangla choti uk

Saying that, Parna went down on the river bank and called out, come on, you won’t find such a beautiful moon and a river together.

Parna laughed and sat on the last step of the ghat with her feet dipped in water, I stood next to her. Parna is kicking the water with both feet and the water is splashing all around.

Coming to me too. He was falling into the water while standing up, I reached out and grabbed his t-shirt, and it was unable to take his weight and tore it to pieces and showed all the breasts tied to his bra.

What happens to a drunk? Can you hide her white cone-like breasts by wearing a bra?

Hug me and kiss me on the cheek, say horse, look at me like a conch on the river bank, look at me, don’t you feel ashamed?

I don’t get cold if I don’t fuck several times a day

In the moonlight, the bra has been taken off, it is a big shell, the nipples are swollen at the bottom, the pink breast ring, and the two nipples are bright red. Chudlam a beautiful girl on the bank of the river

Holding two drops in both hands and saying, will you suck the horse? Please don’t suck my nipples, hold these two breasts in your hands.

I looked at the top of the stairs once, I mean if anyone sees, Parna pulled down her jeans and came out, the girl didn’t wear a kiss, the whip spread around the sides in white and waved her butt and said, don’t beat your hips if anyone sees.

That Biren’s wife killed my father, I caught him picking up his father’s lungi and pressing his leg and started eating his father’s cock bangla choti uk

Thinking that father was asleep, I went to collect the money and saw that the little girl was sucking, father didn’t understand. You stood up again today.

I ran away silently knowing that my father would suffer

I thought that mom is sucking and fucking, I know what is bad if dad is fucking with the boy, the boy is very solid, but after saying all this, Parna got all naked and pulled down the elastic of my pajama and started looking at my penis. Chudlam a beautiful girl on the bank of the river

I nangto the Professor of Baharampur College by the Shun Shan Ganga that I am afraid of.

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Parna took my hands and grabbed her breasts again, please don’t press, I brought you to sing that’s why please press! I said let’s get in the car, TP you in the car.

No! No!! No! You suck me right here and put your hands on my pussy hair. This is my fantasy. Now I thought that whatever will happen, I will kill him on the banks of this river.

I said, who do you bring the rest of the bottle. bangla choti uk

Parna Bal is one of you, I am sitting here with my bra torn, Genji torn, am I going to go to the car again?

You know, give me your answer, Gaand Mai Dhakai. I gave my sheet, went to the car and saw Bipin watching the ghat with binoculars

I was coming up the stairs and could not understand the porner’s pussy anymore, I went closer and said you can see, Bipin Sir you mean…

I just asked to shut up, bit my joint, and took the bottle of vodka and went downstairs to look for Birena’s binoculars. After smelling the joint, Parna was happy and said, I will float it now

I pressed my pussy with my sheet and pulled my joint while sitting on the stairs and said, I can’t find anyone in Baharampur who plays with such tickle.

After 15 minutes of sex, the material was given to me

Your song, your maleness and chest hair are the target from the first time I met you. I also sat next to Parna. I took her inside the sheet and took her breasts in my hands. Chudlam a beautiful girl on the bank of the river

Soft fluffy not too much tapa. I held a breast under my armpit with one hand, I held the narrow place like a conch and pressed it, with the other hand I took it over my shoulder and lifted it upwards and pressed it.

Parna has dipped her legs in the water and spread them on both sides. I see a bunch of hair coming down from under her white belly, what do I do in this dim light?

Opening and closing the four skins by holding the cock, opening the cock’s mundi while slowly caressing the edges of the mundi with the finger tips, my mundi continues to swell and become a duck egg. The girl is a sexmaniac!

With one hand squealing the cock and the other hand pouring the vodka down my throat, I pulled the joint and left it bangla choti uk

Parna’s breasts swelled up more. Letting go of the hand, I saw the swelling around the drops, as if they had eaten the two drops. Parna left the water and said it will be cold, drink vodka, give me a joint.

One side Thai was pressed right near the navel in such a way that it was wrapped around my sheet, hairy pussy and smooth chest were swinging and slightly pressed on one side of the sheet.

She looks like a strange nymph, I sat on the stairs and told her to stand up one more step and she started to laugh and her breasts were swinging more, her narrow face was like a horn and her white breasts were falling in the moonlight. Chudlam a beautiful girl on the bank of the river

2″ below the navel is a big corner of darkness, the sheet has now pressed its back side, the whole nangto towards the river, the corner of the dark corner has thinned to spread two legs, the light of the sheet is sliding from the side of the stomach to the big belly. bangla choti uk

I am fascinated looking at Parna with long hair back, bunches of hair peeking out under her hands, the smell of sweat, vodka and perfume coming out of her hands.

I knelt down on the lower stairs and grabbed Parna’s legs, I know that Parna will fall on my chest if I pull her as she is addicted.

I came up to my knees with both hands gently pressed from the trunk, Parna held both hands near the vagina to put her fingers on the balls of her feet. Ashwa plz I have a lot of sex in my legs and my water will come out if I do this.

I was having fun sticking out my tongue, as if I was going to eat it as soon as it came out.

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Pussy water, I licked what was on my tongue and tested it and said your pussy juice, smiled and squeezed pussy and said drink it now, my stomach full of vodka has accumulated a lot of mucus and juice, take it now. Chudlam a beautiful girl on the bank of the river

I saw that I had to be nangto or everything would get wet but I didn’t want to be here like this. I found the clit by pressing the tongue deep into the ball at the tip of the pussy lips without putting the tongue inside the vagina.

I continued to move the tip of the tongue around her, kissed the inside of the two big lips and the two lips, and licked the folds of the Thai pussy up and down and holding the round whip flat hips spread with my hands. bangla choti uk

I’ll have to get him back here in a nimble car like this, then we’ll see. While doing this with my tongue in the pussy, I am pressing the nipples of the pussy softly and twisting it means holding the nipples and pulling them straight from the base of the nipples.

Twisting and twisting. Parna said ah uh ah ah what is comfort and water came out of her vagina again.

Parna is pushing her waist, I bit my nipples and immediately Parna hissed and said, “Ore Bbanda.” Now I said I need a camel, let’s go to the car.

He pulled and said, “Don’t fuck in the car.” I said let’s go to the car first. Parna said what did you understand, wrap me in a sheet first.

Wrapped her well with a sheet and asked her to wear jeans, she smiled and said, “I will not bother you!!!” I understand that before getting into the car, he will wash his pussy in the water of this river. Chudlam a beautiful girl on the bank of the river

Sitting on the stairs above me, moonlight on her head, back on her knees, looking at her pussy, trying and laughing, you see my fountain but you can’t see my pussy, hee hee, her white thongs spread out like a V, at the end point. The anus is the source of the fountain of saliva. bangla choti uk

First he fell on the step of the stairs, then the next step, with a loud push of the butt, the fountain of pearls fell and the number three was high beyond the stairs, Parna was excited.

Gud cheeti and hissing, when we were kids we boys used salt to draw mutts on the wall, then when we were grown up we would poke each other with the skin of the camel to see if it would open or not, to teach masturbation and

Then the competition of who can hold the goods for the longest time and who can throw the goods as far as they come out.

No matter how much of a singing mouth boy I am, my cock is thicker and holds the material than the most fucked Master Demons boy of that age, so I’m up to a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 36 minutes.

And at the end when the material fell off my cock, the material fell at least 5′, and of course I was the champion.

Today at the river ghat, the drunken prostitute is sucking the pussy and passing the stairs after the stairs to throw the pussy further away.

Slowly the flow of mut is coming down, the mutt tank of the porner is running out. The pussy is coming down the first step, I pressed my thumb on the mouth of the pussy and released it again with a bang. bangla choti uk

Parna’s hands reached out to catch her, as I pulled her she fell on me. Please take me in the water and wash the pussy. Chudlam a beautiful girl on the bank of the river

Drunk girl’s hair is on one side of her neck.

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On the tip of the ball there is a drop of dew on the tip. When I reached the last step, Parna suddenly grabbed my neck and kissed me all over my cheeks lovingly and said don’t go in the water.

I didn’t understand what was wrong with me. I shook my head and sat him on the stairs. I took off my pajamas and got into the water. I went to the water with my knees and bent down.

Bal bent down and went deep into the pussy, feeling strangely beautiful. A deep gap between the two white lips right in the middle of the black chubby ball goes down the middle of Thai’s ass.

Parna is mesmerizing me with her moon-washed beauty with her head on the step of the stairs, her chest level and her eyes closed. This time Biren was seen peeking bangla choti uk

Parna knew by sixth sense that Biren was on the bank of the river. I slowly say Parna chalo otho. Parna says I will go if you stay with me tonight. Chudlam a beautiful girl on the bank of the river

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